Jason Jones Interview, Sac Bee Kings Insider 2/9/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, February 9th

Jason and the Guys talked about today's press conference and how hopeful the Kings were to getting a first round pick for Hill


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Not. You're goes probably honest agent sounding off last thing you've got the kings on the last drive he does. Mario's Olympia free agent the young big man says. Never got a chance by the kings. Sided double double every time he played in the hours every time he got recalled. And boy it just sounds Clinton. There. Very unfair situation. York according to date with the kings. Unfortunately in the draft pick a team you are kids all sorts goes into it very disorganized franchise. And I think that everyone in the NBA shock. By now heavy legs he was out on sorry shocked by the decision made by the kings yeah you my dad I read that wrong mystery that you know I'm sorry that ran ahead of myself there. At any rate it's one more proof that something is wrong with the kings. Yes I have meaning or Chris thank you so much bird the opportunity. Yet now. No. Can't compare and contrast of Isiah thomas'. A practice practically had two K that he flew through to Cleveland after getting shipped out the lakers thank you so much for the opportunity treasured written. Okay Deborah ways to play these things. You're gonna starting has options on both sides of the Atlantic we will take the best decision he will go on a situation where he will be wanted in there will be a plan for him. The kings have made a mistake and it will be proven down the road and I am pre I imagine. I appreciate that him pointing out that he had a double double every time he played for Reno agents gonna agent that's what he's supposed to do metal understand that like like. He has made huge mistakes you'll see it so I well. And you know yet if you have opportunities on both sides of the what in the Atlantic congratulations by all means pursue dad the other thing for pop and John listen I'm not being sarcastic. He did in the end because the kings guaranteed next year for him already. He's going to earn out a full rookie contract I know that's why I say he should eat they should be thanking the kings for the opportunity and work out. We would have liked to have more time there but thanks for the opportunity sure you'll need to look for a fresh start but don't you know. Anyway I don't think Euro hoops dot net is that familiar with the geography around here. He had a double double every time he played in the geely he had to travel for two and a half hour every time he was assigned to rhino. Yes I mean there could have been a little transcription issue there I'm assuming. That he said it correctly I think he probably did anyway that's right it's just the way it goes so I can't witnesses them mostly talked up popped on us in. Easily a year. What is in the last 24 hours we might have to talk about him a little more here is nice not to join us Sacramento bee kings beat writer of the one and only Jason Jones. Have you recovered from a busy day yesterday Jason. No not really had to get a good rep opera that I Bobby that yet you know. Twelve minutes love what was there when nothing happened I watched it well there was nothing there. I mean back there have been all of that I know you know wanna be will be saying McCain. Okay yeah you got the money ethic around Arctic a couple of dot lawyer Robert Guerrero walked over here now. On the out list of reasons why the kings made these moves how high. This cap space going into the summer rank. Forty even though I don't think they're in the position we're gonna go out there make some major move with the money in other and I letter. Bear partner with the Laker fan I'll wait days. Was one of Robert Baer sensible blob a mistake it it's as big give them more in their search apps but it's really low they'll be. Sure they're banking on. Essentially Garrett Temple opting out in China you know it also creates more space. But it's that are which are sacred here because you know eight million dollars here either cursor. All right well there are uncertain market. They were survive yeah and maturity debt went up there about what year sentence in that. I don't think in verify this but a lot of minded a couple of years ago would that bother about it and they've border want to say. Yeah so so Jason are you also would that apply to Shumpert is well would use assume he ops and. Burning it often needed very. Mean maybe cratered what what eleven billion dollars even as no. Do you have backed up for air Sacramento. And the critic he does you know it's still trader you know there will be inspiring it was Soviet traders. Another no bounds but I believe they have the well wait stretched out looked for Hansbrough. Out is there any wage Albert walk on one million dollars. Jason just on the be nice stuff to join us poverty on us is agent saying other kings made a big mistake it will be proven what finally do you think convince the kings to move on from your gross. Are you don't know I mean it's. It's weird you. They you know it's not like it's been you know what they bat and ball against the season and I think part of that is you know was the fact that. I know they they. Are you look for trade partner that you work negated the order of what are some of the armored columns are in a great player about upon. Like maybe eighty. You put it stuck on the court would have done ability down. But. 48 in there are really no place in the belief and you know there are however is necessary on me here of their big within days McCain made a mistake. And they are prepared again perhaps in the actually he was eighteen when they drafted one rapidly you know we overstate furcal would be right now you know. You know I did I didn't understand the need to bring their mobile are aware at the market co Ed well. Start you know in the accorsi I mean I don't think you know. Yeah it's an NBA player but they're there in the it's fair cliff side to change the brain of someone old quote will not ready the way and I think if you watch them play at all you don't even when you saw him. He wouldn't be great for at least over your four year as you know you knew that so why don't smoke. So that was kind of the weird thing in the. Chasing you know that organization really well I just wonder. Given that I think a lot of us from the outside looking in are kind of wondering. About that live in particular especially after the guaranteed is thirty or already. Is it possible that slot a had to be talked into that or was talked into that or. You know that maybe Brian Williams or someone actually made that decision not applauding. The pair are I mean no secret as so blockade. We're also no secret that a lot of people around now work very I mean. The coaching staff did remember the interpreter at all. I'm in the regular normal part. Wait and you know even on my let's say that he would play. They built it up for in the game but even in the game it's played recently it was a struggle I mean. Encourage yet warmer so you know they're regulated for divorcing network Mardy connects into the he'll love it or read a sudden one. Hoping for rebel. But they're here they're the same applies. Mary you know you know. Take all of these fair and turning it back for the ball. Thank you very hey what are you doing. And it's airlock out on the court the other lawyer's job. Schilling worked so. Mean were executed that age or level experience. Needs to be quiet. It is that need to be sitting around watching somebody in there about favor. You know now they get support for a million dollar and exceed regardless Bo maybe you go back overseer. So you know threatening note was a horror of the rare maybe so but yet supported yet where Iwuh. Hailed for board member of certain secret level cult group. You're prepared battle maybe your thought how well maybe. There are three year the cotton ball out of well local surfer. We hear him you know they're carefully you know saying vote on the verge you have. You know there are people have their favorite. The they like or art where he played. There are no way this you know you can put that one that put him on the floor. Who wins an epic let's say they go full court. One on one battle your goes against symbol -- realize adjacent. Art art. Oh. Well at York goes into more in the border you know you. Way more. Oh Apatow. I did it remind them that they are saying yeah. Yeah. Its release. It would pop up at. You are better integrated yeah well but he you know it's NBA players some who are not yet layering earlier this summer league player. That was here are irrelevant variances in. And Jason on UI and a U tweeting out a brand winds quote today about really don't point of this whole thing which is to open up. These last 3035 games to kids I'm outside of deer fox which I guess is obvious which of the other kings players is likely to benefit the most from that. Troops from the organization just openly espousing them fauci of the kids playing. Whatever are bracing itself figured out you know right now aren't early grove or gardening you've built your triple bogey and a lot. What he'd get back beg your parents and no debt guarantee that it. I think you know he remained guy. All of ordered. All oh as a mid air back there and was already flying. They got a bigger it would Al it back. But I mean at what like outside. Or sort of the mentions that. And Gallup fighter and a I'll. So what else it's saying it's too much it'll Barack Obama would because. We're the only guy who benefit are you know are Bedard and the support dart there. Or applying the point guard. You know Bard got on the flying buddies playing jobs that that's why don't die are we bidding. Aren't losing Bogart Lou and Mort our church say he has now are so. Jason before with a two ago what's your best guess at this point it if you have one on where. Do Johnson ends up. All of a good one on me that occur until we know grab a spot open Andre and I eagerly feeding him. Senator rail balance street go stay. You know upgrade at the it have the option you know it's an atmosphere that all goes by. There are Munich brittle they don't want. You know you know I mean. In you don't need you know more anybody ought there are now you're in fact I'm happy anyway with a double. You got I think our respect you know old beard for rock. So our little mark. It regards. The play maker everyone go their belt and saying like that off there on the court make the right there's. So I mean you know or they'll be cute about it but like you know. Jason thanks very much street time we appreciated agree king discovered Sacramento bee sacked B dot com the one only. Jason Jones enjoy the game tonight Jason thanks Dan and arrested him there. Are nights he take it easy that's him who are simple I'm pretty jacked amounted caddick home slightly a semi let's see in August TB broke up a big brawl and a Chinese league game good friends still play and yeah I mean 75359. He says stuff fighting on this stuff by he should be able to break up the brawl.