Jim Kozimor Interview, NBC Sports Bay Area 9/14/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, September 14th
Koz and the Guys talked a little A's baseball and the weekend ahead in the NFL.

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Now you know that our next guest is a very accomplished broadcaster NBC sports Bay Area superstar did you know that he's also. An accomplished baseball hitter. He was taking batting practice this week at the coliseum and no less of an expert then they'll ask he compared him to. Rod to root from the left side wow and Ryan Sandburg. From the right side lot shouldn't it feel we are crushing it with how. 2004 how are you sir. Warning track power of the warning track our fabulous name. Anyone's get a computer UT career do just taking it and walk it off to that's it back. At that that was my hero grown up on Bob Watson rod route and I thought at they. Was bit I'm trying to think of the year wouldn't George Brett they were going down the wire you might have the best chance they hit 100. It would get great eagle good swing at it and I love the way career you hit a lot of great great compliment I will it is not when your net. My entire time indicate we got to look at it as is the like got a couple of balls outside the infield and that's about my hitting crawl right there. Sure I agree kidney trust I mean with their speed I mean he had like that you're gonna hit 300 at this level. Absolutely look at the were taken batting practice that in a little daunting when he said on their plate. I don't know I've looked like in the country mile. That you could I could get it over the past if I had like it'd picked up where we're headed yeah. It's an apartment did it again. Who are you facing. Oh painting a I did were wounded eight pictures call eight indeed. Gilbert device that is that the deal. Oh OK okay. Not you know isn't that the machines goes to pitch a couple of gains for the a's this week. Yet I believe that they I think they're building game until the weekend. How tough the and for the eighth Circuit Court merchant. Starter yes and listen not kidding aside we we are always appreciated when you join us but especially today on here. Unless I'm mistaken your your anniversary. With my lovely bright and brought bill together we have been Mary for sixteen years with nick can't believe. And I I would not miss the opportunity because I've met my lovely wife in Sacramento we had our three children in Sacramento and so it you're reluctantly or. So thank you very much facility out. All things up your risk goes yeah didn't. Now oh how about that bears game Sunday night. Like it it's pretty much what the bear the bear repaired and the brown brown. Yeah that was a real heartbreaker because that was actually a gap of a lifelong friend of mine who is very long time packer fans. And so that we that is out. You could see it the way it was playing out look at look at Adam thing you know if you order right fit into a movie. It is it wouldn't be believe Michael Kyle Fuller had the ball thrown directly who has yet. Tonight was adamant that that what happens in a screenplay. Where of the injured quarterback is under bring them back and wrote here that you look the guy dropped it. And I said that the indicate you're gonna come back it lands and that's exactly what they look brutal under the brutal brutal day thank you for. It's okay 'cause because you gotta bounce back come in move at home this we awhile Monday night you got a good money I gotta tell you 'cause. You remember our old buddy Danny Green. Danny Green when someone dropped a pass I mean that was just so offensive Demi take you can't drop a football it's an American and I still all the I don't know how on the O Kyle filler I'm sure the rest of his life Kyle Fuller will not know how in the world to drop that pass a great error was bright there. Well there might be just drop it. We need interceptions last year but we got until they have aren't you won't ever won a game that's a great way to do it. Eight this is painful but I have to go through again now they get and I'm not good by the way I'm not so certainly gonna win Morton they serving in that film. So what do you have there. Let me ask you this because he bind stock in the niners I'm. Simply because they had a good loss. No I'm not in fact I I got there because in the priests even cried I saw a really good quarterback. And a bunch of guys that were okay. And then in the regular is that when they were for real I mean I thought kind of an okay quarterback a guy or below it. I thought I got some production from the defense is quite early in the game but that eventually went away and I am not buying and the 49ers right now back. I've probably may be taking down my total of victory for the team I don't know why I pick one game and wait a mark on it. Well because it was quite triple B I was much more disappointed by the 49ers. And I think a lot of other people or. While we are of course crushing that with echoes here yeah all on his anniversary yes yes speaking a one game what do you think in the lions is there anyway there can they can be as bad as they look like they were on Monday night. Put it there that he that I feel worked the horse not there. It would either Detroit lie down we've referred to the mad and they certainly did that on Monday night with a chance with a new head coach is coming America. You know put things in the right direction remember I believe they were over 500 last year now that would have been called off the better over 500 seem. It kept Jim Bob Hoover drop as the coordinator we have bumping often wasn't going to be the problem that's gonna give you the big. Boring that the infant needed to get shored up you know neither worked for them on the Monday night game and you've got a short week and you've got to travel three time zones. I'm telling you that is that is what is I'm not excited about the 49 or. I'm really down on the line with that yet that you separate is like. And it quarterback. They're going to be out of the plant have been riot that audio lost. Notable because I guess he did because pressures I assume that after Stafford as the efforts last week maybe you Wear. You were your own one is that right in Tennessee for a. Well you know I I have run out you have a lot of guys all wanted to know who cannot out of all the mastermind of my other spot. What club and I'll let you back where the quarterback. Don't Watson. And I'm bashing him because they give don't know what to expect early in the season. Don't wait to see when I should move in maker that like if shall want somebody going to be exciting. Yeah but I don't blame entry he beats Justine need to see him a couple of games C regional cable may have a tough assignment this weekend maybe I learn something. How the well let me ask this another way deep do you. Agree with the news that the idea they gruden is that as artists would be essentially signed a wave this season. As a total loss and is trying to write off the roster and just journal thing over. I did in the beginning cries in the main reason it they were very open and saying we want to bring a championship all quibble or we eat. So when you feel that that you are accurate and they are well let me see what's going on here you clearly can see that maybe you've you've. Signed off on the next year or who harbor one you're gonna be at all. But the nickel back inside mark David Bryant and bring another offensive weapon because we often well it was an issue the other day. I'm kind of on offense I don't think he's written off I don't think you want to be completely embarrassed that the being away from the game for ten years and coming back and have people question. It ability to come back in and perform at a high level I don't think he's the kind of guy who want to start off getting across ripple is of Paula I'm really on the but on week one with an interesting look at the raiders. For pat if we were doing your show at half on the first set up. Of the game between the raiders and ram. I think a lot of it would have been in an up and applauding. And they want to get him for real and group has a lot it look at that first drive of it is went right down the field you and I thought we have helped author. Second app with the buckle they could not get anything done and a lot of it had to do what number four. I think maybe the biggest thing I'm an oval Ottawa fort leapt gruden and more about their car. And how you've been able to bounce back at the altitude. I did a pretty good front goes beep of the liberal below normal around a little bit last week at you a bigger car this. Right do you think it's fair to wonder whether Derek Karr is. Quite the same since he well one year he broke his leg and exterior is back as you'll gun shy back there's not seen things as well as he used to be for these injuries. I think it ordinarily they're waiting for quite in that. Because you thought all the stars were aligning for him to have the break out year. You thought he had the opposite genius back he was gonna write this ship you have got to put him in a position to do the things he does that. Let him go back to being the when he is in their car the gunslinger and get an opportunity with what they're. Well he had one weapon. And that was Eric caught in the ad one check down guy and Sergio and Rashard and other than that everyone else would get invisible. And when Derek Karr would drop back as the game progressed you regret. And I think that they're in question what went so Whiting that I think that the raiders are really looking closely at their car. Is there authority that they ate it and let about the year it would Oakland. I think they seriously start to think about the signal caller and it brought Brett whether or not mean eventually gonna have or visit of several U. In the they get. There and yeah senator to vote yes there are seven other what are going to be part of the I would surprise me don't and it's weird it at times sometimes what gruden says will jar you but it did you realize young stone cool shaded his guy. It's clearly. And Altria would have covered or for a long time there was a time when what. Jon Gruden said. About Julio back. They had and in fact the we weren't that good of defense went on or or what he may be said about the quarterback. I we had guys open we just got to get on the ball there was a time when he wouldn't let go comment and we would've blinked and I. But chip away at coach's box. But at the game being so much because aptly are so sensitive that when a code says something like that which was perfectly okay ten years ago. Now that it here in all the civil and all the parties the united I beat people up on the or is all that had a slam and I'm. I think we got a little cape of floppy. I want us. Well 'cause I don't know do you think the raiders have as many fans in Vegas is. They had at Sam Boyd this stadium and we did the rather Las Vegas look goes against an amount alliance. Good collective you know. I'm I'm not so certain logos don't still have the right in the air sorties within put up that new stadium. I'm not so puritan so certain that over black community it would be a part of environment we know what we know how hard it is that should play in wind. A let's just take you very much Sarah have a race we go again and again happy university university Dudley. Yet there's so very heavy on think he's the most trapped in an and we really truly or are paralyzed. Is that it back a little on what the outlook these guys have a great weekend. Ever want you to slot him didn't it manga with the town.