I hope you aren't tired yet of NBA revenge games... 2/9/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, February 9th

Blake Griffin faces his old team and teammates.


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The NBA has the best feuds going the best individual player he's going in any sport Greek. Pretty good right media and then he they they go to the next level sometimes when the players are refuting. Engage each other on the court we saw what Westbrook brought to them or your game and you so exhausted the team played last hire writers aren't we played a year out. Actually don't know why didn't play. I just know they didn't play. It could be exhaustion obelisk a bit shootaround yesterday so some happen then well I hope you're not tired of because we got. We got some more rivalry game some few games some revenge games potentially. Tonight tardy underway Blake Griffin taking on his former team for the first time since being traded. From the clippers to Detroit's yes just under way actually. Been stunning how well the pistons have played since may gonna move because I was one of those I was Miller while but I admit I was whether it's a good luck pistons. Well I mean so far so good and they've had a game he'd be he's an upgrade of course in Germans played really well too. And you know they're there. They're not a team in house on the play for so he eats. I'm sure Detroit the last place the world he thought about going but. Their to their print very much in a competitive mode then. Since trading for Blake the pistons five and though their foreigner with him in the lineup. And over that span the jazz and raptors the only other teams to rank in the top ten in both offensive and defensive efficiency. But you know I think if there was. If there was animosity there was mainly between Blake and Chris Paul or tension is so I mean Chris ball's not there anymore clippers it's not noise not the same minute some of the steam out of this revenge game. You know but he did get yes he got shipped out by a franchise that. That it sold in the Rust Belt yet and and indebted sold in just months earlier on being the face of the franchise for the rest of his days in essentially. Plane his career with one with one team. Which is so rare an end to do it in LA which is kind of a dream come true for a lot of athletes Lindsey. I'm sure this is he has unsure had no problem getting motivated. To go plated team that just. As it turned out didn't mean anything it sent this is a little less of our marquee revenge game but tonight. 630 our time timberwolves that bulls Jimmy Butler returns to Chicago for the first time. As a member of the timberwolves he spent per six seasons of his career with the bulls was named an all star needs of his. Last three. Jimmy Butler and there's another Jimmy. He also about teaming drop below I'm really not I guess I would prepare James Butler made the all NBA third team last season in Chicago. First all league selection of his career and that Butler trade working out for Chicago. The timberwolves traded Zach LaVigne Chris Dunn and the seventh pick in last year's draft Lori market in to the bulls for Boller and the sixteenth pick in last year's draft. Justin Patton and Zach Levine by the way. I think he's an unrestricted free agent this year but the kings are already pretty well stocked their house. Pretty well Miami Heat beat me he's not same type of players the guys that they have at that position but. Yeah ain't it it's so would be good fit now I don't know what he's gonna ask the memories. He's battled through an awful lot of injury he just got back on the floor. And I I don't know Chicago and a determination try to Monday they were here in a pretty good again but if they've got Markkanen coming along and if Chris Dunn is is a keeper for them. Then they might spend some money Levine. I mean they do the bulls are mean they've won eighteen games with they gutsy young guys that they know they can play with going forward. And then some bit of a revenge game rivalry game feud game right. In a weird way in the you know some of the starts is out of is taken out of it now because Isaiah won't be there but not the real start right. If you're talking about I agree emblem brawn apple how it how bend. And do any change everybody hates the anyways so the idea Danny Ainge south swindled the cavs. It's it's great to cast Celtics. That's a lot of fun. It's the news that cavs. If I'm if everything can get done on Saturday than George Hill could play in that came over Cleveland. And when I say that I mean that Shumpert has to have taken pass his physical Sacramento. Tomorrow if that happens then he's got a chance so as as does not get in a tribute videos. No there's no I mean I highly doubt it so the lakers don't play in Boston again this year so that's out. I don't know where Isaiah will be next season. But at that point the Celtics who have gone a year Isiah have an opportunity. And didn't wanna do it because you think it's gimmicky get there you know I take it back he won his Stanley to be there have been only if he was gonna play. And the date that the Celtics originally wanted to do it for May forgot story he you know the he was going to be able able to play. And so we say can you wait till I'm in uniform moon and they said sure I'll ask no problem was due at the next time you guys are in town. Which began Robin average tightly yourself for that one person in the organization who's apparently is never there which are always up for the one person in the organization raising insects. Hey you know that's a bad day because you're retiring Paul Pierce's numbers and so. You know can you may be not do that should be video that day. So instead he had this insanely embarrassing dealer return retiring guy's Jersey and he's mad about it. Guess not dollars because not all of the time outs are gonna be about general. All of this on the planet. It on my dad so small Dave McManaman is the cavs reporter says these deals for the cavs they just started to snowball yesterday. Start to peel back. The layers and you know big one deal. It became clear that egos you know do we can address. Something yeah complete. Use spirit of other terrorist group that currently. During Clarkson and but then you start CO OK you are deep to pick conscript joke. To make this thing really work. And LeBron just wants the best for Isiah Thomas. You know just I want analyzes reduce. It is bounce back your spring they're. No you know three. It's tough. And then also must still call for anybody. Selection here's a play about an eight ball known not only. On the floor just on the news so back to where you can discuss and plan. What was best form wanted to know whether right now is your churches and no one major. Today miles Beckett this spring bed. Isaiah stars fall on a little bit currents. Little bit again. I'm not sure we'll ever be as high as it was in Boston the king's love them but in Boston he became. An elite player earned only score. And I think that's how he wants to be thought. And I think I actually think that LeBron I don't know about that whole message. I don't know what he's supposed to say but I actually think part of what he said is really to I'm I still think Isiah has better days ahead. You don't think he's recovered yet I still think he might be at his very best as a guy coming off the bench. He went one of the things that makes him as good as he is is the fact that. In his mind he is the best player on the floor with him and his size he has to think that way then. And it's hard for him to accept coming off the bench I should be start you know. Absolutely. I mean. You have to I actually think most pros. Have to make that. That that deal you you can't ever stop thinking is great in camera stopped thinking that the coaches you know. They're crazy if they don't see it but you channel that into the effort you bring off the pitch. Which actually he did for a long time by all right okay fine I'll show you what I'm about. If if the other thought overtakes and all we can think about is how he's being misused that's that's when it becomes a real problem. But his mind at wind there's lot bigger guys than him have have had to be talked into. This idea you know you're incredibly valuable as the first guy on the second unit. Because it hurts your ego means what you what you I don't wanna be the best not. Five guys I wanna be one of the five starters. In a matter how many times a coach tries to tell you. Look at your minutes in the box score you are giving. You're giving big guy minutes you're getting star minutes that's not L player to player wants to lock out players actions. He wants spotlight and the flames to shoot up in the air. Because that tells everybody that's our five well I'm very curious and anxious to see how well the cast play and how long it takes them to find some sense of rhythm. And I'm sure they are too. And the answer is I'm sure part of the answer is well not in you now. And not yet but maybe not too long does a young adaptable players except for George Hill sure but he certainly understands troll. He knows how playoff the ball and he knows how to not be the number one scoring option you know he's leading the NBA in three point shooting. System and it's pretty there's no way and that's part of that whole kings fiction you were trying to spin a well last week residential properties at what 45%. Wii is like cricket ends stats dot com or something like that. I'll check I'm nuts I don't know where the kings he was he shooting 45% retreat has issued a lot. But there's no reason likely than would look at that say he knew that for us that.