How did the Kings do? 2/23/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, February 23rd

Are there continuity errors for the Kings?


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I don't know markets heaters going to the rain ends the 49ers had some interest but the rams get markets peace. And if the reports are right they don't even really give up that much right. Kansas City really wanted to mountain mountain. So we did the rams just are ignoring the warning signs because he's gay young talent it's totally possible. Or they think that circumstances will be completely changed by having. Of a Wesco sky guy who played at Washington College ball that is come back to the West Coast. I mean maybe maybe it's as simple as he's going to be happy here he wasn't happy in Kansas City. Team still themselves that's kind of stuff all the mountain when they find a really talented players available yeah. So it's been it's jas is not in his for the niners. To whatever level. A bit of of whatever level of interest they had and met Mayo goes reporting that the 49ers never made a trade offer. But there's no question that they were interest in him because inched in any quarterback who can now. Right because she's. Very club friendly contract and he's very good any addresses a need for them or would have rice stresses a need for the rams OK fair enough that's right so not only do the niners not wind up of them but the rams said the team in your division is going to be a problem. Member in the playoffs for the rams play the falcons and I told to the falcons are gonna beat the rams and you said no way the rams in a win in the falcons won. Was at this year yeah I know that now you know I don't remember that interest and you know the act kings. I think you'd agree with me when it comes to their marketing people their ticket people there very creative in their very school out. Do a great job yes they do yet and they realize as do all NBA teams in all sports teams. But especially this Tommy in the. BA if the teams I've gone well it's it's it's a challenge to sell tickets rice can be it can't be. So this is and I think we've talked about this maybe you've seen it I I think this is kind of cool. They have the kings have something called the perfect attendance pass and yeah I'm not pushing it on because I don't were not affiliated with them but I just think this is kind any and it's creative. You can attend every home game in March for one Tony 929 dollars and then if you do when you go to all the games which is what it's. The nets the jazz the next. The pelicans and Orlando five games attend a five guaranteed games above and you'll unlock the next game. And you can get I guess you could unlock you can attend all twelve games and get a release gift card but it is kind of neat and I think it's roles things. Where you buy your package we you don't know we're going to be sitting Nasser until the day game. They can apply you and if I'm wrong about that I pause as but I know they've done that before I think that's how this works I just appreciate some kind of creative. They're doing the right thing to date. It. Everything that kids are doing right now as a future play in to meet the smartest thing in the world when you have a it is in a brand new building that a new building. The smartest thing in the world is to exposes many people as possible to it. Even if your product is an off the charts. And right now you'd be watching a kings team that may be will be good Sunday. But you will but you'll be going to go on one which is a really small Arenas savvy is thing in the world used to get someone inside that building because. Most people wanna go back packer game last night. And you put aside the kings. Future considerations. Packer game last night it was 10107 at the buzzer Russell Westbrook went a dagger absolutely. Did you know there right now I think the kings' TV. Rating situation is out of it out of the team's control. They're not generate well on TV because they're playing for anything but the arena experience is so good so you do what you need to do to get people in the building so that they walkways saying man that's places offs. So they'll come back around that's all it really follow the kings I'd be called up Comcast and I'd say hey and we know people like. Big time a Comcast we know people way high up yeah. Went scored when I'm but I would say look how am I wanna watch the worst games and Comcast as bright and loud and I want to kings games and it's dark. And I can't hear as well. I don't know the answer. But that's how the broadcast looked before they clinical one. So I'm confused because and you and is attended became their nose then it's not dark right. It's certainly not you know it doesn't look like they're dark corners in the building but sometimes a broadcast. It looks as though the kings are being broadcast. As a second tier product bone it's the weirdest thing there's no reason to do that by the way Simon sick and I'm sure that's not it. But I always get that impression Michael McCain looks so set. There may be a very. Logical reason that we're just not privy to it could be even I'm saying it looked that way also when they played at sleep train and slash Arco. It that's how it looked there to I don't know. Mean doesn't look that way it. And oracle plans for share them and I know in all fairness the kings broadcast not quite bringing in the revenue right now that warrior games or bring in pretzel treatment in it it in but I can even let's even account for the variables. That the gold states team colors are brighter green every. It's brighter when Alec how we're gonna riots. And it's the bits is that's the Roman rained he would dead two days I just saw that it. He pots and pitcher me and he's so shy or. Me over and for me out. He's dead it only takes a moment to make a moment he had did to DNA. How you're nuts on any commercials are you I guess you've liked says or from times you've seen a few kings games this year and but it's not easy again I know it's not easy is tiny air. No it's not sell eight A for effort I'm on the creative in marketing side to get just all you're doing right now is get people in the building. First all the spin when they're in the buildings he make all your money back even if you discount the ticket and secondly that club I got another commercial question for a K Washington crossing the Delaware turnpike. I think Sony yeah I think it's funny but you notice he's he's a little to left easy altogether now Anthony's young. Colorado plays the other guys they know. Right via an image of the on the car and they show Larry whoever Larry save so much money and they cut back to Washington. He's back he is yes even half way. Well how did he go backward production area suits are saying and then he says big man at all or but what are you went backward he may have and they may have suffered some slippage there during their. You talk about apparently I'm not the only one who noticed that certainly I'm not the only one another as a reasonable chance you know when I noticed that but it's still a good catch because I look for that stuff in movies on time right. That's why you have continuity. That's why there is continuity continuity department and every production studio and America my you have to get there right. You can't have the person has north avenue America's it's a funny on their hair can't be flat. And then you go to the other president comeback that pursues a speaking there are no it was notified Dennis can threaten. Continuity airs on the kings park I mean there were those of this great young team writer this promising young team. Them last night they got big minutes in big production from Zach Randolph. And Garrett Temple and Vince Carter. While 49 from 029. And twelve. Yeah. But I veterans they don't almost and that game they'll have a lot right now. In a break masons just coming back Q is on them minutes restrictions supposed to be twelve we played would have thirteen fourteen. And it's Dallas coming back and these two guys who arrived in the various trades are ready you know now Phil ever be. I'm numbers certainly know we're close so Yeager didn't really have some like he. Had a million yeah different ways that go through paired up guys really did try to source you're definitely right why he wrote the matches down a stretch he was playing the veterans trying to win that game. He's definitely not going to coach and I think. I admire him for it. He's not can eat just is not getting you can make him play a certain. Roster who it was both your approach to win was he may be under the weather some meat and play well he only played eighteen minutes. I thought they were tied. That he together that he was planes portly said he came off the floor he didn't look like in anything he could have been sick mom you know a this is my good at rising stars flew it isn't like Dan isn't going around in the you know and of course for other reasons they didn't have deer fox so. Yangon and have a lot of choice last night but he certainly. Even given the choices he's he's so gonna play as veterans yeah frank Mason. Played well in his limited minutes. You know that one time he fell on you could see that take a long time to get up goes oh he's tired. Now understandable first came back right now with a profit yes he's not getting much run full what do you think maybe another year or two these kings are playing in that play in game. Where there are playing game when he. No playing game. If you voice saying his tears and I hope they're competing for the eighth spot me too. But I do not wanna see them hey we're fight hard to get to the tin. Would guess that we get the ten spot begin the plane game and it's even easier to get in a period you know if you have ten you get into the play in turn meant in years actually in the playoffs. You don't want that. I know you don't like that I appreciate you being devil's advocate. But I know you don't want that I've watched a definite critical hole it's which elect as the regular season stuff. And I can't imagine why the NBA would want to devalue the regular season even more than it already have us well doesn't it may be maybe perhaps could address tanking. Maybe you would make it. Give a little less incentive detained if you're twelve there's some play oh my goodness they wait. We're only three out of the tenth spot in the play and turn a minute I don't know I I think that's possible. It sounds like somebody's idea of how to combat tanking but I don't think it would come that tanking. Yeah I think that teams that are tanking are really committed if you haven't admitted early in the season you also have lottery reform which kicks in next year. I don't know that it's it's worth look at that it's very difficult. To anticipate how these things are going to be received an out teams are actually going to approach them but it's worth looking at. You know I can't imagine a day where I would be even remotely interest is in watching team battle for the tenth spot I can't imagine the day were you even watch a basketball game that Oklahoma city's not planning and -- about whether he'd -- you you're you're Utley past Nam if any if someone does heavily pass you think Diana like basketball you really care to be battling no there's lots of people I know that don't have league pass that I know like basketball but I know you don't you know I like basketball. I just capital like a team that you don't care and LPS. You'll want. You are I am not leap pads on and LPS finally free preview coming up. You all draped I think around this weekend I think it's this weekend the buzz really just what they're trying to get me to buy a mini pack for the rest of the season that's exactly what they're trying to do crafty devils I might just do it.