I guess we can't blame Joe Staley for going a little overboard. 11/13/17

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Monday, November 13th

Can we blame anyone?


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Sorry say he couldn't find any good in yesterday's NFL schedule that he now watch the 49 years. Post their first victory this season did he not listened to it here on ESPN thirteen. 18 I'm not sure he watched or listened. All right it is a waterless many sports does he know he just Koptev not watching I was leaning on Saturday about I don't know I don't think we can blame your buddy Joseph Staley for going a little overboard. Can arrange to have in the eleven years have been here said big Joseph this win felt just as good as winning the NFC championship. I just think seriously I think. If you don't understand it. I don't worry about it but I I think that's a real athlete thing to say when you just desperate for a win them and you know. What they can do inside your locker room and you're in you're just. Begging for a and you finally get one. Yeah I I I I realize it sounds ridiculous but the teams that did he was on the one were. Supposed to win. Kyle Shanahan on his first win it. And they're very good to know take this long but on its. Whose specialty guys and I was really happy for them was president were concerned Hardenne. We just keep coming in every Monday so disappointed in. Found at a time it seemed every Wednesday those guys are so the first game of the year and contact OnStar they're going to outcome move us in the road that's what gives a chance to win today and strapped for them. Some are suggesting that you really have to give a tip of the cap to Kyle Shanahan. Where the game plan he put together yesterday. Which produced points yards from. Pretty short handed crew. Alia for example. San Jose Mercury news pointed out. On third down the 49ers were eight to twelve which was suggest yeah. Excellent play but also. Excellent play calling. However. I I just can't get around and if you're selling game you know this is the case. Did you Perkins didn't even try yesterday the New York Times it's hard really to evaluate what the 49ers did it. Because the giants had no interest in competing yesterday. That might be an overstatement but I don't think it's an overstatement to say they have very little interest in competing blood suggested beaten down team yeah. And I'm. I would I'd got to rush in there and say Utah beat teams. You take good long look at the giants you know before anybody sure they're there like I'm professional cleaners. I'm on the other hand there are a couple of individual yes moments where I thought I guy wasn't running hard. I'm I mean she knew before the show sterling Shepperd. I who led them interceptions history be he ran a couple routes one in particular. Where he appeared in just slowdown in the middle around nuisance is trying to I'm. Essentially go up the left sideline and but he had to cut to get there mate is cut and then broke into it like at Kellogg. And didn't kind of accelerated again and whose only game on TV was settles gross wires yeah all of the most all out well Darryl Johnson basically said. That was on like you could tell he is coming from players respect me Sanaa as weird and Chris byers gave him the benefit of the doubt saying. He appears to be favoring his leg which is probably your first natural conclusion while some strong. Except what he never left the game he he he didn't miss any time. I don't think he's led muscled them back it was a weird well here's to forty niner highlights have a look at what they order of things in common a bat third dig good way and I. Bringing extra people. 49ers pick it up give the third time it takes to keep. He shot for good look down there. It's. Good morning. Spectacular but of course the rest of the story there after the game Goodwin. Be viewing that his wife and he had lost their child just before the game. Oh yeah and a son born premature and a and he played the game anyway. But if you saw his. When he got to be in Sony went down to a knee which a lot of players deal that didn't really collapsed and practically had to be. He was congratulated but also helped out helped up by his teammates many opinion what. At half. So that there were some stories within stories. And I'm in in it for a pretty human face on a game that was. You know at times I'm sure for giants fans. Just about impossible to watch yeah although I thought that thing would be on a balloons we didn't have upon until the third quarter don't know about that so that was one. Seated at their two touchdown passes the other better to Celek. Looking. Garrett Celek was among the fantasy football tight end points leaders yesterday yeah yeah. Well that'll that'll that'll help but what those two plays and common good win hosted two Norris Jenkins yeah. And Celek. Just ran right around she nor Shanken who had a chance to make a play and basically just kind of ran over and patted him didn't try to tackle them though didn't hit him. I mean. I don't know that I've ever seen a player just flat out dogged in an NFL game like to Norse shaiken said yesterday and I used to watch Randy Moss. I for the raiders but remember that's a guy who they suspend. You write that off for a week end. If you. In its to at least to hear it over to read the reports. There were suggestions that the players were so outraged by him being suspended. That that was maybe when initially led some of them. To play as though they were quitting on their coach them so he gets you know he is brought back after a week immediately goes in. To line up in just don's. Mean I am not sure. Maybe there are a couple players now wondering if they had made the wrong decision on who lineup with. Because that guiding give full effort now on the flip side. The giants had an offensive lineman DJ flicker who actually is knee went out during the game who didn't wanna come off the field. Got replaced for about six plays and then went back out there with a clearly an awful on the who's trying to play through a problem so don't wanna I don't wanna say. You know there's not 46 of anything on game day sheer politics is one bad one that Eli apple blow there were a couple. There were a couple yeah yeah and the giants looked like they were playing in the Pro Bowl at times yesterday like I'm gonna run over here 'cause I have to look like I wanna stop this guy that there there's that there's sure seemed to be. Pain now I'm really cute and is guessing more than knowing that their their they played as though they consider their season over now. And that's a problem for the giants he said today by the way did Mac he's gonna coach to the end of the season no matter what. But that's a problem because they still have Venus set and Syria play well anyway it's 49ers happy. With the win. Any which way it comes. Teaming drop low key vital a great yesterday against that defense oh my goodness yeah he's the only guy and uniformity get on the field. So the four or six other 49ers who wore a Jersey yesterday on the field and then came. And I just think that they did exactly what they hope they they can do which is get through that again without him. In now give them. Two more weeks so the bye week you know they upon sale practiced for sometime this week but it the bye we plus an open week for you think all systems ago. Or Iraq alone I get by against the Seahawks are trying to think you'll start the last six games of the season yeah that's that's that's what I think's gonna happen. And bettered you know had some really nice moments yesterday and the thing that I liked for the niners that I think they probably take away is the gain yards but also that explosive plays on the ground. They gain yards but also expose a place in the air yeah and yeah high in in related news it was the giants. And not the Seahawks have to play in two weeks they'll need to get better bet there'd authority proven he's a guy you want around going forward not as your quarterback but as your back up your. A guy who can play in the NFL mom knows what he's Arctic are on it and yeah it in her a few cuts today though Nolan and I realize you know thrown out dropped low against the Seahawks is problematic. But they may feel better about it giving him at that point nearly a month to get ready also the Seahawks defense is not what it once was dollar was last week. No it's nine they had had you know. I mean to lose Richard chairman. And you know have to sign back Byron Maxwell who they like go for all the right reasons. It sometime ago. Suggests you know that they're there they too are trying to figure out a way to hull hole yeah you know and the 49 our offensive line played a lot better yesterday but did they. I think so it's hard that well you know it's it's like a lot of things you know if the if the it doesn't really matter why. You don't mean anything that big creates any belief. Is is is what Marion just daily said some other stuff yesterday. Besides saying what a huge win it was in when things he said was I'm genuinely excited about what's going on in here like here. The future here's bright is basically what he says he said no one is ever wavered known as ever pointed fingers we've all just buckled down and that's a tribute to Kile in the leadership group. He brought in with a front office. And his coaching staff I think Peter King wrote about that today the fact that. In no time during the 49ers nine game losing streak was there any indication that any sort of rift at all or even disagreement. Between lynch and Shanahan. No it doesn't seem to be in lynch was down there you know on the sideline and gradually Shanahan. As the game went on down. Afoot for the niners their reality is really just it's not about around the reality is there under talented and beat up so it's going to be a tough round today. You know we get that the bye week and then the Seahawks. In the go to the bears in the go to the Texans. It's. It's not heavyweight I mean the Seattle games problematic as it always is but you're right that's not the team we are thinking out Seattle's team is different now. And it may be closer to a fair fine. I'm the bears fair fight. You know yeah they have a couple of weeks where they have a chance to show that they're making progress. Not about a winner lost just to show you making progress so against the bears and also against the Texans if rob we'll start to 49ers the better quarterback on the field hospital while the ticket flat out say that. At least going in that's what you would say yeah I mean I guess will revisited after the place Seattle and sesame place and attempt. Actually see him throw for now he told me is really throw a lot of passes lately for those who admitted paying attention. But yeah that's where they really are you know it's it's. The it's not about wins and losses exactly except to say that they needed to win one. And now they know they can and they know that they can take advantage of the worst team which they did yesterday them in summit Palestinian stuff. Looks really good when your runner nick against lesser opponents which is south falcons looked a lot because they're talent was good. So you can imagine the 49ers with talent. With Shanahan is offensive mind it's kind of fun to think about where falcons banked robs cowboys yesterday wow. Cowboys had a prominent left tackle and it just figured we'll stick with it yet. Two nor chickens and jazz drained the cab was left tackle yesterday. I don't know that I've ever seen an NFL player play worse than those guys played yesterday evening great players make bad plays but I mean over an extended period just consistently bad again. I don't know what Jenkins said at least has been felt bad about it yeah he's he was apologizing all over the place. And that's what happens when you lose somebody off a great line. You know you lose some and Africa offensive line in a bit reasonable defense is gonna say they would might try that guy that substitute we might triumph.