Is it a rivalry? Nah, man, it's camp. 8/10

The Rise Guys
Friday, August 11th

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In other NFL news is it a rivalry. No man's camp. I this is from LA. That byte for LA have you heard that that's at a calling them the sort hole. Chargers Rian sing the fight for LA will read story in there one thing that. The fight for LA between the rams the charges intensified on the field this happened yesterday. Players and coaches had to break up three fights during into our image who sees doesn't it's it's the rams and charged they despise each other's that in. They despise what it is they're fighting for their LA terror. That must do what is it could it possibly be robbed that can't be so interminable. And so many warning practice days. They occasionally players just lose their patience these teams had scrimmage each other twice. In five days so there was ample room. For them to get a little bit testy with one another Saturday scrimmage went off fine yesterday. Rams cornerback. Wasn't happy with getting pushed off by a chargers receiver. On a pass to Philip Rivers sailed over both of their heads. And so the cornerback Jermaine Johnson. Threw his helmet off and swung it it dontrelle Inman is still at a summit on. Blah blah blah you know scramble scramble. And the next thing you know Alan's done then later on. Mike Keenan Allen of the charge ran down the feeling. Tackled. The one of the rams quarterbacks he tried to defend his teammate there was a melee. Jamal Jones got into a tussle with the rams cornerback EJ gains a few minutes later. Teams got married again and many. Ramps at coach Sean McVeigh said the following are great competitors. Well as wanna be mindful spoke about this now we do this I bet a partisan like this when he practiced against the Texans in Washington. That's exactly it. Guys are in camps forever in it's only been a week and a half but it feels like forever we do the same thing everyday mr. hot. And they need scrimmage and a team twice in five days and tempers later bye for LA. They don't think so.