It's pitch clock time 1/18/18

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Thursday, January 18th

Is the pitch block coming?


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That's what we're gonna talk to a baseball player today you know. The 28 teams Sacramento sports hall of fame induction celebration is going to be at the thunder valley on the 47. Saturday the 27 street football Charles Mann movie inductees this year we had him on yesterday wonderful Fella get cute guy. Yeah. Their dollars and Daryn all over pardon me another one of the inductees and we're gonna talk to him at 330 today so I know mr. baseball excited about that there but for a chance and appear tickets you wanna go to the players club ESPN thirteenth when he at dot net. That's for a chance at a couple of tickets to attend the sixth annual Sacramento sports hall of fame induction celebration and as I said. Saturday January 27 fun their valley yet that's good deal right there certain. There dollar. Local guy I think actually lead in some sort of quote unquote celebrity hardball game against his dad wants. While Bob all of our gas that's in number I mean did he had long since retired yen you remember big time baseball feeling so Bob Oliver played. Now I can not play decade. Closed a decade in the big leagues and his son lapped them. He's I mean Darryl overplay for effort twenty years I think left handed pitcher never out of a job that's it right ya and he started his traders that as a starter. And you know not halfway through a bit after many years became a reliever. And it changed you know his whole future that's when baseball was some now baseball. Right in baseball's pretty much ruined and it looks like literally go ahead throw it out the rest of the way with today's news. Pacing game talks between the players association and baseball have stalled. So what they've been talk about a say you know you got Major League Baseball don't look you guys look cute you guys in the union we needed to help us. To figure out how to get the game moving along we need to do this and that and the union is saying we're not acted in a lot of the stuff so now the weird thing is that baseball hung up okay never mind we're gonna go ahead make the changes we want anyway. And looks like the pitch clock could becoming the soonest when he eighteenth pitch clock you're mound visits might go ahead without. The. Without the players association approved yet Manfred ever need the need right players association approval it was built into the last negotiations that he had the power to do this. I'm I think he is in the spirit of dom what commissioners are supposed to do he wanted to see it would it's much better if I kind of like consensus everyone's agreed detritus thing. The players union is just trying to treated as in negotiating. Point instead of in other words when he wants to make it change in the in the in the way we play baseball that we want money for it's it's out of it's not an unreasonable response by the way like well we we bark and everything. So if you're coming to us and saying I wanna make some semi material change in the game. Then we wanna talk about what what is in it for us before agreeing to play a little bit differently or are sent to play viral that you now want that we don't want. Normally that falls under through the general category of negotiation. Ends. That really in the case here because Manfred made it pretty clearly to be fair what he said this last year in spring training. You still talk about it but you know but we may just go ahead and do it whether the players do or don't like. So. That's. I objected on moral grounds but I will say that and this has been pointed out to me you know as a couple of years ago. We had at that Wrigley Field this clock and union I barely noticed it right don't think I've ever seen anyone. Penalized. For violating. The pitch clock time it's happened that I'd never seen it and I never noticed it. Since that's the first may be four innings of the first game I sat in Wrigley Field where is being used so that cuts both ways on the one hand hey look you don't notice that on the other hand what you don't really do anything with a why have it it's just there for appearances as an it to make me feel like they gave really speeding along no not at all it's that it did the whole point is that Miley pitchers and lately coaching staffs adjusted. You don't notice it because it never gets in doesn't have to be acted upon because. Pitchers learned how to work a fraction fat how much is baseball pays you to come on here. And tell all these stupid new rules what is right right and I think you're stupid or not you're pretty sure I told you when the pitch clock idea was thrown out that it would that I thought was a great idea. Because there's an easy fix. You'd talks we talked so much about problems of baseball can't fix. It's never gonna be basketball without restrictions on catcher mound visits that's another thing that they may. Unilaterally enact that's the kind of thing that I I think you get into really Dicey area. I don't think you should ever. Try to limit you know player communication. And I also think you're at that is trying to divine intent always thinking on out there just to screw around well. You know maybe. But if if if we just say look we've rewritten the rules and you've got twenty seconds to pitch is no big deal which you've now got twenty seconds not forty Tony. Pitchers will make the adjustment they did they've done at every level of baseball. You know to me this is one of those things like this is so easy just do that. That's a very small adjustment you can make but I'm not sure pitchers have made the adjustment that clocked at the commissioner's office now proposing. Is now proposing would allow for forty seconds and that's two seconds. Fewer than the average of 22 seconds between pitches and 2017. If a pitcher commits a clock violation. Of ball will be assessed to the count right they hitter violates the time limit a strike will be incurred. That's just morally repugnant to me just the whole notion of and a's gotta be 8 o'clock AM. I I'm exaggerating right. That's got to make at 31 now because it and throw the pitch in time I'll know please know you see what what my gaining you've seen him play now it's easiest thing in the world all of pitcher has to do is start. Pitching. But the vast majority of guys there's an intensity to let me know there are some guys that they're just geared that way and I Hawaii. That's the way they've always pitched well on why he. It's not the way they've always feel it's awesome guys today it's not a way to visually they're little kids and I it's definitely not the way they pitch when they were high school Q is it happened at some point their professional career. That it became don't see how gradually gradually more and more allowed to just go on walkabout between pitches is stupid. It's in it accomplishes nothing this is an easy fix. This does not gonna save. Whitey a couple of minutes a game that it's not the down the time. It's not about 305 going to 259. It's about you sitting and watching game and observing that the games back in play more often I don't think that's gonna get to the root of the problem. I can't make baseball a different sport. I'm trying to if if I'm if I mean trade on trying to do is work within the printers of what I am you are Manfred that's what I'm saying he ever cults I think a lot of this is about appearances and I think they're fundamental issues with baseball. That make the game last longer and they're not being addressed by a pitch clock that I might have problems are so critical. It's heat you have you'll have lit the pack in complaints. About how baseball's killing EU. We I don't think that's true with me I'll watch time and takes to play a game and the down time in baseball and you made the points that it's. Resonates a lot of people that you don't viewers right even have more problem with it because there's so much standing around and saw little action is it. Really that. Egregious. To tell immunity get the box until pitch again on the mound and he's easy is because in my opinion and will see I don't think that's addressing the problem. And so you're now you're creating. More controversy with out actually addressing the issue that's my concern we'll see like I say. I think you can have an issue is about appearances look they got the pitch clock now so why this game's. It's saying they would like OK no intentional walk to that really help anything that its speed became a longer make. Became more watchable in my opinion it did not it was his bothersome. And it's almost like baseball's trying too hard to show Rick. Look we're fixing things look now quartets wac is holed up for. Fixing anything that's my concern rightly or wrongly that's my opinion well I don't think Manfred to strong commissioner but I do like the fact regional and try stuff and if something doesn't work than they have to revisit it and pull it back now in which I think is what they're gonna point to do with. You know replay review particular stuff like sliding in second base like you don't like okay. That spawned a problem often say you fix it but at least he's willing to give that a try in this kind of thing I think is the kind of thing. That once it's instituted you'd barely ever noticed except that the games in play faster well that's MySpace I disagree idea of if we don't notice I don't agree on notice at all I don't think. A best case is nothing happens you don't notice that you don't benefit from a southern white America's worst cases it becomes a distraction and an issue. And that's the ball I don't have to tell you how significant that could be if they actually have to assess a ball or strike. During an at bat and I don't think it's worth that's well known in Asia pitching coaches would let their pitcher get to that point which is exactly the argument. We will see what happens.