LeBron's move to LA may make this guy the happiest person on the planet... 7/10/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, July 10th
Which new teammate is happy to be on LeBron's team?

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You know a lot of people are happy that LeBron is now gonna go to a lakers some people unhappy about it I would think that one person is really happy for a couple reasons. He is Lance Stephenson. Went Stevenson for one thing he gets to play with LeBron now for another. During a bronze run of eight straight finals Lance Stephenson was eliminated by LeBron James teams. Five different timetables. Of any player they take it yeah. No other teammates who by the way Lance Stephenson says it's kind of funny. I was actually funny that IMAX on the same team. I'm very excited to see what that brings just playing within one of the best players to play the game is going to be amazing I can't wait to get on board and Stephenson said today Newton. It's a weird roster and I'm interested to see it myself because that's an odd mix. You know I'm there's talent there no question and that's the good news for lakers is that most they're Tony young talent. But man as far as a personality mix that's a weird roster Donnie Nelson man's GM we heard from him earlier talk about look at don't you Cherie is on the prize. Headed west could feel like you know this slept you know at double or triple may than in free agency at the same as the draft goals let it takes care and that you're at the current client. And I've made it the little disheartening to yards with your foot and he. We want it nor the way things. In the west and you imagine. Night in and night out. You know our season ticket fans let the talent that's come up through there it's it's kind of unprecedented. And it's a challenge but it's really cool well. Look I appreciate the hammer and all he did for the game. As much say anybody but Donnie Nelson needs to update his references Hank Aaron. Yeah that was great from to drag out Yasser sometimes it's like hey what are the hang on slide show as Johnny my eyes comes in there and relax one over the wall you've got the most Bagger yet you have they hit this league in the universe right now don't send him back. But it it's true and that's at aspect of it that I never think about that I'm sure is very much. On the minds of the franchises themselves think how many teams now. As visiting teams are teamed she would love to watch play them in the NBA script is right there again and marketed that way to pay mr. baseball you know if this Hank aaron's story is true. Now remember this I NORAD it but I don't just don't know when I read it whoever wrote it wrote it is if it's true but I I just don't know. Randy Johnson was on the Expos. So this was like late eighties and easy young player and the expose the minor league team I think a mighty men in the minors they're playing the Braves in spring training. And so Randy Johnson sit there what I team meter coach in there to replace the Braves in rainy just says he who's Hank Aaron. And the guys is tanking here in web in this was a while ago Hank Aaron was the all time home run king at seven or 55 home runs so ready just in as a whole. Oaxaca at least cup play the him if he spoke at no way. That's when I ran 1988. I guess some might that. We think should I buy at. Kind of like you to buy it but I'll I'll see if he verified green but kind of wanted to buy that that's pretty cool mean I love that idea and he's a Smart guy may be who's kid around. I don't know. Hank here and hadn't stopped playing that long ago he cared retired in 76. Okay yeah so that we Randy Johnson probably. He was probably. Five. Or not is trying to piece it altogether who's or eight which is worse I don't know take care her locker we stop play of the day. There's no way that a pitcher can Hank Aaron is what about other Rickey Henderson stores are they true all the all the Rickey Henderson stories are true even when he went to all rude hey I used to play with a guy in Toronto wore a helmet and Ricky that was me yeah his own team in Toronto yes Allred tells that story. I'm not believe it because Allred tells. But yet that debt that. That was me. That was your teammate. But in at least in my experience. There's no Ricky story that I wouldn't believe if it's fun I am talk about harmless funny and outsourced. I would believe them all because interacting with him it's like absolutely. Some days I was insurer. I mean he ate he'd self preference so often that I kind of felt like he's almost like a third party. To our conversation there's me there's Ricky and then it's almost like there's another part every key somewhere hovering above us watching the two Lestock. Is that's how he would responds like well Ricky you know. It's just like. You just don't get that many guys who sort of live in third person reference now I've. I don't know if you agree with me I think you may to me the greatest baseball story ever. Is we decide regular Perry where we is a story they Koehler period 1960 sums taken batting practice. Annie is a pitcher and he's hit the ball while and a reporter cyst the manager the team. Hey he's he's good hitter he's gonna hit a home run at the big league level some in the manager says the day he its own Monrovia the day than a man walks on the mood. And the day Neil Armstrong walks on the moon killer Perry hit a home run. And if any dealer we asked about that any suggests absolutely true and of course that's what he's gonna savored my. And then all I asked them all yet that's true. Well I want to believe him so I do. And that's all right and actually that's how I treat the Ricky stuff to wanna believe it's more fun if I believe it. The one about Randy Johnson not known who Hank Aaron is apple tough. I kind of wanna I I kind of wanna go hoped to disprove that. It's like wondering if you I think my mother was kidding around and somebody told the story to all who what are the league to recruit that's my. That's that some of the old timers used to tell me. A ballot. Hank here and in a different way where someone would come up and say hey you know. Community's been any care and share his rhetoric there and they'd look at him say what that little guy. Has been honestly he was not an imposing me and that's immediate. That tells me everything about how people perceive what a homeowner was supposed to be moved to see just wasn't physically imposing my anyway. Back to LeBron quickly here how happy are they to have them out of the east. During his run of eight straight finals LeBron eliminated seven of 755 when teams in the east. Outside of his own he eliminated spurs teams I should say. 57%. He's players to play in post season not including himself for teammates responsible for nine of eleven series sweeps in the east in that span. Thank Paramount. So. Stevenson gets to play with the edit a billion completely different look for him playing with LeBron but also. Just who who does he worry about now the warriors means trying to PIK who's gonna eliminate me now Mike has chances are someone's going to eliminate the lakers this season Steve. Since it does actually surprised he made the move to LA I guess he needed a new look. I feel like just him reaching out and showing that he liked what I bring to the game is amazing I just can't wait to be in the for them actually get on the court with him but it. Arch rivals better arch rival makes it sound like LeBron dogs and cats living together it's getting weird out there and again. You know Stephenson is his own is very much his own guy and Rondo is very much his own guy and LeBron is. You know cult of personality like there's a whole lot that goes along with have LeBron and and that's. Without even factoring in long those dat mean just a hot. So weird vibrant man roster and the lakers challenged the warriors guess which new lakers says yes definitely possible but it's not going to be easy. Obviously they have five all stars now four immediately but it's definitely going to be defense over anything that's a JaVale McGee. Uh huh okay says yes we can do it won't be easy though. Yeah all right. And got other problems besides that borders but you're right we'll see he's keep the turnovers down playing great defense will definitely enhance their chances of beating it. The warriors I think all the pieces are gonna fit perfectly since. New warrior JaVale McGee's talking about DO lakers defensive additions yes and that's something that day in new water when your offensive coach very aware of the menu that with a young team they're gonna have defensive problems so they shorted up a little. I think it's gonna be really and sting when those two teams play because even last couple years when the lakers haven't been back did they improve the lot last year. Luke Walton new the warrior so well that the lakers gave them fits the times are different now they're gonna have. Better veteran defenders yeah. Not to mention better young players I mean his you know he did it there's every reason to think that. They're out of that crop of young guys at least a couple of them are gonna be ready to take and a pretty solid step forward. Couple guys already performed at a high level but man. If he gets an a bitter a year out of even to those young guys Anchorage.