LeBron and his new bunch take a step back... 2/23/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, February 23rd

Its Cleveland's first loss with the new lineup


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Got a couple of things that are irritating me about your game right now I love that open. But I don't like this talk now the NBA having a play in tournaments we heard about that. At a Syverson and talk about tweaking the playoff format and there's something nets that apparently is being discussed. In the highest circles you know that this baseball ruling you've been tell us about no one's actually really talk about that you're kidding which this year and it was this is something that apparently is being circulated at the highest levels within teams in the league office. Play a proposal. Would be at sea and it's generated the most discussion. To fourteen tournaments featuring the seventh eighth ninth and tenth season each conference. Seven plays a winner of that single game having the seventh spot meanwhile the ninth seed would host the tenth seed. Winner of that game facing the loser of the seven vs a matchup for the final playoff spot now. No I don't care for other no I'm just simply no. UBU. It's it's enough that you go eight deep in the playoffs exactly you've made the point the regular season is devalued. I bright bright red right I can't imagine. Saying to your fans. We do still after all asked to by. Regular season tickets at really high prices them. To take it even a step further. Finish eighth tenth but it doesn't matter you get to go and play in game I think you touched on the real key the real key is when you have so many teams in the playoffs there are problems that it creates a moral promises like even now even without this the drama at the end of the year is who's gonna make the playoffs. And so rather than. Like the old days of the pennant races who's gonna win the Jamie tip now it's like to finish eight right well there's just not as much drama can you know whoever finishes eighth this. Probably gonna get scorched in the first round. So this is just so contrived but up play and tournament to see who's gonna boost the warriors in the first round will be great you know and an in a year like this. That and you were just describing this one in the last. A segment that you have a bunch of teams really clusters. It's a really good open question about. You know 678. And nine in ten maybe I can credit for you know kick around other ideas but I don't think that's a good way. I think will what I mean is we're kind of not maybe not now but in a couple of weeks you're getting to something like that anyway. Organically. Because you're gonna have four or five teams that are within shouting distance of may be the last two spots. They won't always be playing each other but they'll be playing for a playoff spot right that should be an awful it's it it's a couple of weeks worth. Instead of a scheduled you know play in mean it's a couple of weeks that that's what the second wild card did in baseball to I'd Mino again. Not crazy about it but I do understand you're keeping teams alive longer. If you just say well they're tenth but it doesn't really matter because again played a plane anyway and they're giants fans look back at that nine B three season. When they 103. Yen they miss the playoffs and look back at that sadly knighted too but for a different reason I look back at that as. Kind of have been bittersweet thing because that was the last time we're ever gonna have a real. Pennant chase that was for a divisional title but now as they just you however didn't win would be in the wild card. You have wild cards and those like you gotta win the division right those games mattered at the end of the year that's right they matter tremendously and they made great memories. Because every decision as Dusty Baker knows then become you know become. Every decision is too heavily scrutinized like it was playoffs them but it was just what it was was the end of the schedule them and you play billion to get to that point. If I had played all year in the NBA. And it wound up date. And you know I wasn't a team trying to tank like this is our step forward year we're trying to show some progress. And I finished eighth in the league comes back it says yeah but you're going in and thing were thrown in this thing means you have to win some more yeah but he pissed yeah I give again given credit for you don't look at everything and considering. Different things considering things there may be little radical right two guys. Out of I'm I'll just hold hockey to decide for a second. But out of the three sports that we want to talking about the most only get Dell really is. Is sort of closed off to. A lot I mean he he's kind of ridden with the traditionalists in a lot of ways. You know of the I mean they've missed the extra point thing was a big deal mean. But in baseball and basketball book yet commissioners that are willing to consider even pretty far out ideas on the court last night Cleveland. Fell to the wizards I thought the cavaliers were the greatest team ever assembled now anyway they lost to the wizards 110103. That is their first loss with their new look lineup. They were leading by one than they were outscored 22 to fourteen over the final nine and a half LeBron scored all fourteen points while his teammates shot Oprah ten from the field all three point attempts. Well you know I I do think people are getting a little carried away with the cavs. But LeBron has been amazing and remember they still are probably gonna get Kevin Love backs off but they do have reinforcements on the way they do and I thought it was interesting that. I mean maybe LeBron to sell and it right now because he he like surviving a loss people believe in him that he was. Pretty remarkably upbeat. After losing the wizards men and really. Exactly easy as you describe why you really GAAP delete. In as we are in pretty good call yeah and suddenly you the only guy can make a bucket if you take is back three weeks. There have been blot on the moon if if LeBron to be the only guy who scored down the stretch in his other teammates around him like Isaiah. We're out there missing threes it would have been an you know. A dumpster fire you say he was upbeat how upbeat worry LeBron. Hello Tony Garzon also work in progress it's not a mural and no matter. No no excitement before the break we have a lot of things were going and then we need to do I know tonight we still play as one day and just make a lot of shots. Sounds like he's losing his voice again for me honest and little little Freddy Krueger gone there gimme the ball. Yeah today is over and over again gimme the ball it'll take you your voice now the other thing that's bothered me is and I think I'm gonna be in the minority here but that's okay. Larry Nance junior's gonna Wear his dad's retired number 22 starting next week yeah. Yeah with his dad's permission and no but because he wants honor is that well there are retired eight retired his Jersey. That's that you just leave the air but I now they are gonna leave it up or he's gonna Wear it's just I just think it's unnecessary. This can I Wear dad's number no it's retired it's up there. You you want on aren't we Marty honored public every time he plays numbers up there right that it is higher now know what is it but it's my dad and I don't say even my dad thinks it'd be cool if I can Wear the number yeah you're right I really shouldn't care but another thing that bothers me about it is you know are you at times it said the king retired too many numbers you just you Cleveland Cavaliers have you looked at the numbers they retired no. Okay Larry Nance was a pretty good player. He eats is career split evenly about seven years in Phoenix seven in Cleveland is pretty good but they retired his number why I think you made the all star team twice that's pretty good. Parents number when they retired Nate Thurmond's number Nate Thurmond's a hall of Famer. Nate Thurmond didn't even play two full seasons in Cleveland you know Ari points for gaming average for the caps five. They retired his number. Nearest five points a game is a great player and you know. Rest in peace in a great guy. And we had to I had the privilege of Internet and on and everything I'm you lost it date they retired Nate Thurmond retired Nate thermos that because they were there were one of these teams they weren't very good they would go in there retired guys numbers Bobby bingo Smith that is number seven re I love Bobby bingo Smith he's numbers should be retired why. Because I love it okay all right so. The the cavs are a team that's been may be guilty of retiring numbers that may be aren't necessarily work but it's not a right. They can do whatever they want of course they can so not only did they. Retire earlier enhances Jersey when some of us would question why anyone would and other guy that is can't Wear it at your eye your right I'm making too much that I just need to roll with it. I eight. I support you it's just that I think you can invoke father son exemption in this particular case. If they'd under retired because some really good player normally wears that number. I'd say. And and even if Larry Nance senior said oh yeah that's cool that's fine I'd say that's crazy one thing that a career as an idea. It if you ordered a Larry Nance 24 Jersey already. You get Ted Turner back inning get a twenty because he's gonna Wear the 22 that is that war it's the right again I loved watching does that play any is a really good player in. Is we're not talking about when the all time greats or anything no blood no of course but but the other thing is probably. I like it did in the moment right here as we see here I like it it's the data in the sunlight and all that what if Larry Nancy just she replace. Part of one season with Cleveland. Which I mean it could happen then maybe he's part of their long range plans I don't IP Kia policy them but what do fees and other high. We and retired his Jersey so a guy can ward where it for 32 games which are only if you can you name before. Hall of famers who played at any point their careers with the cavaliers. Well I can name one because you you've told me and I didn't believe it now Shan mountain calm other guys to stop and I just told yeah. We're just talk about Nate Thurmond donate their yeah. And now I need to think of two guys who played for Cleveland it probably didn't make their careers Cleveland right yeah Lenny Wilkens as one and the other one is Walt Frazier buzzing and get that. But they haven't retired other numbers just did you retire Lenny Wilkens yours I don't believe they have nothing. He retired major does not just noting and mark price they'd add. Will you write that and I shouldn't really make fun. You're right that. It's similar you know make fun and I have to ultimatum it's similar to the kings in that. When you happen. When your history's been really spotty you're just looking for okay where the right now I don't like mark price is really getting Cleve Sharon when he was loved and all that stuff so I I understand. Being in that was before they started winning and now they've started winning. They might actually be you know be able to say it's signed to be choosy when you know we're work. That's all part of it and history mountain where to get franchise were good organization rises on make fun of anything today because baseball's back and he's just he's feeling good. Yeah it's weird to say how weird this is a baseball started this morning at 10 AM. With the Astros and the nationals not that I was much stroh's I think pull that one out three to NASA sorry if your record and watch it later apologized study shows effort. And down. And we're watching golf. Which I think you know it's like normal I thought today would be hey we're gonna. We will have on the full triple header. Which is it a B network sir it's showing three. Spring training games but we really are in here with golf on because tiger Flint remember last year we win two Garcia's with our boss prime Lopez yes. And the kings haven't we was afterward to the kings are planning Denver Utah. Film. I think there on the road okay. Because of so we wanted to watch it and wearing Garcia is and that TB that's nearest someone's watch in the spring training game that it was recorded from earlier in the day. So like hey can we watch the kings oh well let me check. No they're watching that you know. So several rather watch a tape delayed or rebroadcast spring training game in the king's I wanna say it was a cardinals fans. Pretty sharp right now I think there was cardinals team is signaling estimate you know they they recorded history. But you do too and play yeah.