James Ham Interview 6/15/17

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Thursday, June 15th
How are the odds for the Sacramento Kings looking?

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Like Cameron champ from Sacramento. Nineteen that we speak at the US seven top forty hit the US open. Think you can Morton junior on Twitter for pointing out that you reaching a former Sacramento first tee kids. That's very how awesome is that. He is the second low amateur at this point I'm still on the course so minus two to sixteen. Or playing sixteen I guess so. I named to keep keep in mind them anybody shoot under power hitter this camp. Anybody shooting under par in any round of the open monitor what the conditions bands and that's of an amazing thing semi sources tell me that if it weren't for the fact that he's been so busy covering the NBA finals in the playoffs. He probably would have tried to qualify for the US open I think he would have done it will NBC sports Bay Area kings insider James hand how hard today James. I'm good I'm not quite good golfer you could be. Well I mean you get a little young anytime anymore but yet he did busier in I'm pitchers who have. And he. Thinks they admit it I'm glad that I'm in everything in possible there is no more time left. But if you've been an adult career had to suffer but that threat yeah. So many things askew and I'm sure some of these things make you roll your eyes the reported kings interest in trading up is it legit. I've actually heard thinking are not going to treat five and ten to move up to three. That most of that news is coming straight out of Philly. They will listen. Puget about anything at this point that that helps them in this draft they wanna stand five they wanna move up in the top five. But giving outnumbered and it's just too much at this point. And so yes there's got to be rumors all the way up until the actual draft happened thinking I would love to get one of these three point guard that are going to be available. But at the cost of the number ten pick they aren't ready to do that. James they love the point guards equally or at the reason I ask is we keep here and there lovely stand here and fox they love DR fox. Do they love him that much. You know I don't think they loved everyone equally it these are their children. But they do in fact love you and (%expletive) I know that to be true if you fault at five ET will Michael below five. The kings will take him at five of these if he's there. Now the question is will he be there and I think they're still many questions that are gonna have to be answered between now and and next Thursday I mean by. Working days in a move then moving and shaking going on right now Josh acting could go to number one overall what does that do to mark helpful. All Eddie bluntly lakers or not we don't really know they just plainly and. The Guinea daddy go away. And there are still many thing to have to be answered and and on top of that it looks like they're promises that have already been made inside the top career war. So I thinking fans are gonna have to hold tight. Aunt and I really do believe these things are better. Serbs is staying at 5 am waiting to see what happens because working scenario you've got she can Tatum or Josh Jackson along the ball falling in your lap. All three of which have all star or even superstar potential and you get apple waited out. Team Sam what this says CSN. The area NBC sports army NBC sports Bay Area kings insider if I understood you correctly the kings are not gonna trade five intend to move up. But they would like to move up so can you give us any kind of general scenario. That they might be amenable to are we talking. They would trade. The fifth and a player of that trend no what are we talk about to move up and get the third pick. Well they're gonna have a difficult time doing it but the one thing became you have. A mountain of cap space so you look at it keen like that Phoenix Suns so at some idea about naked scene in number four. And feeding cat a couple of contracts that they would love to get rid they oh Brandon Knight 45 million over the next three years. What became absorbent contract Nady give up some of. Better and it's got some money left on the deal believing it is or a huge chunk of change to move from four from five before. That's what I thought that there are possibilities all over where the kings could absorb massive amounts of cap space to relieve the Philippines. And move into a better position now will that happen. It again because the crash is at this point and who can offer why to be seventeen trying to get into that top spot. It again this is a very talented I don't think annually and about five. Should move. But a lot of them are going to listen because they need more the only team that really is is set up in that top five. Are the Boston Celtics is new of course Lockheed and I'll conference finals. They could use harsher but they can also use some veterans are really able to that roster. I don't see anyone really that should move out of five and for McCain I mean. You'd you'd have to get you can't clean it distracts everyone knows how good distracted. But you can't taking gambles that you hear people talk much on it and I think in some of these other players. In my slider into the top five McCain can't take you know a blue or black guy they've got to take. One of the best five players in the strapped with very clear. You know I think everyone knows that this group is there it's full ball it's Jack in this case and it talks. And they hit you know being number five you're gonna get one of them. Tin feel more like the place where you might have a boom or bust guy drafted James. Ali act. Completely packages to complete wildcard and you know and evaluate and if you look at it you can take a gamble attack. You can take even let it didn't commit somehow falls to ten which a lot of people are predicting that in these slighted because you get personality issues. He EM EPO her senior in high school. But if you worked at fault. And even if you already got your op. The opportunity to draft two potential superstar guard guys that yes I mean. Didn't commit put up 48 and subvert it'll lakers were out. You remind me a lot of Stephon Marbury. But this is the players that the guy who if you have on your roster you have more power and thinking I need more talent so that position and you can see them I could see them moving out of that position and getting more up and down the road. But I can also see them taking a real flyer on somebody who's got a ton of talent may be some question marks. So James you may have already answered this question what that last response but is gonna ask is it is it safe to assume they would love to land the point guard. Andy Wayne with the fifth in the tenth pick not necessarily. Yeah I think the point guard in between in a perfect world is what you get. But they're my dog between or even a point guard at number ten that make sense for your club. And so I think yet and number ten almost have to draft that player available stuck somehow large market in fall to ten. And you have a guy who's seven foot pole is one of the biggest probably the best shooter in the strapped. You've got to take him if he's the best talent available even if he doesn't really fit what you're trying to do. And they need to work from there but at number five I mean again there's only. In my opinion there's stop by and you know you're getting one of those guys so you're so all of their and then try to fill in the gaps. With with that number ten pick but again be open anything it's just about talent and apple. Patients are really wing point guard only works for them if the winning his first off the board right. Does the win a wing were taken at ten is probably not going to be there. Yet only when that happens is somehow I think falls or hate him fault and I don't see either one of those tumbling. A big time down extra board. You know I do think that when you get there there's gonna be some guys that you could stretching yet. That way but you know aren't they perfect fit and you know that Colin. Indicated. That doesn't lately but Ku is still incredibly talented input on shill for the kings one occurred. He had all kind of three pointers and then his post work was coming that close were they ever seen just east got so much skill in the post. I'd say he's the guy that could be there I mean really happy that they're at and then go. Who is the most talented and it became have a very very clear idea. Who all of these kids are they didn't scouting them for years especially you know yadda Alex Scott Perry got hurt and stabbing each one of these yet for years and years. Anything have a really make that they're building. That is ready to take on any challenges that at five and ten. The kings also the 34 date change so quickly. In do we attach any significance in the fact that they brought in someone like frank Mason the second time. I think he's got he's. And my goodness he's just he's so incredibly athletic. It this guy is really strange. There are some players that should not be in the second round and frankly in his one of those guys. I do want to gain is another one of those action came and and yes put on the show because it came in the post and left hand right hand he just kept going going and Nolan could stop them. So I think there are a lot of value of that 34 picks and with the news at sixteenth and seventeenth rosters spots where their Q Iraq or spot. And you can send guys back and forth to the Reno big warned that the parent club it really opens a lot of doors for the king with that that 34 picks I like that it. If frankly that is where I am or critically I'm leaving became the past. I don't know if he'll make it there Orlando also adamant for a second David and there are 33 day. But my goodness eat absolutely don't patted him watching him after a full work out with all of these. He's putting on the most incredible dunking display again and again for the media and Asia. Like off the bat or windmill dunk and 511 to jump out again really really special color. NBC sports Bay Area dot com for your king's coverage team Sam the insider James thank you very much for making time force today enjoy the weekend we'll talk to soon. Yet have a good weekend since thank you very much.