Jerry Jones should stop comparing his QB to others 9/11/18

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Tuesday, September 11th
Which QBs have a lot to prove this year?

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Couple of quarterbacks and have a lot to prove this year attack press god and Derek Carr of the raiders who threw. Three interceptions last night their car on know why had to die hard Tommy as the rams. Honestly I think a lot of us first and stuff you a lot of guys aren't they actually get to play a full game. You know we cannot take the human part of the things sometimes two guys get fired up and you know and you ready to go in most constant. You know but besides that I mean this week once stuff. That's never acceptable. And I know about I don't know how we coach I don't know how we demanded as leaders just never acceptable. Blacks at the same time those things you'll see. And now we have film of our offense actually didn't play against one of the best defense is in the league and we can take it and get better for him. Meanwhile Matt Stafford lines probably looks at the cars line insist wish I only had three interceptions opponent isn't looking pretty good which only adds reader not a bad kid Matt Stafford of the lines taken responsibility for the loss to the jets. On affluent started obviously squandered a very joking matter and a great player Kara crowd into it. You know and then. Story begins turnovers you know we had too many of my had too many young. Can't do that sort team. Come until those guys in there you know I'll take this one you know renowned. Open aggressive again no one knew it all push myself certainly can make sure don't have to. So prepared coming again just. You know the nation of good decisions or organ thrust. Bidding Tuesday. We got to Jerry Jones radio show on their radio station in a Dallas police Sports Radio stations and yes they're still around it. From a go figure yeah. Yes Terry Jones. Did not want to make a Lotta Lotta negative remarks about the cowboys offensive performance. He wanted to talk about the up positives. And you know deck press Scott is trying to prove. The cowboys studies were the big contract this year he threw for a 170 yards. That's the seventh time in the cowboys last nine games that he failed to top the 200 yard mark on him but faxes faxes through. But Jerry Jones Swiss won a happy tune. He says I think we have a dimension and Jack with him being able to run the ball you saw what Cam Newton does with that. Norv Turner who can be as traditional play callers you can ever imagine was doing a great job of using can. We've got a quarterback that is somewhere between Jared go off and Cam Newton really he can do some of what both of those guys do. You're going to see it said Jerry Jones has they'll flip it. Chair de facto offensive coordinator Jerry. I'm itchy in other words if he's hinting that deck press got you surround more that they need to get him on the run more that's what's gonna happen. In the book it moon you can book it. Jerry Jonas. Backing and act press god and the wide receivers today after a Jason Gere give a vote of confidence to Scott winning on the offensive coordinator yeah. Up to and including affected in one press. He wanted Paxton lynch and after he didn't get Paxson lynch. He was on record is Sany Lawson sleep over that bright he said always overpaid for everything I got to value not you know paid for that the didn't work out. How about this. This is three years ago and Jerry Jones said it was in September 2 is it just about three years ago almost exactly he said. You won't see a more gifted pass her. Remember we was talking about. Was a brand and we knew there was in fact Brandon wheat and you won't see a more gifted it past the. How might see it more gifted passer. Amid all around there's a good chance you gonna see a more gifted passer so he's definitely he's he's are rallying around that press got the guy didn't want. I'm and he wants him to be you know a term to fulfill everybody's. Dream expectations weren't the sounds to me like OK he watched of course the cowboys game he watched some of the rams game last night so who's we have. Yeah top of mine eyes like Deere guy often can't name it finishing observation on Norv Turner by the way and actually that's true. North turner is in a lot of ways I don't know of traditional threat way to put it but he's been in the legal long long time. And I did some good things for the cowboys northeastern did and a lot of people thought when he went to Carolina. A lot of people thought well he's gonna rain in camp you know part of what he's gonna do his work with cam. On not you know not breaking item the pocket not in LA and and sort of stint in the more. And without a doubt in part of the reason they won the other day is that he let him get down and use his ability. Two run. And so you know that there's got to be part of serious event at the same seat if you know if Norv Turner can do that. Then we can think outside the box adapt if I'm Jack and I'm not the fun back I'm thinking I'm not saying it publicly around Lincoln. Can you give me somebody death row to. Mean Jason Witten was one of his favorite targets he retires. So Dax unhappy he doesn't have one of his favorite targets and it's football fans weren't happy because Jason witnessed terrible it's a lose lose kidding. That's not that was supposed to go at all at the very least Jason which would be great oh my goodness on Monday night may eventually he will be but he's not yet possess a guy who could play football still yeah that's a guy you absolutely if he wanted to play again. His jobs is waiting for him with the cowboys. So he's gonna go do this he needs to be great and that's really. And I you know. It doesn't matter that much but that was what I was reading yesterday on and I think it was the athletic as Richard dutchess piece that he was saying. The EST I never thought that they never thought Jason wood would be great today they always thought that he'll be great over the next several years and so they wanted him in the Booth. He just sounds to me like he doesn't really like too lenient at least not yet doesn't come naturally yeah. Makes me uncomfortable. Cold Beasley he's carved out a heck of a career from self but he should not be your leading receiver which he was. 783 yards. Against Carolina. Six other receivers failed the top thirty yards for the cowboys. So. You know look at Jerry golf what do the rams do one of the things they did did help him get more comfortable more productive as a game some weapons in her so if you want that to be more like Jared golf may be given some receivers like your golf has. I eat edit it in less they think did you know a chance Williams a tip on Austin's about have a huge breakout that they just don't don't have a guy. And Witten was that guy so reliably didn't matter what he called him. You know what. Didn't matter we call them in the line up what position he he plays like camera casting it didn't matter. Because he was still your primary guy and almost every so my chair poll that triggered death is still out there he's out there waiting. He's a big target is it is physical are only half kidding right rob would rather see. This carefully site Lifesavers for and the Menendez Ryan C that's how desperate things have become. And there are guys by the way in teams are flying. Players in from all over. This week trying to figure out their futures and you know swapping out parts in and Paxson lynch I believe flighty was in with the Eagles either today or yesterday. Patriots agreed to terms with a couple wide receivers scoring Coleman and Bennie Fowler and Corey comb Corey Coleman won his third team since camp started. Right you know Belichick has likened the guy play. As we need guys can do this can he do this all right let's get them. When I actually think with the with the patriots it's almost closer to which it's just say. Sign him and we'll cut him in a week of these terrible on teams do that all the time like the will give it a world Kenny Britt Jordan Matthews Malcolm Mitchell and Eric Decker. Those are all guys that the patriots. Released her training camp and how. Maybe this is what they do write it pretty good bloodless you know they'll do it again I mean in the meantime they're making it you know. Make it a go of it with you know Chris OK and so they're open to the possibility that Cora Coleman. Third team since camps tarnoff started and I don't like how that's going great shoe collection now. No question pass stick shoe collection. So Dax got a lot from this year's noticed Eric Carr.