James Ham Interview, NBC Sports Bay Area Kings Insider 5/9/18

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Wednesday, May 9th

Will he be working more closely with the Stockton Kings than the Sacramento Kings?


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Warriors and rockets. Except until Obama. It is a basketball fan next Tuesday W Oman NBA draft lottery hey you're not looking through June. You are not looking forward to it's great TV. To the king sending not forgot already I'm not sure they may be sending our next guest nice them to join his NBC sports Bay Area. Dot com kings insider James and James are you the one the kings are sending to the lottery. They edit any kind of my birthday. Laguna. Color out there and the errant rock. That's right now I'll share syndicated says the experienced veteran whose birthday it is a great making. There is not only my birthday but my wife and I share the same birthday. I could've gone particularly could've really done a nice cooler and you know. That's a. Sure could've. Course you still could take her somewhere nice it is a birthday after all you know. Yeah or they're gonna get over things aren't right right. Now that's a I'm sorry. Well at the end I think he. Yeah James Sam rankings insider when this page of that king's new assistant general manager. Now they already have one or two so what does this exactly mean James. You know I mean you really doesn't mean that much except for a promotion for it in Haiti and it title or for Peja. He's still going to be in charge of player development in over. Brandon Williams is its remaining on as. Is King Abdullah Brandel handle most of the administrative staff it'll. So do a lot of this scouting. That it wanted to and thinking of that or they're on track and salary cap guys so it is adding a third. A third assistant GM which is interesting but I don't think it really got much ground and. So James are you saying that and I sort of be sure I understand the division of labor Peja really would be first among equals in. Talent evaluation and development. Non hill he's going to be player development and any overseas. That's Stockton came. I got that out sooner who handles the talent evaluation. What talent evaluation is gonna be all three of them as well as latte and are scouting group. So they'll be looking and you know all of those things as a as a group but sort of the way that they break things out that the way that. They kind of always how have broken them up with Asia during a lot of the player development up and working with the young guys and you know they bail out the roles than they're not changing those rules very differently I don't a lot of people are confused by the would have read. Assistant GM but. And on it he used to be Geoff Petrie as the president about op with Wayne Cooper and as a GM and then Mike Petri. And actually the door people assistant GMs. So really the same amount of people just different job titles. So I don't make a lot of it is just for Asia he's now with the franchise for three years and giving them up open title. James samba this NBC sports Bay Area kings insider what if anything here can you tell us James about. Which way the kings may be linked think a leaning what they may be thinking about the upcoming draft. Well you know they're really excited about the draft but they have to wait until Tuesday and see where a lottery put them. If there are seven or eight I think if they're gonna try to address. And the their biggest need which is the small forward position. Flash that stretch or position. And then if they move up in the draft and of course you're you're really shattering in our best player available and you hope that that coincides with your biggest need. There's a kind of an increasingly destructive are you working itself out there's a top order guys that are kind of floating around that you love future. You know but it's reap big. And then Lucas don't bitch. From overseas so making good luck to crack that top four. But if they stay order there's a good chance that a player like Obama Michael Orr junior all of them. And I think that's really what they're hoping that. You know one of those top players slides down to them somehow. And you know I think there and a decent position it looked to move up but you know that's. It's very unlikely I guess they're only like an 18% chance at the top three glasses out without. They change pretty young team will very young roster but but a lot of those guys did play. Significant minutes so how many of them would be going on in plain summer league. You know I think for sure we're gonna see frank may when we're thinking he'd. Diet like Jess Jackson probably pleasant summer league we're gonna see. The big guy. Mold when ninety gal. Play a little bit and summer league but also Terry Giles comic is the earned and it looks like peeking through our together parliament. Before you seen some early session. We don't have all the specifics on it yet they can demand and a hush hush. But it looks like Phoenix and Golden State and Miami. Might come out and and do like a little weekend turn it right before. The main family construction in Las Vegas. And get to see our first sighting of leader Terry Giles is everything goes right but Laporte sure they take in the draft they they're not only have. You know that 78 pick but they also. An early second round pick as well that they may use. And bring with them this summer league. I think that's great news I think summer league I've been a summer league fan for years and years I was so happy to see it really blossom last year. And it's a really a fun chance to see guys like Terry Giles and as you say who knows who will find out after the draft any idea James. What we should expect in terms of the kings in and free agency this summer is a really too early for that. You know it's really early for that line. It really does depend on other draft you know you're gonna have to we seemed so June 21 one nation what holes they controlled there. And then you've got to wait and see what happens was go to Coopers and Garrett Temple I think in March copper ore now conclusion that opt into the contract. By picking out. Over forty million dollars and cap space after they signed their their first round cake and they should be acted in a market. It's not a great free agent market but there are some really nice young restricted free agents. Are willing. The match big time heals. And making thought about some flexibility you know they do you have a guy like Shumpert. That if they needed extra money they can always buy out his contract and end stretch provision them yet another. You know seven million dollars eight million dollar cap space. If they needed to go make a Mac steel this somebody but we'll just have to wait and see chances are they'll be a little conservative this year because next summer. He should have upwards of seventy million dollar should spend in free agency and not a much better idea what they're young players are well. Yeah absolutely James and I am a little out out of the field but just because you know cousins so well and you follow his torso closely. Do you have any thoughts on what the pelicans might wind up doing with cousins or or even an opinion as to what they should do with him I realize there's a risk. But they've got to figure out. What they're gonna offer and pretty soon. Yeah I was very surprised the way that if they dated sidestepped the question last night or did. Their loss I I was really surprised I thought that. Other gentry did his best to skirted and and yeah you know he's a great player like to have them back but to have Anthony Davis sidestep it. Fumbled contraband Rondo and that was interesting. The other thing happened really really interesting is they cut it hasn't come to see that you decided to move to Las Vegas. He's working out in it and rehabbing him they get we. We see the video pop up on and on Twitter all the time that I am working out. I would have thought for guidance ever got to go to the playoffs that he would have been exporting its Kindle fire and I just find it just slightly strange. But hasn't with a different guy and I think they've got some really nice team unity that we saw throughout the last. You know month of the season where they picked figured out how to play without cousins. I I kind of neat to be honest with you I would be surprised if he's back there next year I think out. Some really big means that there leaning. They keep using young point guard incentive you know they don't decide to return. Rondo so. I would be surprised. In New Orleans and back at opens up so where does she go and that's a really really big question. This is a big manly and major enduring yet on how long. It's gonna be intelligent harper. Yeah and now keep up with the kings and NBC sports Bay Area dot com in the king's insider team Sam thanks James have a birthday we appreciate it we'll talk to suit. Thanks James did you get him some yet I'm not yet but I know that I have until next Tuesday OK so put any air time. Plenty of time but your right it's a big game it should be noted.