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The Rise Guys
Thursday, January 11th

James and the Guys talked about the areas the Kings need to improve on the most and if George Hill will be back for tonight's game.


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Kings taken on the clippers tonight kings trying to slow down sweet Lou Williams who threw in fifty unfortunately. Yes some tough injury news for the teams. And one of rookies who played well this year. For the latest on that we go to the NBC sports Bay Area king's inside the warily james' hand how are today James. It hey James thanks for your time what can you tell us about frank Mason's injury situation. Yeah the Akron beacon is going to be out and squeaks it on the Gator bench. 31 number. But he got a little partial hater of the planet Asia in his right foot. We thought it was a he'll issue which I mean it is he'll issue. But they just thought it was a group. He was square on treatment they went in for an MRI. Probably today. And figured out there was something a little bit more. It's not a huge and Jerry but it won and it cost month. And James a country would have said he's obviously non surgical right they don't even need to go inning clean it up they just won't let it. He'll. Yet yet and put it the treatment that they've been doing. Take it in batter is going to be the treatment that it would dot anyway that they were not sent to injure it again. It's a little bit like Fox's injury where. The I assume the healing process slowed down each ship achieved something else was going on there and so they just went back and I'd figured out but and that the process was already under way that recovery was our yet way she ducked killing a lot better talk to a couple of tough week. That treatment it is great. Tendency to supply lots of different things that he even knows this. And he is letting them run roughshod over body every and a few of them do it though. Yeah if it step back for prompting a rookie. That is such a painful injury especially you know for any of us than your basketball player there's just you can't play through it James and and ask you question then and asking you I'm not. Presuming there isn't an answer. But you know Malick I Richardson and all of a sudden he'd been starting and then back to Reno he goes so I think some people are little confused by that. What what is the thinking there it's it is it have something to do with. Making sure the young players know that you you're not entitled to anything. I think that's a little bit of Akron to believe that they've been dignity and an opera and he. And it very quickly saw that he wasn't quite ready. And so what you're gonna you're most likely doesn't it just in Jack. That same opportunity. And hit outright outlet and discipline. And so this is kind of related to go and in an opportunity. Burgundy for local homes look familiar sound card you're gonna start. But the one thing that I've noticed from is he works out. Like crazy. Being eaten better get on court I see intriguing hundreds and hundreds of corners. After practice every day that worked on it but get him in the game. And keeps packing up wide open looks and making don't want that they wanted to go you know political. Should approach shot for the court come back and be ready to go out and won one and number call. They guard their rotations are of course have been changing on practically constantly. And James we've talked about George chills situation before I don't wanna go too deep into it other than to say. He's got personal things going on that it caused him to be away from the team it's not his fault it's a really bad situation but with that all said. How much have it does it wreak on any plan win George still hasn't been really available to them. Comment on sort of regular dependable basis. You know I I think I mean again we can the first few incidents where debt for George and elated that should. Actually you know gave birth to a child so he's equipment can. There are legitimate issue. I'm but I. When he signed George Hill. He didn't hate to respect and so looking to him he didn't typically plays and the nuclear struggled with injuries over here. Coach if they quickly now allowed to seeking mark. And I think the king commute getting into it like. Book you want and fox you know four and there's got to be times where we need him to try and show and be that guy and I think it's actually at the hate to have him out for somebody because if not they might rested. Because they wanna see different look with fox and put it in different positions that they don't that the key to figure things out. So I think it's a bit of a strange situation or just keep popping personally you. The same time and they're legitimate. I don't want to harp on too much you have an she goes. And working out here for a lot forking is who our church sell and take ownership of the team. And that's really want England out of this course. Slash free agent signing. So with DR fox playing better James in what areas are they kings looking to see. More improvement from him. Will clearly be important you all that are working really hard act. I'm looking at practice tee it is three point percentage jump like 4%. Over a two game stretch is up over 32% right now three that's big because she can keep people on it. And I have about caught them. That he can you do tremendous speed. But I think overall what you need from him is the aggressiveness that he shouted or coming back. You really took a mental break and he try to figure out how he could help this team. And now or restart and using eat what you should all time. But he he's you know open for the quarter. The first two games back to you eight free throws in bowl games which can be huge improvement. Any accept we Europe free throw attempts and once wrote and so indeed get better at that as well drawn charges. But I think this is just the natural progression and if you look at where. My content to let other sea or air Fox's as he foxes actually considerably and it. And there's potential for him to take another big step and the the last four games this season while. But James is but Don Mitch starters should he be a starter under what circumstances is he a starter vs guy come off the bench. I think. I think narcotic they're wrestler and I think he is starter in the level I think he would start on NBA. His natural position at issue dark spot. And speaking need to steal it from him the small forward position. Which hurt him because he's playing against bigger players play stronger players and any time at the same players. There and and I am long term I think he's a perfect complementary piece to go with here fox and seeking relief. And I starting backcourt for a long term. But he'll fit into that bank is well but. The things that that boat docked in view our guest next level intelligence. That. You know everything about him that on the court just says an important part Popovich looks so hot this week. And expert on government that should tell you to know about what his features glee. For insider king's coverage NBC sports Bay Area dot com and act accorsi runner. Pre and post game as well the kings and Saturn team Sam James thanks we appreciate injury weekend and we'll talk decent. They security. Now you seem to a bit taken aback by his response here George Hill query. Well I don't know I mean I I guess I understand what James was he insane. Then he'll being on opens up minutes for guys he'd like to see play anyway but the kings acquired George shall play. And it's not I'm I'm not harping on him I'm saying through forty games he's played 33 and James would say. Based on his history that's actually at an average but he hasn't been heard he's just been gone. It's an unusual situation and when he was expected to be your starting guard who. Would then force someone to take minutes from him that hasn't really play now. So the kings have the LA clippers tonight they display the LA lakers and of course the only lakers are still dealing with the fall out of a bar Lavar balls comments army regarding. Luke Walton. Which do you think is most significant here when it comes to how Luke Walton is coaching the comments of Lavar ball. The comments of Rick Carlisle. The comments of Steve Kerr. Or the comments of a guy who is the agent for Julius Randall B Angela Russell and Paul George I would like to know the agent saying okay his name is Erin mints he works for De'Angelo Russell. Julius Randall former guard Jewish recourse current Laker forward and Paul George rubio freeagent. And Mintz says I've been really impressed with the job Luke's done. He's really connected with my guys and created a culture where I feel these guys are being developed really well as young players in the NBA. Any NBA coaching job is difficult. Each has its own unique set of challenges. I feel Luke and his staff have been doing an excellent job from what I've seen representing. Julia Cindy Angelo I think Luke is doing an incredible job and is definitely the right guy for this team and quote. Significant to lakers sit that's why it matters you know we. It management agent thinks I don't mean that his words are no I don't really clear speaker says but because he's an agent that's where the rubber face the road got sick and disgusted that's right. If a guy if the guy who reps players yeah says net even if he had offered something more qualified like well hey he's young coach in these things aren't easy. That would be more of the signal hey maybe there are some problems there when he. Gives an unvarnished. Right essentially seal of approval. To a second year head coach I think he's sending out a message that other players probably already effort I don't know if you heard van Gundy talked about this last night but then Gundy said he really had a problem with the fact that. Lawns those. Pro wall comments were stronger Ernie said I know it's difficult cut his debts is one thing and you don't wanna go against is bad but. He really needed this this stand by scuttle stronger there I ask you lamented I agree totally and it's not the first time this year that loans has done something weird. Like not join a team you know in a minute NM a little skirmish crumble. An and you can either say gosh he just needs to learn or you could say ha there's a basic disconnect there. Between Alonso and what a pro would do right that's a gap they're gonna have to fill.