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Thursday, August 10th

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I caught up would John middle half I'd just a few minutes ago John is of course longtime friend of the show. We come super scout because it was an NFL scout with the Eagles for number of years is the coast of Haberman middle cough podcast. Easing new contributor to the athletic started by asking John. About the story lines going into the niners game tomorrow night what is he particularly going to be watching for. Yet for me it is a couple they use really. Obviously the first round pick from the actual look as pretty. With the news about this arrogant or the shoulder packed. Whatever the you know would do basically whatever we do we call. Andy Rubin paupers either or which is not working any better outcomes and I don't know that he read the plan. That the plan. Now in it should be one of the more entertaining rookies on the event in the leisure unlike Paul I'm. You'd tell you what the NFL you get good player and played that line in all of you seemed much what they're really good. You know I don't see is not like on the common enemy and that probably starting off the back. I think Smart guys. You can see the river offers line around it back especially again. Is it not out in the air is PP TP plate he you know anti only put out your walker second. The second quarterback for the chief let you know the guy at number ten pick trapped and overall. I see him again that guide the ball Altman. He looked really good practice. While it felt bracket and you got seventeen practices nowhere near what it was ten years ago look at or at all. Coming up major injury what he look like on the ball really. Hard Lee he looked really good. Like got certain book go watch practically. Ever truly know until you actually at aqueduct and. And John for that team in that in isn't their secondary at this point sort of just an open concern. Yet not. If but in fairness to deny your old secondary. Loudly tell you hundred C. Don't look that great on paper you know the best secondary probably have three good player war. Bull have to look the poor guy I think you'll go about. Looking don't have a second quarter we don't even open batters at one quarter Ibaka battle injury human wore patent attracting. Eric Reid has looked really get a practice I do think. The complexities of the event the last couple years under Mangini. And the last you would Chip Kelly operation which are there on the you'll. I think it'll be much more simplistic and it got Roberts all come from the air away thinking just very basic they're not. You like Fiat they weren't they eat at basically every play don't look a lot Cadillac would pick NGOs that they know how to be good ability to. You really need a lot of trouble like Seattle and those niners the pad. I think he's he's he's quit doing that and Atlanta they had moment last year but for the mole or typically end in 200 York. Yeah I. I think I could hit here this disease who you know what one of those guys can actually that is increased fees in but I actually all. Pretty well you know. John middle clubs courses super scout is our longtime friends co host of A admin no cough podcast. And he is senior contributor to the athletic congratulations on that John pretty strong words about Jack Del Rio in your piece of the other day. Wear a seat for you where to see breakdown as a head coach. Well they were all the other error. Like sort of poll we were not very happy with our stand out when every everything I wrote their faction. You know his record against the top guys in the the typically where he spent. Add up. I don't think Jack so real it can come to you know he's solid made the playoffs bull I'm the head coach player let them. All that we now is raiders team you look at like a clean up. Well so not much focus on September or October how could you going to be hemorrhaging. And to separate yourself that kind of years you'd have to be very very. Dynamic. Act calling play skiing accident well and that that bike or if we get area. Add in division coat and separate from the head coach at what got like telecheck. I mean he's the best app. But when you look at the top coat in the NFL they're good mean coaches in the top cop one. Who really wore special teams coach at work at an area that guy it would need to run good on special thing. You know Jack Del Rio they need that the guy. I don't get in that much credit for error and the bad or horrible I mean they are well. In and we you know there. In the exactly it see you here we games in the playoffs and definitely can't beat the age if you're not on eat that not. Is not well. John do you think. It does it matter at this point to Reggie McKenzie. Whether or not Donald pins in camp and if not when's it gonna matter. I think your question right I mean actually add up that day. I don't think it's your biggest worry in the world. But I think what you get me past that second receiving game you kind of are in the light at the end of the tunnel you don't want. Quote unquote training camp and that you kind of go back to your facility for the raiders one of the few teams that still kind of goes away. For trying to get happy and hopefully you know forty minutes up the world. Battlefield like OK we are the poor reviews game it kind of action not words starters. It would have been missing any player in our starting elect. You know with this guy. The only left tackle our ever played that the only that the guided. He'll would have he would only get one time on Bob and guy Alastair for Il media are. But for the ballpark. Especially in pass protection. Dot Donald that is more than exceeded expectations definitely my personal expectations. I think. I think the summer for the purpose I would Donald got paid last year had a little money nothing too great but got show some respect and ready. Hate is something golf. Be it let you assembly turned out to be an all pro player adult and I. That currently. The cigar yet again a good player. But after second call you historically built all all the bad remote border guys are McNeil the quarterback. They got awkward ones I'd left tackle and the Iraq and quarterback in America now we can. While back I read spot over from me is get normal ordinary Garrity. What are we gonna go home. You teach school and become a look at what they've cried out for Barack. It is any pain and thought you would they are ordering all day. You see a lot of people that I've never show up but let me tell you knew he wanted to get right absolutely out and it was a little out of the hole because what happened over record. Over the summer. Obviously Derrick got papers Donald new doubt it happened the other car ended that day we got the historic second guard money. Right and that's what it all sorted the start of fall part John wrote quicken and you watch last night. Is to Sean gonna be the Texans quarterback. And in now sooner or later was going to be who went to see it becomes star. I needed it penetrated the barn and realize he's got sucked so beautiful up here and we planned second herky sooner you don't you don't draft Baghdad that high. And is resonate I'll speak for itself. Went total Nick Saban twice with you know not his duties at least that is what kind of you know five star first rounder. I do think coaches can be able old school especially quarterback. Maybe make him earn another pre season game. I'll let. My money right now he would not for refusing game if it is it looks like again like it last night. You know might be two with a pre season and it all I'd want him. Kara little reminiscent of the year Pete Carroll is kind of went all in with Russell doesn't. And it worked out a little bit like your car at any kind of deal happened we warmer where he was awesome and appreciated in our. But no doubt that he was any good and I. I actually slept all right that they some horrible can. The they have they only need role as the DC yeah. And you get hit solid quarterback away. I'd be what what will open his rookie insect that your. You can compete you could it wasn't in the White House. Right I'm an end real quick tone for a let's go to the so. Clearly that the patriots are like light years ahead but you just vintage Houston. Pop cultural in the Steelers have let me on shows up. Is there some competition there or is this a cakewalk. For the patriots this year. Well that they are part that I put in the second scene the problem is that Jeff. You know sometimes easy. Match up like you know Barry Bonds certain he could hit certain pitcher or basketball. The Minnesota Timberwolves and the Denver nugget that played the warriors kind of well here's it and that the page are owned dealers. So comedic routine for the patriot but typically would be cheeks and act and because they happen to deep center and they get a it goes back out there and be injury in game Ers football hall whose orders John Watson is buyback when they played them. You know there are so what better give them a run maybe it is hard it will be quarterback beat bill. Crime other than that seen it ever act. That's incredible then that's to print it but I don't think it ever quite match what those early ballots that means he let his worldly. The last lap tenure at a bit more op Ed I think that the combination. Two. And you know Brady's greatest bit forty in the peak of his powers. Yeah topic working two winners and another Super Bowl or at flat out right now I feel good about it. Now that dad's on the hook off the super Scott co host of course of the neighbor in the middle cough podcasts end. A new contributor to the athletic John thanks Ingrid stuck Tia. All right.