"IT" was a smash, would you go? 9/12/17

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Tuesday, September 12th

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We talk a lot of the program about record people breaking records so cried out about it. Box office record shattered by the galaxy yet know latest iteration of the Stephen King horror classic no I think. Not my thing but it is absolutely. It has to do with when it was released and all that but it's an all sorts of records for a movie released in that. You know it at that Dayton. And it it crushed overseas as well. So I mean it's considering it's not even it's a real. Mean it was already made isn't there every maker reboot I don't know as a reboot I guess yeah. But yeah people who love being scared. And this is apparently liked as a super scary movie I don't Libyans cares enough for me I haven't seen that in the preview. Summers at the cinema saw the preview and a lot yes would you see it. I you don't think so. If you if you got if you wanna go I go a few year round when we go okay otherwise I'll go a few guys in order to receive rob would apps like ten terrify me. I'm yeah out of you guys. I would never normally cheese. To go but it out honestly any children endangers not to me is is an entertaining and not making any judgment and anyone else I understand why opt in but to me when I watch that out like. I thought real enjoyable to me sheer. At the same time any time a movie breaks out. There's a curious alliance may assist it's got to be a reason everybody's going in this movie on them because they're play any of horror flicks this is clearly better than the average horror flick by allies. And there's not much competition right now so it should be clean which you're top Steven king classic made into a a movie. He probably and I shining there's nine others on how we hear miss some of his books have been made in a dad was Kerry was good you know Mets Olivia does a very good movie what about the one now broken legs on the bed that's the name of hearing dad and I got broken leg and abet the enemy in a writer of some teams kind now if every storyline. There from our affairs storyline. I'm and then there have been some tries to just ignore count you know he wrote like the dead zone. Is an old seemed keen to visit Z or any interest in the fetus was terrible movie MB is hard to convey some of the stuff that's inside you said. So if you can make it work good for you I you know. What's working and you know it's steadily work and not to mention there's nothing scary looking clap Bob Melvin I believe has that whatever that thing is referred to class I'm guessing you don't go to see that no way. Yes there's no way he does mean watch the preview or the preview. Is what's Unionist. And C thinking also has that you know that whole other sidelines like Shawshank he has he has an awful lot of stuff going on yeah not all of it or. But as far as is scary flicks. I don't know where this ranks him CNET that Kerry was a good scary movie. And the shining was an all time creep or movie like that's creepy that is it does just as inexperienced. Yes yes. And it isn't just it it is scary but it's also tents like all the way through like this is wrong everything's wrong here. And George Obama is deafening credits goes up there's like. What did not important they used gamma and. Spoiler laden put up there to arrest everybody that he takes are right at the accident that he cued me. Billy Gunn now. Els. Has done I've only seen though he wants and I sighed decades after came out because Maine one of my girls on this theatre whatever for high Simon theater and a now is engage in which really I was a gay intense movie. I ate this one has more shock value because the whole clam thing moon which again now my fear alive now my favorite. People are now they're putting red balloon near storm drains. That's only like that is a thing I don't think it's a thing I don't think I'm not a fan and I saw one guy locked into theaters he he posited it in an instant. He was the first kind of theater. And there was a guy sitting there in the full clown make up with the red balloon sitting in one of the seats of the back of the theater the site now. So where they had an all clowns screening in the my sister be you know. An assistant now pay some bad news for the 49ers it's actually you may have seen this yesterday Pete Carroll said that Thomas Rawls. Should be ready to go Sunday against the 49ers he didn't play against Green Day. Yeah I'll expect Thomas back Pete Carroll said Fiat could use him back. The running backs last week after just 53 yards rushing I mentioned that some there was yeah I was just on impressed by their playmakers Willie and have Thomas Rawls. They had Chris Carson. CJ priciest. Eddie lacy looked awful five carries for three yards he was. Took its worst for the 49ers potentially any lacy was the subject of a lot of talk cleaned up to the game because there really was a pretty strong assumption and he was gonna get. A bunch of the work withdrawals not able to go and they may consider it Justine considered and they ran the ball Clooney but they went to proceeds a lot. Not a lace them in I don't know if you're gonna see it I guess you're not gonna see it but even a pay attention or you're gonna. Miss the New Orleans Saints they're not to be around long as my point. The saints last night falling to the vikings of course. They got a big decision coming up on Drew Brees and for years they've in order to keep resigning him they've had to get creative with his deals. And I believe he also have some. Clause in his contract. That prevents New Orleans from slapping him with the franchise tag right yes so you know and actually he's gonna wanna be paid. I what is he 38. So he's in I it looks like he's pregnant and grown at some point they're gonna have to. Face the facts here they've been putting up this rebuild putting up putting it off putting it off. So the saints as we know them and I don't know. Maybe you love them may be laughed at them because their defense is this consistently so pathetic and who disposed to be better this year last night. That he has got sliced and diced by Sam Bradford got salmon so surprisingly fresh for every cornerback Sam Bradford is never done that before no not to that extent but he's had great games before his can't stay healthy. He could have done this for other teams to you he just could never stay healthy enough to do it may be on saying is Sam Bradford had a game of his life against the saints defense that was supposed to be improved your right about all that and the saints. You know kind of kicking the can down the road on a lot of their hard decisions. On and I really do understand and a lot of levels it's hard to find that superstar quarterback this is a hall of fame quarterback. City just kept trying to build around him. But he gets lopsided after awhile and you know when you've played 500 ball for three years your RD defining that you don't have an upside anymore. I don't expect them to chase him. It's going to be hard for them to imagine him somewhere else. But he came from somewhere else and we just tend to forget it he really wanna larger numerals there and you know help New Orleans. Recover from everything that happened during the flooding. He's a big lead article nationally but he is he's a big part of all that he's also. I'm in addition to being great quarterback is gonna be in the hall of fame. He is a big community relate minded person he's raised his Stanley bear their of course it's gonna be difficult. But they can't keep paying him. And build a team they lost their best tackle last night Zach Strief. I think it was a and CL sprain and he's gonna miss a couple of weeks I think the patriots are gonna come roaring back this week against the New Orleans Saints. Yeah that's the patriots big thing on my counters a team with ten days to prepare. Tom Brady was watch in which a boy Bradford did last night literally drooling. Newton told me while you do grooming and just thinking hunting is thinking. So. The saints would defense is awfully willing and they get turned around a number of times a Bradford also made a couple of it truly I'm not I don't mean over so he really be made a couple of great throws in addition to just hitting open guys all he wanted to talk about was down in cook. Man down you just can't say enough about it I think we've all been impressed with them you know really since he showed up and you know. I've got probably real itemize and I didn't expect it from tonight you know that's how good we think he is you know he's a great player and you know I expected to only get better. Ride and not expect that from Sam Bradford last night. I don't even think you did completed 84 point 4% of his passes and averaged ten point eight yards thrown no I didn't expect that. So he hasn't had. And the vikings. Have to be thrilled. That game was you know they came was over. Really late third. Staff to be still to come out perform like down on on on their opening night. And again you know the vikings. Team in a tough division you need to get a couple early Wednesday delegates confidence that he can play well. This is Bradford first year really with the team last year he spent the season with them any sign on labor there was acquired by Edwards insists make excuse for now Sam Bradford is well mall seasonal volatility you know the difference between an off season in the season Muni get thrown in with a regular season there's now one seat isn't really his first season with them it's just first season being fully prepared to to you watch this year. Watched he's in a finish as well what are they urged supporters to be part of the Sam Bradford. Excuse making some more affordable than you'd think I'm just Celanese better quarterback and then. People have never given him credit for because they're bent healthy. It's it's all fares are part of his record but he's going to be different this year period. I Miami 84% had been he's an amicus. There's a better team they're better offense and they worry a year ago. They're better. And by the way they look the running back situation imparting with Peterson was really easy for them. You know they loved Albuquerque anyway when the fund that slows down and cook too. Seeking to let you know as you can see who's come like a little sprinkler tonight also likely be sentiment for this whole lot of Philly he does some great things he'd bust on a couple of this this game but he's joint ticket to distance enough that I continue to block on our side O line did a great job and we trust him you knew me when he's an out of he gets us going so he say are from the take him taking now. And then we just gotta tell us we will continue to do. Huge relief for the vikings because their offense that during the pre season was miserable out against a lack could have to do with that saint Stevens had dug on they just can't seem to. Find a way to turn that thing around every time Bradford looked up Phelan was open so they just had a great thing gallon and vin dig skits or sketches they exist had a fun night. You know we arrive at one always be like that but. They take advantage I'm sure knowing I was thinking the same thing just carve them up.