Is it too early to talk about Giants' spring roster battles? 2/9/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, February 9th

Will spring training be interesting?


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Before we get to this incredible. Mind bending. Giants spring training position. OK like a baseball prospectus and arrive today it's like baseball season. Is some my front court just in time spring training reporting dates are next weekend. I he's heard in the spot today it is suggested Almeida is actually one of them on my Twitter feed that games will be played two weeks from today. So yachts actually. You know by the end of the weekend I'll be through that I will know more about baseball than any general managers in the game today did well you know we'll do they get it the some of them like at the book to them we will send you now. That's it definitely came directly. They'll probably heavy sit on the podium though with him. During the next news conference which maybe maybe maybe on lobs get basket a lot of we have replica of the bill look at it yeah. We need light to help us with the put go to rankings and ebit who has a question about batting average on balls in play anybody you don't like that the age you don't like fit. Fielding independent pitching fielding independent pitching I really I think just conceptually ever really hard time at that because it's one of those let's pretend games. And Babbitt makes a lot more sense to me. Like when you put a ball in play well yeah how often you get hit. In use it's really easy to chart that and to suggest well for what he normally does he had a terrible year. That would suggest he'll bad luck more or anything else right. If it happens a few years and around you realize you've lost velocity is a hitter but right now that makes sense more than fielding independent pitching it's possibly don't. Fully understand the concept on our maybe you do and then I think I'm mean I think I do but I I'll admit I get hung up on the term I wish him I wish that was not the term. Because I don't want to clean your term you really talking about things like Cameron's glove before we gets to. That. How many of the ten highest paid NFL players can you name. Or 28 team based on what to make and when he eighteen. Well drop blows on number one he's number one. And whoever he just replace is number two Matt Stafford Stafford number two that's. Yeah. How L quarterbacks throughout our including 75. Against ever 27 mil and their current third 25. A zillion under fire from what he knows how to live pictures of these gentlemen. Why is do we you mentioned air Rogers yesterday it like nineteen million which is not cheap but does that put him in the top ten. They have been here for twenty Q and he sixth on the list. 42 gallon factor. Who else got paid recently. Was Cam Newton in its option is not in the top ten black has a top ten Flacco is number five. Don't you know this contractor. Okay are so are they all quarterbacks yes sir no okay. So say it ten is your boy Philip Rivers at twenty point 89 Ely 21. He Roethlisberger 2187. Russell Wilson when he won nine in Aaron Rodgers Flacco. Andrew Luck is fourth 24 point six. Wow. I finally found this after seeing on the field and oil rye at the opera still don't know I mean it really still just don't now. What a fascinating thing. You're trying to hire a head coach that doesn't work out the backdrop against which it all plays out is you have an all world quarterback but you're not sure he'll play. Soon when he didn't play last year maybe he'll play this year you not really share. You think you will but no one really knows what a medicine. You think you won't need any more surgery that's the latest the giants are hoping a rehab project. Can make the battle for their. Pitching rotation even more interesting giants signing to a minor league deal Derek Holland. Is any like big guys it is funny voices and it has agreed hairy carry on stuff. Yeah that's the guy how did you know that. I must have seen him doing it. He also pitches occasionally via you know has the you know fear a baseball player in your you've got just even a speck of any kind of ability to do comedy it's. You're on every video true yeah. I think Stephen votes very funny but they're just why is fun yes there's no question that he got a national stage immediately let it get him on we need a month. We're mr. Colin most recently Texas. He was with the White Sox and when he seventeen. Struggle a little bit that is perceived away from the Rangers. Seven and fourteen ERA just just a tick over six. 31 years nobody had a bad elements behind them lightly. You guys fifth was the likeness got to check it nugget effect on Monday okay I think he had a really get airs softball leagues for the giants signing him to a minor league deal. So we got a good chance to see him here in Sacramento anyway the giants' rotation med bump quite knows the margin after that for the final two spots. Stratton. Tie block. Tyler BD Andrew Suarez and maybe Terry Collins has got to battle. Chris substantive and they signed him to a stellar presto ya so they're really throwing everybody into the mix to see if there's. You know if anyone will emerge. If I remember what vote she said correctly. I believe that he thinks Stratton should be as starting pitcher in May be the fourth not a guy competing for the fifth spot. If fire remember what he said correctly so. BBC guy that. You know I mean in beauties they named that people keep raising. Because he's the prospect they don't wanna deal but I mean they don't want to talk you laugh yeah exactly that they don't wanna deal with you. When it comes to inquiring so he's a guy that they've protected really. And I assume that they still believe that he'll arrive they just don't know win courses giants are also gonna be president of big showcase. Next week getting the fifteenth you have a lot of scouts gonna gather. There's a guy it was just act of curler evidence showcase in the test going to be one of the teams there the C Tim Lincecum. Yes put him in right now for starter Tim Lincecum. Yeah and a I look forward to you I read somewhere every day that he she is throwing 95 now ivory these these throwing 93 yeah I don't know why he's throwing 95 losing velocity. Over the Internet as we speak yes in the current free agent market if he's throwing 95 he's. He he can feel pretty good about his life now he's been working now that the people who are putting on the showcase. Are essentially be those who run a company it's called drive line they run. I'm a place that. Has sort of in fact produced you know some pretty great results with some pitchers in terms of increasing strength and velocity. With that said Lynn scams 33 union believe it when you see it. If he can if you if he's throwing 93. Even mighty he'll probably get a good long look from somebody yeah and I'm not even sure that's true I'm right decelerating nine in the giant Newton did you know everybody's going I Bobby Evans is very confirmed judge going to be there. But I can think you're fighting doesn't work out. I think if he's throwing that well but just having money am I mean they've spent their money. If he's actually throwing that well they'll get out did in two seconds you never know with him I mean. Your right but with Lincecum you know he left a lot of money on the table with a giant EDM one year deals and my man I mean you just don't know with him. I you're right I don't know with him but I'm just saying he's it to even after he got to be willing to cat he's in the cat he's very different he deftly will the walkway from. My guess he'd been the Johnson get outbid by quite a bit. You might have to lock away from a couple of years offered vs a year. And the carts weigh in and of course there if he throws a nine. Then the giants don't have to worry don't knock advocates know what's gonna invest that much money you know even a piece on hard because this is question mark would still be walked. How long's it gonna do it before is that falls off US campaign. That's what he's looking for is for someone to say we're intrigued. Please come in on a minor league deal and here's salary if you make the Major League club and when you look at the incomplete rotations around baseball. It's worth missed it he. But what Bobby Evans. Said I believe. Is that. From there understanding Lincecum has never stopped working out since the angels released a sudden it's not like he Annie was bad with the angels I think is the area was 910 yes in in in and you know. With trips to AAA in the whole thing. But here's the giants understanding is that Lincecum didn't even take time out to decompress he just said OK what do I need to do. Rebuilt his motion. I guess I assume moved away from his dad Chris into. In this case the guys drive line who worked with them on. Seeking it on altering how he approaches pitching. To trying gained velocity really not. Because they don't want his off speed stuff and just if you can't throw low ninety's you know can be of any use to anybody anyway so as that sounds pretty good right. Mad bomb went oh some larger Holland and Lincecum. What year you're trying to win look out Dodgers. Every today's sound Dodgers. Dodgers of 2013. I mean that's a throwback rotation if I ever heard of an experience rotation as sure as I say it's a very experienced.