James Ham Interview, NBC Sports Bay Area Kings Insider 1/18/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, January 18th

James and the Guys talked about the latest on Harry Giles and if what Jason Kidd said about his Bucks also apply to the Kings.


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Right here's my issue with the kings' top graphic here at fox and I don't ever get a rough night last night and I know that's gonna happen and I know it's you know we're halfway through his. First season and he's forty but I would like to see him develop more of a deal. Four. Getting that team into their offense maybe I'm a little impatient like I say he's young he's very young he's. Learning a lot of things here but he just is he's not doing a great job running the offense yet. That's 100%. True it's in evidence and but they don't already have an offense either so it's harder or run on you don't have to guess who much to you know. About you know that he's trying to figured out as he goes. And that doesn't mean he has no help that means he's young and daddy's. He's in the early stages Fina how to play in the NBA where is Bogdanovich you can see that when your on the offense through him he's got a much better sense of course he does. I also think about it not to bail out on that because again conversation. Housing it's possible that bugged out of it she sees the court in a way not too many guys do these dot court vision that Mountain Dew and Fox's Eric and nobody sees the court like our next guest NBC sports Bay Area king's inside the one the only two. Came in pay I hear you just essentially being registered with has that been the the plan all along James. That the plan all along that it could be here so little out of there not making it official. Shall fight terror but that it was a very good possibility. This group of Russia and we really look at that bilateral. Air on all. You're trying to stabilize line edit. Out you change you. You know nexus which G. There's Barton. And that are here are cool strong. Really do it and more Parker and Al would have to. And then. How that the bulk of where I don't think that there's some reform and you know what you are doing. Parity or so players. I'd like to basically second pop and it and lectures strapped which shall. You know and it's coming up. So James on nine names mentioned this before but just being cleared they're there was no indication. Of any setback. There was no. Halts even in progress right assist kind of damn announcing something that they'd been working toward anyway. Yeah. A group down in LA there's a lot of work our athletes specifically about all players. And Adam actually tested about a week Africa. And they said that Hughes. Fully 100% LT date don't hurt and injured athlete yet there's only a golf and up. The ability collateral quit and ring. Based in the heat of the lateral quickness. Oh. We. Them getting bigger faster stronger and getting right back the. We airport L he clear are where you can watch. Them on. And you heard they're all right. Terror secular world and it's for a whole. So they've really nasty consequences. He didn't and they wanted out your parents this year career. A lot like police. Her Amare Stoudemire of the beach but you're right. It they James the kings got to shoved around last night I think the way you phrased it was they got their lunch money stolen and so you know they need to be more physical. Which is easy to say but how did you look at the roster limitations how do you go about executing something like that. Or edit. Eric. Why. And look at the creature that that are. So well a couple of better technique came off. RT. From here. You know and he got out or out of Scott or. They're terrible coach and color. When he got are being doubted that. An example of oil is looking forward incurred. I adequate physical but don't players also went to court. And thinking and working really hard at attract a lot or who. The moon and back. Off and go run around. It's a moral issue or. Not excite the middle of the entry players or physical but it now learn and I also. A couple of players in the. Your agency class to bring that they have you know once I got this came just. You put chat who you know this raptor course you know. It's Gifford he'll edit your particular player. But apple extreme Oakland. As equality with the players that are. James I realize when you start sitting veterans and your plan. The young guys everybody's DNN benefit a little bit but in your opinion who stands to. To gain the most from the reallocate some minutes. Well I think first and foremost and that's because when you pull a couple of these pattern out. You're gonna let. I don't kind of play out there are. You know response tarnish. Court. Oh Clark art. And what you put him in a lot of ourselves Tebow just can't run vicious no era. Your airplane power cord and putting all he has not need to take a portion of he. But I think. The good earth and release to be shot here this kind of how. I think how I. He's got. To step behind them and we've got another position secure. Chipped Altec Egyptian indicated opportunity but are tanking at about them and we've got them on occasion. And she hadn't been for the group on the court working more than its order on which for fox career. Called nine anchor now to help me. Americans use them more players. And we want to see a whole lot. What starter or anti Middle Eastern. Going forward app. And I think you can plan term that I I think in the future at all. And it just Jackson. They each are there well. In the process you know Attica illness. Or insider king's coverage check out the NBC sports Bay Area king's inside of the one and only James Sam James thinks we appreciate it we'll talk again soon. Alrighty James you by the way cried happy all star starters are announced today day. Thank you. Thank you YE. Early leaks of information suggests that LeBron. Maybe LeBron James he met LeBron James it of the Cleveland Cavaliers. May be be leading overall vote getter which is exciting because I think you guys know what that means he could be one in the tooth capped. Dozens oh that's right mean yeah it's raft First Lady. LeBron was the leading vote getter in the last release outpacing. Who was it did that their kid on the box and got us. Group. It's. I've. Only player to finish is a leading vote getter more times and LeBron Michael Jordan. So here's a question for you Democrat are if it'll trivia it's time to stump it's time to stump. With the basketball. Question me. Who is the only play. Who has ever played for the Sacramento Kings at some point in his career. To have led all star band voting as many as four times. The only player who ever played at some point or the Sacramento Kings to lead all star fan voting which begin in 1975. As many as four times. He had Julius serving four times Kobe Bryant four times LeBron four maybe five now we'll see Jordan nine. Scot Pollard Scot Pollard I'm not even that's not even a real you're not even trying the brought to for us and it's an insult to both of them. That's the best guess you have children is Marshall Loomis. Why be obviously I don't know Chris Webber that's at least a guest. But more current like currently on the team own campaign. Mainly to. Just. Good hard reporting you know. By the way. You realize that should have been more fun than it was I don't know what happened there. Where that was sideways on you asked mr. go all color question. I think that's about where went sideways suddenly lost interest halfway through the question that was those were the segment that. I'm Vince Carter is a problem for de Jager. Because almost everyone agrees or believes that this is it for Vince Carter. And fans in other cities wanna see him play one and aviators it's not a joke when their on the road. There's going to be a lot of pressure on Yeager to get Vince Carter some minutes as people wanna see him play I think you're in Tennessee Vince Carter sitting at home games. I you know he's talking out two guys to debts at least will be sitting and sometimes three. There there is Jason does mention this the other day it's a legitimate. Problem forum I don't know how the it ever made sense and I know a lot of people of the times of way unique it was all the games you have some veterans and there may enter ship and you could see it kind of like. Doesn't quite add up. You try to go two ways that want anyway we'll see at the very least I mean. A little bit awkward but hopefully not much worse than that for the kings right now right what generally if you missed that question which you. So lay out. The numbing worried about it. Back through history none Oscar Robertson. Oscar Robertson knows it's. Oscar runners is being voting began in 1935 he was done in 74. In this I don't know Murray's. I'd like to continue guessing if I can't.