The man behind the new spring football league explains why it might work. 3/22/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, March 22nd

Is there a race to start a league?


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We started early today so that we can wrap up early and bring news week sixteen action. Giving up 4 o'clock our time we'll have that Loyola Chicago verses Nevada Reno game and all the sweet sixteen action Iranians in 1520 yeah that's a great starter though that's a really good game navigate for sweet sixteen our next guest I don't know he's gonna be well caller. Guest. If a little too much credit wow oh yeah. Grade I don't know how much more he's going to be watch in the unites because his gales are routes RJ with a sunny has been thirteen twenty RER today. Yeah yeah. He did take the resolution of needless. There are cleric yeah to Israel. Either at a gas it's outside and it certainly. There's no relation 50% early in the pensioner. On the way to win and then just well absolutely Cole to not make you shine in its strength and. And in rare double on call and and the crowd by its own is this sort of thing. Workbook bug bite. Aid to apply. And implant a lap it not the other he could adults. Alike as well and incorporate I would want them over you were. Outdoor outs and a thirteen to four in the extra period charges you. That will last for a regulation that would probably closer to him well yeah oh well. It was fine. I am real quick the PI equipment here and I agree on drivers. I thought it while the uniform other guys are you won't have. I got out our RJ very very sorry I can't understand it and if something with this phone yet if thanks for calling but. Yeah sorry Arctic would we were having a hard time and your phone. And not the first time. Right. Had you started off strong and then you just lost it yeah sorry about that but he agrees with you on pass interference if I don't mean. I know that there isn't a perfect solution there. So I'm I definitely agree if you idea I wish that it was explained. To the officials even a little bit more clearly on what to look for specifically or what. Constitutes. Actually pulling the flag. As opposed to contact on every play Alan I know that speaking of. Paul turley ebersol the guy behind the news of clients of American football nailed it disposed to start next spring he was on with goalie can we go. Up by the way that's been also has apiece on those theories as to wait a minute what happened here. With Vince McMahon and he announced the ex FL awhile ago but he didn't seem too sure what he was doing and then all of a sudden out now there's another league it's gonna start. Before the except also a lot of theories including your theory. Some people are thinking OK these two parties got together Charlie ebersol. Dad Dick Ebersol presumably. And Vince McMahon and they were working on the sex FL documentary. And somebody was kicking around the idea for a new league and either they have the ideas independently or it looks like. Somebody realize they're gonna start only governors I'd I'm gonna start mind first absolutely something like that. Yeah I have no proof of that but that's absolutely what I think capital assist. It's too powerful accused coincidence to ignore. Oh this is the guy who's been spending months. Talking to Vince McMahon about the ex FL and what went right in what went wrong and I don't mean that. Charlie ever saw as the bad guy I'm just saying guess he might have thought in talking to Vincent man. Hey this can work again. Mean and Vince Vick and then realizing that kids can start at least some people don't think it Vince McMahon was even serious about starting ex FL when he had that press conference. And I'm not sure what his motivation would be there but that was impression I had after hearing at my policies he got knocked then maybe it was to head off. Someone else's idea of launching a league well I guess he's gonna do it yeah maybe. Reich is the way because he's he is this again is weird leave proud. Of a league that was a total fail my. So I can understand if he would say no the legacy of the ex FL needs to be protected. So much I'm not I'm not kidding what's wrong with just a solid documentary he's incredibly proud of like keep thinks it's a big deal thing that he did it. And so I would have any trouble believing that he's thinking we know Saturday night can commend you anyway Charlie ebersol says you know what people are going to be ready for football in the NFL season ends after this next super. All you look at the number of people who watch professional football the average per game rating it takes crimes. That of the next four professional sport the United States so we know that there are millions of more people watching football. But what that actually would be sort of a hidden number is it went well Bogut Lapierre dirt tended millions of people. Who stopped watching all other professional sports for six months. Pin. But is there really I assumption is that they're watching it is 'cause it's football yeah and that may not necessarily be so. I aid he makes its. Amanda generalize Hilda Betty makes football selling NASCAR. In my experience football fans tend to be more general sports fans. A NASCAR fan I can see if you follow NASCAR NASCAR season's over that doesn't mean you necessarily watch every other sport. Football fans tend to be football baseball basketball sort of meat potatoes fans mean I'm not sure they all shut down for. The summer until football camp opens again and then. It's an interesting theory but I am not usher more on the new AAF from Charlie ebersol on what he thinks fans need to understand. What I want people to focus Dominic think about that is what would happen that somebody put actual quality football on the field with quality people behind. Nearly when you talk about these other leagues at a magnate didn't carry they have like two weeks appreciated and you have. You know they audited six months earlier they were funded with a ham sandwich and a used car salesmen who were talking about putting together in the business model is big long term seventy and your model backed by real people. Who really understand that you build businesses from the ground. I would like to known perhaps he spoke to that that today what their ultimate goal is you wanna be and it's perhaps as some they don't want to divulge right now right do you wanna be a successful and the in your own right to wanna be a feeder league for the NFL. What do you what's your what's your end game right in other words if you if you are anything more than a curiosity. Unit and got to have a niche you know one of things that toppled the old USFL is that some of the owners presumably Donald Trump was one lump. They were so anxious to we got to go ahead and with the NFL he was one of them yeah I mean that's a publicly told story not a problem and yet he definitely he thought that was the right idea. And these guys are fat and happy it's a perfect time to take their legs out from under him. We've got money. Let's be it away some of the top players who otherwise would go the NFL and let's take a mole and there's no. So you could be a feeder league like a minor league you could. Eventually go ahead ahead or you could just trying to occupy that that that spot that need each. That's spring football thing more from Charlie ever saw on the players think about. As the Premier League to Guillermo sport by traverse. That players are able to move in between art could be don't work from February to people were from the day after the Super Bowl until the last week of people you check your calendar you'll recognize what that looks like relative to. Our friend in the fall typing the bad important debate notched up in the best people on the on the field it's about recognizing went bats with the players and Spain. Let. I'm sorry Ausprey but he but what I think he's saying. He seems to be suggesting. That players would at some point move back and forth between the two leagues as if an NFL player at the end of an NFL season that starts in summer I wanna play some more football out results at home February point Cobbs and say. How you know get me to Sioux City let's go. I I think. Maybe they'll he means it the other way 'cause he says it's not all about getting the very best people on the field may be saying. Players are gonna come play for us hoping is that stepping stone to the NFL he didn't say that to me that's really what he's implying. Hit it does not work the other way around the league's asserts is from the leaks from will be the same. As any leads. In lesson has that kind of that modest more modest hey here's and he sure can fill. And that is that college football is the minor leaks in college football as in ethically successful. Feeder system. Would the NFL probably could rightfully argue it doesn't need another one. We take guys right out of college ball. Who object often become NFL starters. Not just guys who make a roster. They're gonna take the play clock down to thirty seconds good idea bad idea. The LA Yorkshire via a blanket. Getting rid of the extra point they want people to have a play on the field so they're gonna have. Every team you score testing got to go for two OK Mike hit a debt yet and we've talked about this already know kick off. You just start on the 25 yard line. Then one really think that's more of the time just eliminate the play time saver we don't need that and if you wanna go for the equivalent of the onside kick you we give you your ball on your own 35 and you're facing a fourth intended to convert you keep going if you don't. You're giving the ball back to someone knocked and on your own red zone I don't know how you feel about that but I A. Okay. That's one of those things where an idea guy says she got to give me one RA we're going mainstream right hiker a 32 clock modest what did you obviously have to have some mechanism by which team it's trailing late can maybe keep the ball right the onside kick is. You know. Percentage wise is just terrible play and it's clearly desperate and I think at the numbers are probably a more in the kicking team's favor than you'd think I have to look at them I've seen numbers over the years that suggest you should trap more often. I mean I don't have the updated numbers at teams that's trailing late in the game. Is maybe not a high candidate to gain ten yards on a single play anyway there's might be a reason you're down two scores with five minutes left. They've key right there has to be some Mac in mountain. He can't you know flip the coin is simply it has here we get to keep the ball. You have to do something that it she you know to earn the right keep the ball I think they have a shot because it sounds like they have a plan it sounds like they spent a lot of time on it sounds like have a lot of Smart people behind it who would have thought as like Bill Polian. They're not going to have anything to do with this if it's nonsense like think they have a shot but again that I'm very curious to find out what their ultimate goal is. A part of that though is it just to have a TV show but part of that is is kind of power brokers stuff like Bill Polian might be involved because he's been in network. Sports stuff for awhile mound which means he knows ebersol. You know what I mean is it can be one of those. We're gonna pay a lot of money we need if we needed a name here bloom and it doesn't necessarily mean that Bill Polian thinks they've got it all figured out let me ask you that why got a question for -- about the sleep okay coming up I.