Joe's not sold on Jimmy G. and who can blame him. 4/10/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, April 10th

How can Jimmy G. prove himself?


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Plus penalize again. Here's John stand here today and Orlando Magic and adventures good news grounds and Roseville on Saturday the fourteenth fairy godmother spring in the festival dreams for all children. And live out there. Favorite stories and meet there. Its heroes and superheroes wow yeah I describe yesterday's favorite store Booker was in the had not been so I tried to help mount up Paul Bunyan and he. He's an author yeah I know exactly I didn't think that it was really. It's a Robin Hood out there you know that's why would go OK yeah very and you'll Treasure Island. Very Manchuria. Are exclusive. They're gonna storytelling crafting dress up food pat on training sessions faced being activities go one on lots of fun something to light every member of the family. Get your tickets now the festival of dreams dot com and and I asked radler. I was not with a today jury duty in good for him but I asked him page remember the name of Paul Bunyan news. Blue box yeah and he said oh boo hoo hoo hoo let's say. So I just I guess it was my fault I was a nobody wanted to baseball related I exact. I again. So we did know the baseball question had another boost the question right he used by nervous about jury duty or maybe you to excel he also suggested you know we were talking about the fact that the real big horns. Are becoming the Stockton who knows what's Andy's is I think they should be the stock in kings so we just didn't have the most creative imaginative answers yesterday. Well there's some really set for that you know I mean I tried to trade women did differ pages so I can criticize to relish but again add the Stockton. Kings yeah good you know you're actually thinking I was I think you would think in pacers and you think in paging thing Enron are our ancestors who I was thinking yeah I think it's a really good player for you guys run a test yeah what happened I mean you know there couple hours on the side you know fit yeah. After so many hours on the here you just got to get Fuzzy thoughts start to wonder honored to have workers Tom what's going on there was Stanton and sale that I have to percent of sales sit him down in the first inning one hit. -- judge was abused I go into any throws I think I'll throw a curve ball they don't want to make them look bad and he got a single in the extra cost him. You know we talk every year about that the players sit tea when they're out to the plate you can't miss some. Well I'm a guy at each position that bladder busting team we don't go to the bathroom and these guys are or how about the other way which pitcher if the pitchers make him start for use like man I gotta say it's any way to Syria I got to see what this is a pitcher making his start to think Kershaw and I think Chris sales or sales my guy too because that just electric stuff PS and if it's a guy coming out of that's got to be Chapman. On guys like what I mean that. More effective back a little while ago but I mean the guy's sold a 103 of so much that you wanna see I yes I still like Craig Kimbrel to elect to watch yes I do like him too and lately her Lander because I mean it was amazing he came over the gases like OK let's little World Series now anybody can lose any games now and again last night showed and so yeah I mean he's been fantastic with Houston them. Mom all right Joseph Montana was bird again this day is on NFL network today and he was talk about what makes a great QB. The thing that's always made it is that is the ability of pro ball accurately and they're not as much today a big deal before it was up and under pressure. You know I think that was the biggest differences known that it right now you can you can hit me but back ten you know a -- funds on them read over your head yet you're I'm gonna get planted in Oslo and try to filled up more accurate I think is probably the biggest thing when you look at improved quarterback if you can make it says to me and threw NFL or through college you got a strong enough arm and did I mean how many times you see anybody still bowl over 4550 yards and not very often I mean so you when you look at it and you go OK so now what's the next thing it's got to be accuracy and and solvable where you need when you need. You play quarterback in high level rib eye level in the JB era here you know tornado adjust the senate yeah obviously arm strength. Most of them have the arm strength but some don't of the arm strength to fit the ball into the windows they have to you know he's got about and they eat and I don't think you got as much separation. In those days. Traditionally because you had guys who were able to do more things defensively that you might have a little bit more bigger windows but yet you've got to be equity got to be able to fit the ball in the what needs to go I know that's what gruden is always set as well the number one thing a quarterback must do as he must be accurate yeah passing the ball. Yeah a lot of times you see even sometimes when they complete passes. If it's not thrown properly they they could lead the guy could get ten more yards or sometimes they put it like Jose and they put their receiver in danger because that's what behind number or into the oncoming defenseman so even a complete a pass could be thrown better and Joseph Montana today it was talking about the go who's a great mrs. Brady and he made the point that it's so hard to tell now because the game changes. But no we talked about this earlier and of course people talk about this all the time. To mean whoever's the best now as there's a very good chance they're better than whoever the best was ten years ago. Twenty years ago because players get better the game revolves yes and players involved with the game and players typically. Get better not to say they're having guys greats who couldn't play today for the most part. Today's best is better then the best when years ago in my opinion of the people that that played back to the day they could still play the respective sports now I mean it's about Wilt Chamberlain or maybe Jim Brown or somebody but it's few and far between Kazaa the athletes and there's a much bigger and stronger. As for the accuracy issued that's why I can't see Josh shelling going very high in this draft maybe I'm wrong I agree with you strong strong arm. Yeah as strong arm and and that tends to translate what we're here at all all the talking has talked about. These places like you know Chicago or buffalo or places that in the east that have tougher weather conditions need to guy with a stronger arm and those kind of conditions I can understand that. And again I guy who's on Wyoming he's not playing with the best guys but probably not play a best against the best guys either so I can see where you'd want a strong arm guys take a chance on him but actors Jimmy to peek down around 55%. That's got to be a red flag for you yet. And yet here we are with the draft approaching from fans cited a Josh Allen to Brown's rumors becomes louder becoming louder party. From a yard barker Josh Allen warts and all stormed into the top pick picture. I just tells CN token that happened I think we talked about this last yes here we did each seems to make. I almost cyclical. Every two or three weeks. Also he bobs back up to the surface announced it's like two weeks away so it's gonna intensify. Again a lot of that me and I don't the browns are Smart enough but a lot of that is in this direction. You know because they're trying to position everything. And obviously they're trying to get somebody to offer something for one of their top you know number one and number four so that's still out there on the table. So and also with a gigantic number two is the greatest thing they gonna stay there. And take somebody that's not a quarterback. And believing that he lies can be run more than what two more years at the motion. I can see them taking a quarterback at two and I could see them trading down and trying to accumulate picks. If I Wear the browns and I'm not OK okay I would go Josh Rosen one and I would hope that. Sick one Barkley was therefore not snatch him up happily unite I think there's going to be some more trades made. And at the browns if they really do like Josh Allen which. Who knows that they do they could probably trade that number one pick get a bunch fort and still get Josh Allen at number four which may be what they wanted to do anyway I didn't meanwhile Joseph Montana also on an up on our today. Was asked about Jimmy go Rob Lowe and no surprise and in some corners of the Bay Area may be too much is being made in this but Joseph says. Wait and see I think it's. I think it's a little still a little early for myself I mean he's obviously got a lot more success in the games he's played in so far than the other quarterbacks have been there recently so I think there's a lot of excitement in the Bay Area about it. I think this year will be a big tell on it you know they've paid a lot of money form so. And but. I think there's there's some believe there's any peace deal be there for a while. This Joseph Montana's of his opinion on this is an interesting but you know how could he say anything other of what what is those guys that guy no course he's right I think that the people in the organization. Believed in grapple anyway the fact he had so much success when he finally took the field kind of jump that up a couple of notches but I think that was knew that they had the guy and it would still gonna say I mean the guy hasn't played half a season yet with a team. He's he's not one of the greats mom yeah boy the 49ers are they gonna look what the rams and unit to shake their head you out. What I know is that. That makes him a much better team on paper but that also brings in a bunch of guys. Who you're gonna have to deal with these guys and maybe. Maybe McVeigh thinks I can handle anything what 32 years old on top of the world but he's bringing a lot of guys that haven't been easy to deal with the market speeders to leave your dominant news zoom. I don't know about renting cooks as far as not easy to deal with but I don't think that's an ever been an issue you have to find a an offense that's conducive to him and it doesn't seem like the patriots were mean what's the movie that the rock is in now. A Rampage yes you know and I think I'd do is data collected dumbest movie you've ever seen. That no ideologically we're really dumb dumb when I got sick right now all right Knight theater so no I think no it doesn't. Yeah I have I understand your point I'd say no it doesn't look like a move that could have been on Friday night are you guys just don't do whatever better movies chip it just came out of the blue all of a sudden eruption a movie here to thirty a thirty foot cutter something jumping in this helicopter. OK well you know the scene and it's in the previous where he says he looks and there's a wolf that's why that is that's it of course the wolf has wings right that's how I think they're. The forty hours a Koran. Is of course they got down likens it to it's the same day yeah as a rocket Rampage and I've been docket all the time errant golf the best foreign football. Yes delegates in next and you put those corners for whatever problems they bring all their group really good corners and all of a sudden you can't score on him and you can't stop them.