John Middlekauff Interview, Former NFL Scout 9/13/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, September 13th
John and the Guys talked about Gruden's comments on Derek Carr and Thursday Night Football

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Right here's the situation what do you do during the break from work mechanics and on the outbreak roundtable which is it really. Kitchen area here you see. A plate. In in the area that's for everybody common area OK okay there's some kind of cracker type things and they may be Peter related I don't know aren't they let you know kind of like new age healthiest but that's OK hard. Now she used okay because there's cheese or a couple of types to a while white cheese and one of these yellow and white cheeses and there's plenty of cheese there OK I love cheese usually do you do you take anything. All gone on and on them on them. On the treat him free table. She's sitting in the opener yes on a free ticket yes. What is wrong with you know I ask what you would do. I pass I would run I'd rather just because the site Biden not cheer how long the cheese has been there I think that's a good call light up but I may have to revisited I mean I'd like to see you again tomorrow your kids do you really should meet that she's only agreed to it wasn't there last summer went by there couple hours ago. Is Aaron yes. Yeah Iraq can confirm that far and we'll all those Canada the billionaire who are on fire hazard pay it hasn't been there all the NBA this cheese and kept that. Disclosed to government cheese you're gonna get. I think I mean the right choice but I'm not sure and a map to revisit you dummy reaching for hands sanitized or just like I doubt that he's doing that's correct I don't. Can we hear around here we're all just trying to get out the week and. It's nice not to join us the former NFL scout they column in the super scout it's possible I was the first one to call possibly work I don't know maybe not he's. Host on the three and outs on the he's a host of three now part mimic on guard. Podcast network he's half of the Hebrew in the middle coughed podcast up and running again I'm not sure which one of very strong not important which we welcome back when only John middle car Qaeda today Johnny. What don't we don't. Erica thanks good guide thanks for your time as always we were just talking about lady on bell. Do you given your experience in the league and scouting. T out give a best guess of where this all ends up for the Steelers and for Levy on bell and for potentially another team. Yeah yeah I don't think they have but what we're rate of 01 would you keep things warm be or you'd grant right. If you walk a edit it and I think they're just why Canada. Go out in the corporate world like to be down. But it did it wouldn't think game. And clearly what went beyond where it all you would fury ray had over under guard. At a couple let down in honor looked well but he got Levy on belt. Now a problem what art for over. I don't know how big would that we're well beyond what may put out bad. And you could or. Right oh I. Eight yep this week. Like that at home it would or wouldn't bet game in the only wanted one. It would have to be obviously. You know it recap you'll and that you know meet probably beside the Patriot. Act. At the height it is the. But John you know what he wants. In you're the Steelers deep pain then no no no no I more or. People seem look yeah oh no you're right of course you know it paid on time. Oh. You're like the plant right. Let it all of the act of interest and I hit it right back. Early got a new deal but I am. Well Rick Warwick in him that your report and a half million dollar at a depth weight but the opposite I can kind of app last week. I don't think it would add add it. You know are they going dollar like two months and you're making a hole in million dollars. And you play if they can Wear white got. Free you'll like. John let me ask you again obviously you have been renal legal long time. Did you bristle at what the offensive lineman said like so many other people have people a lot of people have said in a former players. A lot of people media all you're never you're never call out another guy about how much money he's making did you feel that way about what the Steelers offensive Lima were saying. Did you you never say something bad about someone when you like them. All but it I don't know I'd I'd like there would make it out LE. I mean if you're around worked long and now we're ever work. I mean I mean are one of the order group would be well well well well. Both guys had a pretty good idea or they were blown off in a week for awhile what. Or Latvia LP. You know it literally they're in this position because Libya and rubble of lack of what our group of able where they are in the Arab wire. You were what eight. I I think they respected him. I don't think it would if it would have been like a little back with the open on the no raider with that. You know yeah I get it reflects Libya now. Not those guys like at a respected money again like we act like remote that their work in an app billion dollar. Like the guy Wayne or under. In oh and I I bet that they give credit line. We don't feel bad and were problematic yeah. Yeah. Hey John it is is. Is gruden throwing shade it deer car and if so. To what point what's the point. I don't know what the way to. We like our business coaches that they ate something what you get now that you know I mean I. Or weren't we weren't. I thought. I'd be flat probably we. When gruden ripped proper when he ran over red. In rifle or Monday night. We Il in one of the raider which we all know. He has wanted to be paid you wanted. You one of the rare guys like what year it took the party. And then that they are paying like we all but what is the only error I air right Garrett never really let someone else. It clear what group they mainly. I've been shocked by comedy. On me academia coming here tired it's going to be elect Bill Parcells though he had no. Turkey point. It would greatly war mean they here. I mean they hear a nine month to whatever look really bad under the microscope now wrote last month. You know he got a you'll like outward like India Reid would add that you know. My and one of the rush let beyond it if I. I would I'd been taken back yet look what we all are out of wildwood and he quite a lot of finger not at a rebel. John middle cough where this he is half of that Harriman middle cough podcast you guys are back on hash tag hand hair ribbon in middle cough but come back to you that's going to be very exciting for you. Yep rip it back in it it could get out that. Hey and I got it you know we are you worried yes sir. If I'm super Scott is it just Mears is up pretty big game tonight. It is you are completely. Why you right now. Yeah. I did Twitter all the highlights now. Rick Baker yeah in you know are obviously rape and have a good run deep and I'd speakers are I didn't realize nobody from Nortel or. From the EA area I went though omen at that you know in in at Oklahoma that we in the wall. That ad apathy. What are you what you actor of the Ornette ramp yeah he you were more immediate more Allah that running back. I'm in the app read I grew on him that I I. Don't make like you that young at a star running back in this league and clearly the spangled. With whipped you know let's. Run right past that it. 88 Korean government at a pretty good what people want. Pain and John I'm. We're bounce around a little bit do we want talked to before the niners game of the alliance has screwed up as they look or they just under talented. I like some of the player when they're in they're they're probably not Al. Anywhere near like the ram or worked in like gap. Indira middle of the road that in 98 in Abbott oh. The wider and again that they're going on what you could do in the NFL. It goal they're right on cue boy oh I don't really know what app or are we doing but he clearly that a lot of these guys are. In eight like in app he will act and they they've got a lot of all of their seen guys. Oval everything I'd. Be clearly did Monday night or were all in doesn't feel like he like that. It is. That the red may have dealt I'd. You point out it could be all aren't as committed a bit he looked on an ankle back out restaurant. It it would not yet Bill Belichick it may be itself the art of being you know a great great coach right. It capping. Eight under your free go often app that. Romeo Cornell 2.0 right now we're looking at bat be it may yet be Rocco couldn't get rid of meat in your back. Whether you ever heard of people earning on OK I thought. Are covered like. It's great regret it or heard about the. And he's good Chris thanks super scout we appreciate and enjoy the red rifle tonight we'll talk to soon. Tia John Cook.