James Ham Interview, NBC Sports Bay Area, Kings Insider 2/8/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, February 8th

James and the Guys wrapped up today's moves made by the Kings at the trade deadline.


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Busy day for the kings who what did they accomplish sending you were killed today cavaliers getting back few months Shumpert and Joseph Johnson at least for now. They also in less than that two seasons have given up on 21 round draft pick so what does it all mean nice enough to join us in that he very patiently explains it all to restrict rights. I'd normally ask on NBC sports. Bay Area dot com you seem on the pre and post game one only James in the king's insider. How you hold up today James and it's a busy day for area. Man ride high coffee. Trying to keep up by. Really. It's just a wild day a wild day. And shocking you know development here and there but. Clearly that George kills stock split was kind of brewing for a few weeks now. And are able pull that off and not take back. A lot of bad contracts which is nice to see. Not aggregate then I can have predicted that a while ago that you'd be on Al came out through it. The poppy on news shocking. And I think making you know that finishes he that would be a few extra guys that we hadn't gained four and eighty something new something different. Let me ask if I may what what is shocking about poppy honest and I don't I'm not I'm not us. Presuming that is not not suggesting it's not or shouldn't be but you know he was at thirteen picks so what about that timing of this shock you right now. Yunel I think the biggest thing it shocks me is that thinking decided to waive him and said. Broad though. About slow and really that's what it comes down to the kings have decided to keep broke a blow couple globe through the rest of the fees and or talking about 22 year old and he's six foot nine. A small forward that plays you know and it's only played harder and thirteen minutes and foresees them with the Toronto Raptors. And panicking church shooting. To give him a longer look over poppy on it do again they've put a lot of time and energy and cheating in. And they're trying to build an into an NBA player I think at the end of the day they they must have seen something where it. Poppy on it that they just couldn't get past that and that he's not going to develop the way we thought it was an 8820 years old. So or any good to see a little bit of a different style of player which speaking need. They need a Ford they need small for the new combo forward and maybe somehow this kid out something and there are. That he is wasn't able to show with a really good Toronto Raptors. A date with cigars that George he'll deal among other things does that not. Just absolutely ensure that deer and fox gets Max minutes going forward. Yet it it'd be aired Fox's show I think if you really look at what George till. Trade does is it just clears the deck. And it takes away that secondary bully in the backcourt. And really I guess more than anything it gives bull Pierre fox in both Donna and Donna niche. Old run in the back court and that's what I think BT you're trying to accomplish there George Carroll clearly didn't wanna be in Sacramento. Eat up a lot of money he did not perform well at all I shooting percentages and everything across board weren't good. It's what an aggressive. Didn't really seem got engaged and sell. For them to be able to move offices nineteen million owed for actions and I think it's huge. Eighty on Shumpert options the final year of his deal and making rapid AM eleven million. Maybe not either way at a medical picking say eight million dollars next season and salary. And Beijing go back out and do something different and they re distributed the towel a little bit of a shopper can't play. He can actually sit there and play the small forward position while laboring along and other young player that you know maybe they get the draft actually. James Sam the kings insider from NBC sports Bay Area dot com where this. Is it next summer a good summer in which to have cap space because not a lot of teams. Will be in position at free agents of the kings might be in a better position to get some bargains there. Yeah I think this summer as one it is one window but the 2019. Summers or taking shifts. So much cap space and they also have. So it should define look at what they think they have material players and so you're getting yourself one more season to set. And and really build something with these young players and then hit that 2019 free agency window. With a clear idea of what it is that need to really get this team did to take the next step. And so I like that and they haven't had anything to really hurt themselves long term and you can not go for signing. George Hill or or evo but at the same time he didn't commit anything more than two years by the one of those guys. And you know Garrett Temple will be out of his contract after an excuse and coach Cooper will be out of that contract. So you'll its outlook just on cap space. James I remind you know I've been looking back it Tori sixteen draft and by I would never argued it was a great draft period agree draft year. But how. How unusual lice I guess I'll say is it to see a teammate knowledge to first round mrs. within you know a year and a half. You know what it is what it is once you dropped player he no longer tropics he's either an NBA player or not. And making it assessed what they had better and they move on quickly I'll point out that we Baldwin with a guy and everybody want a that your weighed all got waved. In his first NBA season. Out of first round draft pick and accuses seventeenth overall pick if you look at that trap from right around number nine. All the lead out in the bottom of the draft and that you need to Malcolm Brock and second round it really is not a good drastically historically bad trapped between factions. You know a couple of guys have shown up a little bit like or imprint. But more often than not that draft is shown to be a bad draft. And you know taking up a lot of excitement but that would be yours on an opportunity to be one of them. Top five or six players and draft and watch the wake Fiat and but that's how. How strange and sort of bad historically that draft let. Where do you think Joseph Johnson ends up then how much you think George Hill helps Cleveland. You know I don't know of any good can help Cleveland at this point you know they really are reset button and that's going to be an interest in situations Jordan is great defender but he is a solid NBA player he gets back to playing the way that he. She did. Last year what you thought chat. But again you add is backcourt mate from the jazz Rodney hood so I don't like that the cap hit the reset button because it gives an opportunity. To lead show LeBron that there are serious and they wanna make changes and I hope. To build something for him. But what was your other question. Joseph Johnson on site should note on it to yet to Wear what I get to where Joseph Johnson ends up. You know I think your job and it's gonna go it and find for a up way up in I would be shocked if it was was able state warrior. And I'll help the things because hey if he made by an out and elsewhere Angel save money. On that deal as well I think you know again they got a second route taken three million dollars plus an ideal. So yeah I would think he's an end up. On a really good team and that will probably be. Either in Golden State or institutions along like that or he can shed and it. And play you know 1015 minutes a game and then every onslaught you need initial thing in the playoffs and a bit. Hey James is that sort of the next. Thing that happens next wave of of player movement is guys getting bought out and and is that really just over the next couple weeks that teams elect buyout decisions. Yet it's gonna be wild he all the players hit the market I think it will be more active in the actual trade him deadline itself. All the players that were shipped new places and then bought out. And you don't get that that's one of the reasons why thinking moved offer now. Because they owed him his money for next year and so by trading him they don't have to pay him next year. You know so he might be a player that becomes available blood. You know getting back a player that you can waive any time in case someone that you are really interest in becomes available or yet. You know they get rid of Joseph Johnson like we we assume that they will it also opens up a spot maybe they go in the back to our aunts and give him around for the rest of the season. But this is gonna be a little bit of a wild west there are a lot of players went to places that you know that at no intentions of keeping them. And lots of see how they all panned out and you know what that means for guys like only Cassie on the Golden State Warriors of his roster spot is based more. You know if they looked so bolstered that. The bench angled stand. Again elsewhere. As it can be a little weird. James thank you so much for your time especially at such a busy busy day hang in there the all star break is almost here chaos thank you very much James. And Oakland guys think we're out on anyone saying to think Kindle without Rick Allen's family in passing. And it's an RJ just abs absolutely tragic today oh. Yeah put it a damper on. Strangely fun day usually but that yet to cut long Kendall to. Yet terrible news thank you James for those who don't know. Rick and Mary Kay's son RJ who. Was an assistant with Rick. More than one place including Houston. Was struck and killed by a car. Crossing a street in Houston this was actually six days ago but the news. Was recorded and confirmed by Houston a police today teams he reported it. I'm he was just 44. Walked he he wasn't in in crossing zone. And beyond that not too many details are known except that the driver was eighty years old and driving a minivan and no charges were filed against her after that. Please send. Investigated it's so tragic loss for the element family. And again. I don't even know how to describe this but this happened right in the middle of every other bit of you know by comparison fund small news in other kings make a trade to cast make another trade did niners signed drop below and in this piece of news dropped in right in the middle. Yeah unspeakable in I want to share something with you about the one of the newest kings Bruno provoke hello this is from heavily the Toronto star. June 2014 after he was drafted should give us some sense of who this guy is an. How he's been viewed. This is written by guy named Bruce Arthur when Bruno Cobo close name was called out at the NBA draft Thursday night ESPN went into a brief bout of shock. Brent for Schiller the networks international scouting expert called it quote the all time swing for the fences pick. In quote and labeled him the Brazilian Kevin Durant. And said this is and when he fourteen he's two years away from being two years away. So well that was four years ago yes here we are death so. As does a kind of a project player still I think it's of the best thing we could say about critical book club is still a kind of a project for him. With the Brazilian Kevin Durant. Bring it on line. Yeah a Jason Jones points out that Bruno makes 2.4 million. Qualifying offer for him next season would be worth three and a half kings have to pay poppy John as the two point for an action that they own because they already. Exercised his option. But it is possible. That too James Kim's point Whitey that they're keeping a roster spots filled that they colluded. Then open up just by waiving him than in other words they find some and they like who gets cut loose somewhere else and maybe they just wave to vote glowing and move on. He won't cost too much you you know LeBron can be created some point you gotta always yes it. Stay flexible keep it X Arial are apparently tweeted to LeBron and told them to come to the lakers and president. They unity then. Yeah they paid their car I I got where four yeah. Yeah he got to know where you are meant.