If the Kings have no interest in Marcus Smart... 7/10/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, July 10th
...where did reports that they do come from?

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Last night as you know after Kingston a flurry of activity. Suggesting. Thrift activity on the Internet suggesting hey the kings are preparing an offer sheet for mark his smarts. Boston's a Sharaud Blakely is one new first that we did that according to a source kings preparing an offer sheet. And we had Jason just shortly after that. Tweeting I'm told is that true. So and then since then there's no indication that there was any truth to it so if it's not true. That the kings are. Making and offered a Marcus Smart or have any interest in making such an offer. Where did this story come from do you think maybe Marcus Smart just look at what happened between the bulls and Zach Levine. And today can we can we make might seem think that they kings are interested in maybe that'll help loosen things up or we get these talks going again. Yes and if I had to guess. It get the most likely scenario is tapes start at the the kings have been known. See you. Have kicked the tires on mark Smart at some point. So. You know what store they say are as that are now I'm I'm taken now I'm I'm I'm trying to put myself in in the heads of markets aren't spew gas like. Well we've heard that kings or interest so why shouldn't we be willing to drop. The possibility that there are doing something might sound under individually just gamesmanship. And then you kind of force the team the kings don't wanna say anything publicly one way or another is not you know. If this in the conversation and wanna be apart so that's why Jason Jon Tester won at quoting. And here's actually how Jason suite grad was told quote not true we and I asked about it my you know who interrupts. But I believe him because he followed up today by saying hey for the record. I. I concede the kings having some or I can see why Marcus Smart would fit but I'm telling you. What I I'm hearing or Jason Jones his tweets are being misrepresented aren't they yes. The S to be careful. I'm he says he tweeted a source says there's nothing to report of interest in market Smart side note. I can this is Jason talk I could see Dave Jaeger loving in addition Mike Smart. Tough player makes winning place so. You know it's possible that what he's saying is somebody heard day aviators say something nice about market Smart. And that suddenly kick starts a conversation. That really has nothing to do it any official. Business at all and is nothing more than what you know kings like moon. And I'll send you start to build little you know. False construct. Boston.com says the kings there's been a while there were assuming the report was true. That report would mean that the kings with a first team reported to have more than a general interest and Marcus Smart in June Yahoo! suggested that the mavericks the bulls and suns and pacers. We're contenders sons and pacers are out of contention now what appeared due to. What they've done with their cap. The bulls are probably no longer listed them Zach Levine so if you're Marcus mart endorse people you look around on. And nobody wants that's the really bad market for us yet is in it is for a lot of guys right and a number of guys there's some in their own self interest. Signed a one year deal because why not then market lectures mr. Tracy. But I think a lot of guys found a market isn't very good anyway there's an original lock into a bad multi year I think if they kings did have any interest in markets Smart and you we can debate the merits that of course seems kind of pointless at this point but if they did I would think they'd look at the situation say you know why it. Celtics are gonna keep on. And asked we wave massively overpay for the sky which we don't wanna do that's right the Celtics are gonna keep them so why should we engage in this process again be left once again when they got our faces. Yeah and where did that expressing come from getter. Secret question. Egg on your face yeah I really have no idea. It sounds the first first net vague on their face and what the world were they doing. And I'll have to. When nothing left effort on at some reluctance and test leaves after please show historian Donald Jackson will probably be two to it yeah Barry out pretty quick trigger there mean. I don't think that the kings have any strong. Belief that. Market smarts a big fit for them. And again I'm going off when Jason basically saying sand there's no off she'd be prepared but just look at it is twin timeline set and just telling. Dark shape me as it's free agency so. You know I guess I'm never I'm not gonna say never Marty is a Smart happened is a real a real test of your analytics department. Because the raw numbers tell you really get defensive player cannot shoot a lake and likes to shoot the ball lot yet but he can. He can't play a little point and the thing is that is teams better when he's on the floor right. That's at both ends you start looking for even though he's not a good offensive player there number suggesting they're better offensively with him on the floor and so analytic department. What we got to hear how does that make sense. Yeah good good luck that one man because you start looking for numbers that would justify the move instead of saying I can I know I can see it. And not everything that a guy brings to. The floor is quantifiable moon but most of it is seat start looking for OK well there's got some numbers that say. And sometimes is as simple as you know what's and what's what are what are his teammates. You know efficiency ratings when he's on the floor Versa when he's not or something like that I saw some similar numbers run out. Earlier today on them but he healed that suggested. Men resent every wanted to but he'll every single kings player last year was better when he was on the floor than now. And sometimes it was it you're a real big lump. Plus my sky and booksellers certain this was I think more about player efficiency rating that it was the same idea is you know how they do when he's on the floor. Purses when he's not. And in some cases it was. You know paid their. They're in negative territory but not as drastically when body heals on the floor but it was to me it's sort of it's what happens when you start to thin slice numbers and ask you trying to find some analytics that support what you think. Yeah I understand. If a team looked at Marcus Sorenson yeah I know he can shoot but look at the defense and look at the intensity that's where something. I don't disagree. But when your team has tried the offer sheet you have to decide pretty quickly worth one like just hope. This doesn't mean that there anymore likely to pursue Rodney hood. Because I don't think the king should have any interest in Rodney hood and there are no indications that they do other than what Jason suggested they. They might look at it now they can look at it got to look at everything but please don't go there right. Right it's completely. Any such a different animal he's a multi year contract guy in less you know that unless something's horribly wrong. And you know that date because when it's ironic kind of offer it would take to get him and he doesn't fit what you want and you know he's not Levine. I didn't want them to sign Levine either but Rodney it's not. Jack Levine gave them. Which it's just not it isn't there. And I know it's boring. Another big kiss fans and to understand any sandy said would do something. You you know you had a decent draft and will see and you had an advantage this year yeah built an advantage because yet cap space when not many teams did but it's just. That's the frustrating part for the kings fans. Being fans are going to be frustrated but you know the front office had to be off. It's so tough we couldn't sign guys this year how we gonna sign a next year when everybody else money. It's a good question without giving answer it's always tough to reckon with. That reality hey you know what they're not coming in free agency even if you got money spent. It's really tough to get them here. Maybe if you do everything right or most things right over the next several years maybe that'll change but in the time you've lived here. How often as it ever been true miniatures virtually never. So yeah it's it's a tougher way to go in this can always be a tough period for bookings free agency is always a tough period. But they got a little money airline. Guys don't wanna come here yet what do you think what do you more excited about the possibility of Carmelo going to the Miami Heat. Coach spoke apparently is really excited about that. Potentially Carmelo play enough power forward for them or talk that maybe they're raptors are looking around on May we can get involved in the school islanders thing. Oh well I mean decline littered thing in Toronto would be so much more interest. Carmelo is. You know cold product in and in that Kauai. With a team that's already really good. And end going through changes like it's you know there it damning new head coach lot things are changing in Toronto it's a dynamic situation moon. I mean that's a chance to rewrite your future that be amazing and the more we learn about the co wise situation and how things fell apart between in the spurs. The more I can understand how frustrated is that teammates were I'm up you saw this Michael C Wright of ESPN on a podcast. He was pointing out that coin is people kept saying quest can be back for this game. And doesn't happen he'll be back for this game based on the players he's still on RC and pop this is when he's gonna come back and every time was this sort of op no pump fake. And that's what was happening so they were getting frustrated about it to march 7 Leonard city return soon march 10. There was a report Leonard was targeting a return the next week against the pelicans I remember that march 15 San Antonio beat New Orleans without Leonard march 17 spurs have a players only meeting. Begging letter to play marsh Tony second manage you know we said. He's not turn back for me he's not coming back because it's not helping we've felt for a week ago again I guess you guys made this fall for it. I don't think so I think it his own. Can't major fall for it at times. By suggesting he's almost back. That's why you have a team meeting where they wanna know hey dude you said you're coming back this time he said to come back this time what do you come on back. That's what it was about you know according again to Michael C Wright yeah. It seems ripped. In there was report last week and I think it was CBS. Debt. Twilight it's people were at times actually keeping him away from the spurs like what the term they use was hiding him from the spurred me. But it was more like pool we did it not disclosing worries. Doing rehab or worries seeing a doctor and I thought. I I caning believe you got this far I mean he's still on the spurs technically. Eat that's unbelievable if any of that stuff history yet to what end to student to. Sabotage the relationship making it more likely the spurs would trade him. I mean what's the end game there I don't know just assuming that there was a disagreement over how healthy once quiet are being part of it I'm I think at some point part of it sounds like. That his people were really determined to keep the spurs doctors away from calling Leonard like we don't trust your. Prognosis Currie you're diagnosis or anything so just stay away from our guys. But he's hours he's not yours and cuts across you know they don't have a history of abusing players are being insensitive the players injured as they take care of their players at. Some players play a long time there hoping his car and invented resting players right. It's just it's out of character on every level.