Is it just me or is the Dez Bryant Saga getting sad? 5/15/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, May 15th

Is it getting dragged on too much?


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Let's say Elaine Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles and you say some things about Tom Brady than you play the patriots in the Super Bowl and you win the Super Bowl you're done right. Again not to say anything more about the patriots know I mean it's fine village job while fairly he's still. He's still kind of upset you know after the Super Bowl. Wayne Johnson described the patriots as a fear based organization. With players who quote act like F king robots part of part recurrence meant. You know after work blue remember this he doubled down on that assessment according to ESPN. He was asked about the home welcome Butler thing and he said that's a thing you're never gonna know whatever they're told to do in the media as what they're told to do like I said their robots who well he took some more shots at him. Recently he was on Steve Austin's podcast. Well I just I don't understand what this is a lot here's what (%expletive) me off he said that patriots obviously I respect their character respect bill. Our respect Tom Brady but just because the way that they won the symbols of the patriot way. Is that how everybody else is supposed to do the same thing no it's not. And that's what I got mad at the arrogance by them there was obviously some stuff behind closed doors their owner talking as store owner bill talking as to our head coach before the game I'm not gonna say about a lot of esque kind of built up to that and I just got tired of hearing about it man to be honest thing. You want money yes. You have the prayer right it has to be in the trade. I swear I saw you in the fray. That's where it all comes out that's where all your. Only negativity goes away on the other hand a scoreboard right racquets at what I want because we went came out which you sound like give spurned lover or something just take it easy you you're on the winning side he is our side defense that wasn't overly talented it was all really about containing Tom Brady we had a hard time doing that he had 505 yards but that was really it meant go into the game I'm not gonna be shell shocked by it that was kind of our thing going and I think we had the upper hand on that. I don't know I write I write you a guy throws for 500 against yet I just don't know how you can. Start talking about I got everything under control indeed your team won a great victory Aziz the right tackle so as like my fault. I just don't it's if your for your team just remain for your team. As hang in there may get get days ahead you're on a really good team and don't now which got a quarterback coming back cast he's just passionate and really still fired up about the whole thing I guess are maybe he's comfortable in a podcast and figures known and here this. And lets it rip. You never know I mean honestly a podcast feels really different from radio broadcast no other way to describe it of podcast is almost like. Scooted around right. Some people listen that'll be fun moon and the next thing you know you've said something that's in the public domain as opposed to this that this is an hour to scoop around what is this the sister cast I mean I don't even know how to describe eyewitnesses. It's something I don't know it's it's. Why is podcasts us and I think that's how we should really advertisers should IC. The rise guys I podcast plot what he says doesn't offend me I data really bothers the patriots have much had just elected and we accept. Are you okay you enjoy it really don't let it put on. One way to think about it is if they're gonna keep asking me I'll keep answering them pay they're asking me questions I feel the same way I've felt six months ago Michael lie about it exactly how I feel. And this Dez Bryant thing I don't know start to feel a little sorry for them. Jason Witten now he was on the at a machine after podcast. He said I think Dez is certainly gonna have some great opportunities he's motivated and I think he's gonna end up going to their Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers she throws that back shoulder throw so well and Dez has great chemistry with a good quarterback that can put the ball wherever he wants because I still believe desk and high point the football as good as any wide receiver in the National Football League so yeah partner him with Jimmy Graham and Aaron Rodgers I think that offense can put up a lot of points says Jason Witten. Of his son of former teammate throughout Alaska action. So a little bit Dez Bryant on the one hand what that's nice but on the other hand he realized he has no idea he's just saying I think he can help the Packers who has its head. Ian Rapoport from NFL net by the way says Packers aren't gonna sign Bryant. So of course not really Jason Witten just whistling yeah. Arm and he. You know I mean that the there's no doubt that when Dez Bryant was first released the Packers name surfaced pretty quickly but then they drafted a bunch of guys. Who they want to be receivers for them. They techie guy in the fourth guy and a fifth inning guy in the sixth. So I doubt that they're the team lining up it's more interesting to me. Think the question of who will. Look at Bryant and say. Here's what we think she is now. How does that square with what Dez Bryant thinks he has in other words he's not a guy he once was. If he wants the guy he wants less money they have no interest right and that's why I think he doesn't have a job right now. Albert Greer wrote in April may be read it this is the definitive. Scatter report if you will on Dez Bryant right now quote cowboys coaches started seeing Bryant's overwhelming physical gifts start to slip away. All the way back into warning fifteen. The injury plagued first season of his five year seventy million dollar second contract. And that's the excuse me and that hasn't reversed itself three years later at the point his career when some players reinvent themselves by becoming crafty your. Bryant struggled to adjust to playing at a different speed has disappointed. The team and Democrat. I mean dallas' in the position. To not that there infallible they emit an interest Holmes takes over the years. I'm especially Jerry sort of run the show him handed. But. UN say that about your owner in Iraq as a street robbers but Frisco flip sorry but I'm. Date I doubt that they wouldn't have at least try to work something now with Dez Bryant if it's audience that laughed because they're really. They believe there are extremely competitive this coming season isn't as the one who had the monkeys. Was and it Dez Bryant monkeys. Yeah I am wrong. I am a monkey I went out of the monkey is is it a package dealers the monkeys only speculate on the monkeys status I really don't know much status period so. That's what we do in sports are we speculate I don't know I mean I've his skills have declined as well and everybody's in trouble but. I don't think that the cowboys never really is Dez Bryant has said the Kelly's every really talked him about any contract number. And I doubt that have been that bulls unless they were really sure they can't help them anymore right because there eat as much as a load is he can be some time exactly meals like twelve he's really expensive we're not sure is that good plus he's really causes problems right sideline right. But that's inching to date and I mean if they thought he had anything left and they know him better than anybody if they thought he had anything left at that they can work with they might have brought him in for a low balled like look we're not gonna pay you this would you consider renegotiation. Or something like that. So here with me it's a little sad yeah his former teammates have become mentally I think he can really help the Packers he'd be great there and I think he's probably more like not like can't predict exactly exactly but. More like. I try to be given decent comp where you you'll be hanging around lock camps open. When teams get a good look at what they actually got and some teams will start panicking and saying we don't have the receiving we thought we had them Vinny comes swings back in the view. But he still young to be doing the TO thing. That's basically that was Tito's drug for the last year's. But his trip it was a pretty accept felt for deaths they don't think so there AA FAL. Always be possible. Says Allen the elf and Cadillac is that what it is close. Yeah. But I think he'll probably be the guy who is in shape waiting for camp. And waiting for a team to panic a little bit but you know rights like we if we bring them in. We're not gonna get to play him that much probably and if we don't plan Emmys document get any balls from doing I think any ball certainly gonna complain what's the point. Yeah and bring an end that would be the only motivates that I could see. For an NFC east team to grab. Would be how do we get him at his best them planning its account so you had needed time machine to get him here yet that but short of that what else can ID Ike I could. If I were the giants. Are the Redskins I guess I could. I can think about look if I bring him back into the NFC east I know I get a motivated guy am. But I don't think any of those teams wanna go to his press let me ask you a hypothetical you are a fan right now of the Baltimore Ravens and K. While I was out yet and the the ball club is looking to repair the relationship. With fans like you who become angered by some National Anthem protests and also. And or disappointed by a three year playoff drought weighed on the guys say with them about the anti drug angry about that oil and or the playoff drought you know sank in Chechnya. In November last year look like you're in until. You know who knocked you team out playoffs and thinks. It was terrible yeah so over the past few months ravens inviting fans. To ask questions and the media pre draft news conference. Good question and answer session with fans at the team facility has not do and afford right now yeah. Could you can't really help me and my share of the can I ask you hate. You gotta get critical lack Horry doing that now we're not well here's what they're doing ravens. Dropping prices of concessions. After. Well after the they look at what the falcons did. The owner says in February GE is says this every thought about doing this but pointed out that the team would need to renegotiate the contract with a two vendor. But it looks like there they're gonna all the news commerce Thursday to officially announced price reductions on food and terrain. It's definitely a fifth. Back behind your team. I mean it's a start I you know if if seriously like me if I'm one of those fans hasn't hand them issue I doubt the team can help me much but if if fears timeout people coming in and senior product. Reduced parking and reduce concessions. Mean they may not control parking and I'm saying in general those are things that I would get after and by the way the falcons I think had a net increase in food revenues. Date they reduced prices but on certain things. But their overall consumption by fans went way up in more than made the difference and they made money. It's you know like I. Interesting lesson. Beat the because remember in Atlantic you can still buy really expensive stuff it was just on some of the staple stuff but join to get hot dog that's not as extensively used to be. Apparently debt pain often a major way. So it's really you know this is gonna work yeah you're not even really you're gimme a break but I'm gonna reward you by overspending problem I get there. So I think we can do everything going want lower prices on yeah I don't know about the parking you can click it food and drink. And as far as a Flacco thing we drafted this kid Lamar Jackson give us some time and I think we're in that direction he starts now are equipped and not meant as a message I'm done with you guys. I've seen this lame product for years ago switch it up a.