If the Raiders are going to be better... 9/10/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, September 10th
Where's the improvement supposed to come from?

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Top seeded Drake yesterday with all your your fantasy teams in all your tactics. In any thing else fund wagers legal wagers may have made I I had Cincinnati. Gaining three. Any covered I had Denver I liked Denver a lot they're giving trees at Dow's bullish. And I have the ramps tonight giving four. And I told my daughter Lawny yes she's a Mike is like a survivor Elie you needed to who's gonna win saints. Eyes at saint search or Baltimore about you know. Seemed like Kia is unfortunate but how about this you want fine. The alliance of American football has taken on in GM as an official gambling partner will create an app that allows in in game betting. That means if you're watching and after game hope you can bet with the gap not just on whether a team win or lose. That's so Tony seventeen did but also on whether the next travel score a touchdown. Or about who the next player to score will be or even possibly make a bet. After one play about the outcome of the next play. I'm in all I have to do is putting out on my phone. Yeah. No I certainly isn't money immediately after that Scott guterres and GM's president of interactive gaming. Told ESPN was great for us is the taxes provided as single of the all the teams of the news rule wind and there isn't in the union issues. What he's talking about there is. The path that's the plus American football they don't have been done look like they will have many times in the players' union okay. So so there's not an easy negotiating is gonna say hey we need to cut it right right but the league's basically. Free to make its own deal so they made a deal and MGM's on board and pretty soon you'll be able to write us. Download the MGM app pro football talks is that apple have players wearing trackers. Then make data about things like how fast are running available to gamblers. So betting through the engine map would currently only be legal in Nevada and New Jersey unclear whether any other states will make such betting legal by the time that half season begins. In February car. And that's local candidates but if you are not give me cut them off player you're not keep me kind of gambling action. Fun to wake him like the after indicated that players might get paid more if gamblers are betting more money on their please room for a better. You're the running back that the most gamblers wager on the score a touchdown you could profit off that it's almost the time. Very definition of half baked. It's like they had this idea going to at least three quarters baked they haven't eat they just they didn't get very far along with it other than yet can't. Well still. What was what are we did blister a partner. Putting any gambler I don't know. But will figure that out later I like it not not from the standpoint of I can't wait to do that but I think that's a good idea. It's good for the league because it's just one more little do dad that might. Help them draw a little more interest of course. Sure I mean it's like. I mean it's like anything any other form of Gailey got something that your draw what is your draw. Yet to have something that's a little bit of a draw. And considering how many football leagues in particular it tried failed. Yeah there's only gimmick but I'm just saying I'm in that particular one. It's a very clear that they haven't thought this out yet there'll be ramifications to some things are talking ramifications. Obviously it will Mac didn't want player and that's what's been mr. he was under contract Lisa. And he was under contract he never showed up for OT they never showed up for training camp and obviously going initial for the season. So you know don't forget that we have to get ready to play and I want players that want to be here that wanna help us put this thing back in high gear. It's way too early to start. Judging this trader grating this trader evaluating the deal but you know one night in last night didn't look like a good trick the rates not a great trade not a great trade. And there I don't think the raiders him even with gruden keep you know answering the questions I doubt they'll ever say that. I doubt they'll ever say. Oh we're better off without Mac. So instead he says the next best thing is will he wanted to be here which is sixty silicon thrown a fit. But I'll pay when asked make thing out of it everybody knows he dished him off to you wanna him could be doing a little do dad but I it's touched a nerve there all the reaction what are they doing how they treat this guy who has been pretty why did you look at crazy yeah but maybe he's reacted that maybe he didn't anticipate that as. Partisan is to believed I suppose in nine you know you have. We heard him say last week we'll get second guest on this till the cows come home in other words. Everyone will think what they want right now and maybe a few years from now it'll. Feel different maybe it'll look different you know who knows it's probably very frustrating for him if the truth is well they just in have the money right. And cash flow issues if he's front for the USA by the bullet on that there. Like well. John is gonna have to sell that somehow because that's what happened. So he did the next best thing that you can which is basically make it seem like. Khalilzad the one who walked out on the raiders. Which is so good clean a Mac Soviet. This is interest finish after with the story today. More details on what exactly the rams were offering and what they plan to do with color a Mac. Because we all wonder weigh the risk bets they made around at Mac how could they have afforded him. Rams made a pitch to quark a little Mac with the intention of giving him a race this season and then. Treating him at the end of the year. To get back some if not all of the draft compensation they gave up Nash after cites sources. As a name. After signing Aron Donald. Two of them record 135 million dollar deal the rams or addition after offered the raiders a first in the third round pick for a little Mac. And according to sources the team's thinking. Probably the team right that's part of the source on this. The rams yeah oh yeah yes I mean I would assume that it actually did it's I can demo strategy right. They were gonna go all in this season and then because of financial concerns and constraints. DR Mac away after the season to get back what they had dealt for him. So they just wanted to match Mac with Aron Donald Donna can sue and Michael brokers. Just wreak Havoc yet on offensive lines across the national. And and enjoy the year ranked you know a million of it if you leave your team that was a good play out I mean a good quality entry to the flaps in plaguing game had a good laugh into last year. I'm in a tough. NFC. Where he'd need to upgrade to stay within. And they've made lots and lots of upgraded they they probably still feel that the windows open you have a quarterback that you figured out how to be used to his absolute highest authority you know how high stability. And you do that without having to pay him big quarterback money yet so you go for all you can basically. You know if he OK if golf is a little ahead of schedule regrets find great. Siegel for right now because he won't be able pay everybody later the raiders apparently told the rams you guys are gonna be too good your picks are going to be work acquiring plus they got a better offer from the bears yes they did have a one and three they got to one's. Three part I thirteen Tony Eric on ESPN thirteen trying hello Eric. As you weekend there are you gonna bet on the I was a weekend and are you gonna bet on the alliance of American football. You know. Act as if I want to do senator copies golf I I want people like I want our era Ollie. I like you have all I have people ought be. I don't look you don't see a lot of power up all of our body have got to bet the FLA. February. People there are still don't drop things that I would not know where. All white because that kind of policies and I don't know. Article below if you gotta talk probably Warrick in reality it's way too long lemonade and it's called American Football League at it why all. You know Barrick is a liar it's a football National Guard. Who walk on. Armed. I had a talk about art about art art are brought up. It would result of that from Beirut fighter like golf itself wild or I'll basis at. I'm an artery you're out all right. Yeah they have Johnny five dollar fellow baby man I congratulate you on your excellent choice of a golf courses that's fine course. It's at art or golf courses I I agree that aren't bad but I love that not all or it's not you guys. In epic on I might watch but I'd like. I don't know out about the and it really over we are our cup water park and even people want to bet the ability. All these people are your ordinary. But there's bad people bothered you know it and it's it's you know leader went red. That some people wanted to do a lot of about books are all on Saturday it better not all these other rip them you know. It is it ever got out there I've ever. You have some audio but what Adam outlined here and they cannot hurt you are yours say earlier about street. And they're like oh don't worry we why aren't you look back by the editor material for a walk odd. And Eric are likely or anything like it was dark so. I aren't stock the American Football League and it's going to be you know what not and I hope that our guys are. All I have about it today program bargain out literary stronger led greater fires then you get. Rent much for our guys. Thank you area I'm with you on that went all the way again like like to outline a lot like to success last week awfully tempting and I think maybe one of the reasons the alliance of American football and in so long as maybe somebody says hey along the name the more. Significantly sound and I don't think that's gonna work but maybe that's. People take it seriously if we have a really. Belong. Sounding name I sat I don't know it's just a rough go that's it it's it's hard to do. But I can't tell dominates the landscape period I don't wanna bet on these guys I don't know they are right. Bolton would not to mention I have never seen these games played so I don't have any trends are anything to go.