John Middlekauff Interview 3/7/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, March 7th

What are his thoughts on Seattle?


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We got super scout John middle cup coming up and I'll try to get confirmation of this again after the big Al's question which Sacramento Kings. Would play golf with him lineup and who played all of them but always against lighthearted I found some video Vince Carter. I was a golfer he used to play in some called the mavs masters OK so looks like. I don't know if he's been seen on local links but Vincent he might be the way to go okay something to keep in mind big Al you know just in case she is sites it. Get a wishlists put together. All right here is former NFL scout co host Lieberman middle cop podcast contributor at the athletic that I missed anything John you got a new podcaster you know right. Yea you know the good thing about podcast he's got got Lester retired. Got you by debt who read out. For college our podcast network that you Barnett on iTunes or anywhere else you buy gas. Two advantage on these guys' eyes yes congratulations to the Seahawks defense now that they are. Agreeing to trade Michael Bennett looks like Richard Sherman aren't on his way out the Seahawks defense as we know it and in some cases loathe it is it done now as it finished. Yeah it is I mean I've been the core group of guys merger Sherman. WorldCom there's still going to be around it looks like camp chancellor who knows these healthy enough to play again Mike Bennett raided. Quip able again injury career maybe over what I'm why aren't they. The forty yard or in the rivalry with Seattle really became our. I think you can't chancellor did on Vernon Davis I think of just how unblock global I'm not a big Michael Bennett guys. But after the player has pride man he was. You basically unstoppable force greatest just missed. You know was and Ray McDonald turned out via scumbag he was a really good player Michael Bennett what about these wide. In that little era and that game just because the matter and even my body at Bryant is couldn't walk. Out just. You know it's kind of like Brady of course apple Brady's career. He was he will really I don't know you will be good but. You look carried by the Tedy Bruschi. But they Samuel. Richard Seymour. Just you know might re bulls just so loaded BI. Law bans only guys that second half. Each year you became. That all are great they are Marino Elway mark level and now. When you pay a quarterback in the way quiet fool. You know war that set up in the NFL yeah at the carrier you know he did that last year. But they've what I said you know they worked well for me morsel candidates. Can they be looking Wilson's team and still be you know what the Packers the game under Iran. Agencies help their winnings all it can't Seattle become. I would lean I wouldn't bet against the now he she's really good but. You know like it or it's going to be. So John if Seattle is as we all suspect. Either retrenching and trying to figure out what they're doing. Does that suggest that the 49ers may be have to load up what ever have thought about their building program to that split up right now because the opportunities here right now. The NFL caught trying to always right now personally have a quarterback and a quarterback who displayed. You know what what 75 million dollar guaranteed 237. Total I think you're always kind of live and right now what. It does kind of he increased the pace and the urgency which you have to think about it because that was three years ago you go. Well Seattle that he's only one problem. LA is really we're not anywhere near the Al that they are but now you look you go well why don't we Seattle equal. Is it genie is a global level player. You know why why can't we hang with them and we are fielded you know LA is that you know good team but our quarterback I'd like union mortgage or. It kind of makes you think. They can have solid all the you know not mean this isn't just a lot of like singles doubles. They won't why couldn't make compete I don't wanna get ahead of myself native got a division but compete to win that event and obviously you women have made you make black. The super Scott what does John middle cup. John if if you were advising teams what would be your order here are speaking to quarterbacks. The top five quarterbacks available Donald Rosen Allen mayfield. Jackson how do you have them ranked how would you advice teams to look at them. That's a good question what. It stopped because when you talk about quarterback. You talk about the horse in much beautiful city you know are you love Andy doll. But it it'd all at Google's deal. But some of the intangible. That the reason why. A week. So you just went and all you on page you can. Apple urged you know aperture with him when you factor in that he'd probably slightly above. If you just go in a vacuum on eight. You know what these players. And that some are about it right now because we beautiful package or so much coming out I think Josh wrote to me. He most pro already guy I'd I'd be big time player. What that guy. A lot of people like art baker I'd still keep it and Arnold. What basically every game and don't ever played out. Probably pay a democratic on the grass. Whip you might not be as good as high maybe all but ago. But I think it could be a little better or an like what how it out of the game one he became a good quarterback. Which it and you know the way we talked about a year ago that. And you know probably. Have a great all arm. One thing or when they went away in his body and what your role. What he's really under developed again he's twenty year old we've got to wait there's a lot of upside there you know just with him physically to mature but. The second guy or I mean we're guys baker on a bill I mean you hear IP he's a legitimate and it helped our. Probably closer. Kate keynote the virtual we thought this season in Minnesota. There and maybe like what Wilson before comparing and that middle a year. But if you Kate you know the version we saw this year at Purdue. You know that that's really and then there. I'm not a jock now we're Lamar Jack IP dot Allah I I would. Just because he's quarterback role and not accurate at all. Now you may yet I'm foolish but I'm still on the spot there are it will Mark Jackson from just simply because you know what more is an accurate. Bat speed element to him is just being orbit and speed kills in L a coach that. And heated gun up to roll you can packages. And I cannot be wide receiver off the bat. What do you know how in your building like that it doesn't work out he does have other positions I'd rather take a project like Mort Jack jail. But that's a great dance absent well you asked a great question lately so I am but it cost the thing about Lamar Jackson. In your experience of someone who who. Worked in the NFL is a really that uncommon for. Any team to say hey we've elected CU can we talk to about it from position to receive run drills and different position. Dhabi capital act. Out a little more rare quarterback. Stopping by a remote quarterback the media spell but it error court or actually would be well you know. You know more the Jimmy Barack mobile quarterbacks are or back home now the rare ones like Terrelle Pryor. This guy Terrelle Pryor what we ship you are remember. I without help or you got it will do just read stories about the guy is a crew member Chip Kelly wind and Albania. Mean Michigan will come and our utilities super famous. You put much bigger blue chip got a moral high school but it was clear like you. NFL. Ed Michael Vick the same way they personally quite speedy Michael Vick Lamar comparisons. Why cool wind hit big gala ball what he couldn't reach deep. When the what was called correctly you in the pocket in what. You know secret may wrote Ugoh. Words like MVP level piper here Julie I think people or care Lamar like you've got accurate he didn't act. You know and so you're just not basic there's basic element of your accuracy is terrible it's hard to ever do it but is being. I have looked like Gator gear kept you know get quite. Why would you go to top line and one when that's what it your best attributes. If the orca sushi Chia interviewing for cooking job trying to stay. Like Lamar people spoke and are ready quarterback you're running war 38 would get a whole Columbine buddy pot it. You like why wouldn't we just snap and a guy you can make placed one I picked out pretty big mistake by him. To not run and I would imagine he'll run at a pro day. But I've been to a million crow days most Prodi did not you know they Albania coat work to add one. May be a general manager and the cop buying all or do GMs and coaches aren't sitting right there walking. You know it's hit it I think that was big mistake I think so look at a lot of what quarterback. And there's nothing wrong with being a running quality of news and 800 billion dollar. Share. Our rights a super Scott last one what to think it's gals game winner on Sunday night against the knicks. I've got to realize the note I shot at losing the game and we'll try to get a 100000 dollars better at Arizona. What we bill. I did me. Somewhat tech leader that the game was buoyed portal sitting court side. I am not aware of that on Sunday I'm used to suggest that RD grade I fearless. I think the crew of late bore hole. Jordan Holm who coat is all these guys. And Shawn tries of the Cleveland Browns quarterback I think they all court side while the witness but straightaway game where. Face it seems he could lead shippers down knocked down a game when yeah I did a legitimate. Or. No. That could be a dog fight John thanks separate it out we appreciate it we'll talk to you soon thanks buddy. C.s out. Didn't hear a joke with him but I talked taking with us kissed this girl yeah as a beacon inaudible. John makes it sounds like running on middle cock. Yeah twice as some odd. That's exactly right yeah you've got it right now what do we do with it we you see if you can hear it over to a factor fantasy.