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Monday, June 11th
Would Bagley fit in with the Kings?

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Jason Jones from the V reporting that. Marvin Bagley working out for the kings today has said that a plan is the only other team he has a workout schedule with the then again bill. But did not mean some teams care about debt and some don't want to suggest how closely they're following a player's own. The key like a city kings and after. There's not a mystery when you're picking second you don't really have to. Smoke screen too much but there might be a team. Lurking. There might be looking to move up and take them back believe it does on a tip its hand. So it's always possible that he's got multiple suitors the kings are still trying to impress upon everybody right that hey some of the biggest. Prospects they come here to visit us. Understandable but it's a bigger deal for the franchise given where they've been in recent years now. The franchise's credibility in recent years has been an issue I think so and certainly the tide appears to be turning if not. Having already turned yeah knots it's. It's also there. It's all to get that badly he's in town he fooling us say apparently in Jason also retreated. Some from Terry Giles suggested he was going to. Going to meet Bagley so. You know and they're they're. I'm quite in a plane up all of his connections are playing out you know the guys like term roster and they want him to you know whoever he works out with a less important than who hangs out with follies in town. And that would be the other big. Thing that would work in the king's favorite is of some young players are in town you haven't done that this roster they need a three they need a small forward Bagley is not a three come on what are they doing over there. And that they need a lot right now I know I agree and but note on a luxury of that as saying what we just need somebody for this position that we're sat yeah and if they're truly if they're blown away by badly. And love the things about a minute people love. Then season they're I don't think there's a lot controversy about him going second. It's you know now's not that it matters anyway bit. You know because if we guys of players than there is no controversy but I don't even think it would raise that many eyebrows that some people around here who got fixated on touching each. Might say but but but you know he was supposed to be the guy. But things change in her aren't you one of those. Dixon and don't teach guys I like don't teach a lot and I think there's a chance that he's the second best player in the draft so yeah I mean night. I'm still very much in of the mind to draft Dodgers I think his talent his pops. Now when you watch him play in time yeah I've met Mel I might. I always try argument chairman did I get oversold because there was a body of conversation going one direction and I don't think so yeah I'm pretty much over. Didn't take long. Had to get over so fast. Is this guy. I can understand how straps stock could be falling we don't know if it actually is a good and it makes sense to me. That if he's not gonna play point guard. Then you're taking even more risk than you typically do with a player like that my biggest issue with him is to get he may be an outstanding powerful longtime. But some of the number two pick in the kings ruling need to a score was this one he's not a target shooter and to me okay wouldn't and it was fine. Facilitator but it is up point Carney can't shoot he's going to be at an off guard or small forward. I'm not sure how much he's really gonna help me as I'm concerned again it. Understand especially the part about she'd. I just don't think you lament I just think of him as a facilitator period. As a guy who capsule he makes guys around him way way better. And if any certainly not he's also young he's just got more experience and these guys do so. I don't. Anybody his shot isn't perfect right now I'm not a mommy. I'm totally OK with the king's sister after the guy it was a very good shooter right a point guard. Where you could see right I mean it's about fox Jeff yeah okay well he ruined that he's going to be able to do other things I don't need another guy like that. News okay. I disagree having you do need not a guy that's funny to guys on the floor that can't shoot. No you need another guy can facilitate that question and you know you need a guy can run the breaking needy guy in defense. I mean. That's I don't know how well we can defend either. We don't know how well death penalty we can do this all day and I as Eads says same things about badly I mean not about the in point carte stuff. Is a completely different role but he's Kara I don't question he does but to mean right now the fact that he's going to be playing a position that he's always played. Makes me a little more comfortable with the shortcomings and yeah I'm not saying I'll be terrible it's intelligent it's a disaster I'm just saying that if in fact his draft stock is falling as brewer bled to believe it is. I can understand that it seems somewhat logical to me I got to. It's inching or not talk about Porter all. In because we get in the realm of what's risky and what isn't. He says it's received the F for both of us trying to yet. I mean it didn't have to be that way. That's why it's too bad about this it doesn't have to be that way. Mean you want him to go in the draft shares medical's so that teams can feel good about draft instead of trying to talk themselves into a risk. Because all you're doing is driving a stock down appears agent if yours people. You know either you're hiding something legitimately worrisome for the trying to cherry pick where he goes or appeared yet or your directing a result which is. Always possible. But not a kind of thing you can be sure of you may want a certain result but doesn't mean you're gonna get it. Can we agree on this we don't agree on everything here in the draft can we agree that no matter who the kings yet. They're gonna say he's been our guy for a long time this is the guy and if we picked first who would have taken him to agree that that's what they'll sign oh yeah aria and a. MITRE always have been reading but we loved it I mean we've always loved them. Sherry wasn't rated in the top Tony prospects who we had a trial for a long obviously they're not the only team that engages in that kind of happy talk now and the cell is very important mr. baseball have you ever seen this before. Happened yesterday I'm sure you saw the highlights if you weren't watching Jimmy Stewart at the game. If you weren't in the dugout who knows what to do in the weekend your mr. baseball again around had to. Had to do here between the Astros and the Rangers. And you had a tie game in the ninth inning. Top of the ninth and the Astros are the bases loaded and a key on the callous bitch in. For the Rangers. And he doesn't appeared to come to pause and all those stop and is delivering throws a pitch. Bill baucus called. And he darted from the pit stabbing Gaddis two outs in the ninth AJ hinged the Astros manager former river cap and Ding Ding Ding and former. Yeah well played he comes out is paying. Crew chief Sam Holbrook. I think that was a block and the umpire he said. Yeah that's a blocker and the run scorers who ends up being the winning the yes and the other manager. It's tossed. Four I think Jeff banister gadget Spansion Rangers who gets tossed for I think being right. Because it isn't so much about it looked to me like a balk by mine is a cricket match just to kind of backed everything up a little bit. And this pitcher in particular. Often goes out of that C in my windup even when there's nobody on base it's kind of it looks as though he's coming to its assent but he's really coming going and continuous. View and he didn't stop quick no it's a quick pitch. And I think she. I think he balked. But I think Bannister was tossed for or being right dubious sort out there and said he can't get talked into a box that's not assign refuel balked talk ya. That is a an umpire judgment call. That is not review mobile. And soda umpires post game. Revisionist version of what happened is totally unbelievable unfortunately. Because he says no known I don't know even before he and Cheney even said yeah saying yes. Sam Holbrook said the umpire stopped hints before he could argue. To discuss. Whether. Keller had declared that he would pitch out of the wind up with runners at second and third yeah. I've. And once known pars agreed that he had and there's a gap that's a balk gap and part might skepticism there but. I'm just FYI. There's probably not being a manager in the last twenty years who walked out onto the field not having said something first from the dugout. The idea that AJ has had said a word yet is crazy. You know that dugout was going nuts. So they already have their feedback before AJ inch even walks out there so sorry it doesn't stand up to scrutiny and I think that the umpire. Who failed to call the block now that's on him in you know that's a problem but it answers right down prior then. You know. Even if the result was right he he. He got talked into it. And are not tucked into admit he got badgered into it by manager to change his call. In an. But they get. Badgered because I mean AJ hinted barely even had a chance to start arguing against Giguere from the night. That's my point my point is it didn't walk up say everybody hang on to say I'm gonna go out quick word. They're already going nuts in the dark we just don't see apart we see him walk up. Calmly and go whenever it's a two younger now the right call got made in and so I don't mean to. It was a balk money but I think it's interesting because for example on a ball strike call. You can't argue it in if you argued to. Loudly get tossed call doesn't change. Nonpartisan go back it's they had missed that he might say to the catcher but he hasn't changed his call that's my point. You can miss a block or do I mean guys miss calls of their human but I thought that was an interesting exchange had you ever seen it now mr. baseball had never seen him. Never. Any. Shots. I've seen nothing but for vetoed two season College Baseball. I've seen nothing but coaches on both sides of every game argue for blocks the army for balks at every game must block to block that's a thought he can't pull shoulder. He can't twitch and that's a hit to it that's about. White two years' worth of hearing college coaches bitch about what about calling this do you ever see balks and initially you're not sure why it's a balk of course. But I I don't I think that. Even if you think you know most of the balk rules. It's important to remember that the phrase intent to deceive is really important. And that sometimes things that I think of as the balk are not considered a blog because there's no intention to deceit wake. I've heard umpire say he does the same thing on every single mountain. So there's no intent to deceive in other words that's tally that's every pitch. So it does not make you back profit think. Well may be I'm not sure what the baucus that seemed never seen that before have you ever seen Brandon Crawford is red hot as he is right now the giants. They're dominating Max Scherzer yesterday. Not when a series from the nets. Was trying to think if maybe in 2014 he had a streak like this are not like this Hillary got really high I think he did. But he's I don't think he's ever even. Come close to having a month like a month he's handling our has had time to go back about thirty days. He's since may first he's hitting 43. He denying him and he makes scherzer look ordinary. Now he's. Part of it is I think. His first pitch aggressive right now and he's been right a lot about what the first pitch was an FBI yes I am so he's he's. You know that's a guest you need to it's an informed guess but that's to be right that often about what pitch is coming. You can't really make you know to swing like that like he does on first pitches. You're in or you're out it's like if this is a fastball it's gone now it's a curb on a fall down rob are you FBI first pitch aggressively sop up. I'm hammer him 'cause I'm always. Flying out of my cheese anyway after but wait wait wait you're having a swing of the first it's OK hands back and back during a swing at first when anyway. You have to be you're already a one on one when you go to the plate what he's not comfortable two strike hitter. So he'll it's like all right that's a morale hit a two not a problem but most of us. Join up there with a strike on us already. You know it's like cash. I know I'm gonna I'm gonna IKEA taken taken taken I'm gonna be way rarely act heads back. I'm and he yanked it over the deep third base fears foul another ever played under those cockamamie rules.