Jimmy G's New Deal 2/8/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, February 8th

Have the 49ers lost their minds?


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Yet that incredible Cleveland win over the timberwolves last night there were forty. Three pointers and NBA record for total three pointers in the game forty the previous record set by the mavericks and warriors. In March when he sixteen the old record was 39 left in line here is one way in which the NBA has just changed radically Carl Anthony towns. Over the past three games at a franchise record. With ten. Consecutive three pointers made at the center right designating ten consecutive threes via these phenomenal yes that's absolutely I that was as unthinkable. Where everybody's headed about it a cream I don't even think there's no even shocked and reporters in his or courier. Course they didn't have it. Oh like it is a moment of thought of it anyway he would never run out there that's not his Diop. You can make that Korea and those guys that peak human league now he'd be good three point shooter on Sany could've made under scene never would've considered. That's my job right we got guys to do an answer to hook shot they can't defend it right we'll take this year to by the way I said the greatest show on TV last night animals with cameras that you receive that Noah had a great show okay. Great show PBS. And what they do use it take I go perot's essentially and they strapped to animals. And oh my goodness it's just amazing. They have footage of animals and then you see in researchers use it's not like it ever will look every. No prizes for science and went right listed they have video of animals running around with the cameras on the I realize it yet and that she does look pretty dopey with the things that can opener and you just. Yeah I corridor with a treading in Cairo auger so. I like the skiers up its. It is a decision wondered yeah you've price wondered out of the seals finally escaped the sharks one would think they realize they do great stuff. How do you keep the baboons from steel and all the squash relish and again you find out where they go when they're not meeting the squash and give them more of that. While can't go any the the the fruits of the palms OK you've ever give you don't actually leave the squash shall in this cheap as they don't have adults around committee learned on that to adolescent yes they care and as we see as you see go pro of the cheetah chasing down the wart hog mystery answer revealed it was rates. While I guess you don't need my binge watching suggestions are all set I'm I'm happy they seek out all worked on as ours and it's just like this is feeling when they've made I don't know but you come. And they put. Really put Oprah's I don't know I don't know how does that go fro the such a wide field. So everything's in focus it's incredible actually it's. Straight technology yeah it is it's great technology immune it's clears. Everything's invoking I don't know now but I just it is likely she is at their guns on Agassi by F stop you know. It is probably not at stopping now. But that's cool I'm glad to announce the launch last great good. Can get through all things like yeah yeah I get it but it was to tell you what's it it was tremendous history like curling you know this is straight. OK I again. Yeah now. I'm I'm that's where I am on drilling program is. Okay it's trendy it's great. Rob I said it's great I there are sixty minutes is like eight yeah. They have sent it and rounds. And you know what it's all 71 rob me having seven hints that ends and is all right millions in yeah ever stones. Again it. I'm with you can always fast toward me to the finals. Yeah like if you're seeing us yet. He had yes we have seen it they are right or what's in those animals in eggs yeah and I is that it's called by the way. Animals with cameras that can be headed to dad and I was I didn't know what it was like come on is it going to be like. You know like gorillas at the zoo in their taking cameras from terrorist then what are you know it's not like that at all because that would be funny to now. Apparently and yeah. This new Jimmy grapple a deal to some forty niner fans great news to others. I would say the minority from whatever and seen so far. It's not necessarily good news like water in the world are they doing given this guy after just what six starts yeah with the 49ers 167 games whatever it is. A record five year deal worth a massive honored 37 and half million dollars yet. And exactly what they're doing now it's I'll guaranteed. And give so you hear an awful lot about the annual value of that contract but. What he really so far based but in this is according to our buddy Matt Mayo go. At NBC sports Bay Area I don't think pretty good. Semi four million dollars guaranteed. Over that same amount of time isn't so drastic. I'm I'm you know I'm I think their fondest wish is that he turns out every bit mountain but the rest is tied to. You know can't bonuses insane isn't such. So there's a risk but the risk is pretty modified actually and and and maybe. And that's a little bit closer to what sounds reasonable for a guy who's played so few games mean they love them or they wouldn't have even been willing to open the possibility of damage money being day yes that's just the nature of it you know the the salaries for the quarterbacks go up and up and up which is good news for guys like. Aaron Rodgers. You know what Aron Rodgers is they're gonna make next year slated to make. I'd renegotiate on 1515. Was born nineteen point eight million next season. And in 2019 just twenty million Tom Brady's base salary next. Year fourteen million Philadelphia. The combined salary for Carson went in the polls. About costly when he eighteen it was it was it was less than ten miss you and yeah I think I think it's I think it's fourteen point one. So again and that's for two quarterback. That's for your first that's for you start of the season starter and then Carson wince whenever he's ready been pretty good. Pretty give them budget do you agree with this from mark Sessler nfl.com he says NFL quarterbacks. In comparison to say even marginal baseball players have long been underpaid. Will dog appears in a marginal baseball players now did they do certainly you know get. Lots and lots and lots and lots more than a marginal player. But superstar to superstar for at least for the last ten years in pretty dramatically underpaid it looks like that's changing. If if Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees or Matt Ryan. Or cousins for that matter. Is the next guy out. You're probably going to thirty million or beyond and at that point there's no argument about being underpaid and I happen. Matt Stafford 27 million annually Derek Carr 25. Million annually but is Jimmy Rob Lowe is he worth it out. And rise guys presents is that a thing yeah isn't it. 49ers five and knowing grapple those starts former second round pick has never lost an NFL start. Most team points per game starting quarterbacks last 25 seasons the guy. Minimum seven starts. Peyton Manning 27 to. Aaron Rodgers 275. Ron Amadon 276. Tom Brady 283 tied at the top with Jimmy go Rob Lowe 28 point three points per game is that at saying no it is absolutely not a thing. Sorry small sample size every guy you mentioned is played years and years and years and years. In grapple has had seven starts I believe total. Won five straight with the 49ers that's great and I don't I think the smartest thing in the world for them when they know what they've got and they like what they've got. It's a lock him up that makes any sense to me. I'm but no I'm not I'm not do no historical trends or big trends or. Point perennially good thing or a quarterback efficiency or passer rating. Not when you've made that few starts when Darren Woodson from ESPN on Jimmy geez deal. Congratulations John Letzing Kyle Shanahan came I absolutely believe. Indigenous grapple what he's gonna listen it would seem brothel when those five games this season in the course of 17 overs career. But what we don't talk about as his locker room presence and we all you hear about in in San Francisco is the guy's a professional. So he's bottle where that patriot way to this locker room except Cisco. I used to have that was something that going your way of course and he hasn't really had any adversity yet. And I'm certainly not wishing any been hoping terrible on Monday saying careers are long and hard. And you've you know you go through ups and downs and he will have adversity and he will get criticized. It comes with the territory. I don't think any of that matters to the niners front office because what they see is a guy who fits what they're trying to do. Still early and ready to come into the prime of his career. They don't wanna go to quarterback certain lesson yes and this is one huge thing that they had to get done and now it is done and now they move forward in this is helps them lay that foundation which is so much of what. Shanahan and specially lynch have been trying to do since he got there that's right and I I think the the unknown is whether they tried. To get him into a short term deal or something after they obtained him. Or whether they never tried it all in just wanted to see him play some games if so. They knew that they were potentially giving the power over to drop low and his agent and that's how played out he played great. The leverage shifted over to them Soviet would you agree that a guy getting a big contract and then all of a sudden. This play falling off that that's something that that it seems to affect baseball players and and basketball players to allow more does football players. When you hear that. Yeah these are too many football players who actually fit that description outside a quarterback you know there just aren't that many guys who suddenly get the massive payday mean. So. I would say that's probably too. In I think it's maybe it's most notable in in basketball or most noticeable. We tend to really notice when a guy got a huge contract demand isn't great. Because there's five men out there and an even timing you can see if you guys underperformed GM had anywhere near.