How challenging is it to be LeBron's coach? 7/9/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, July 9th
Will there be conflict?

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Coaching LeBron James. He's arguably the greatest player of all time so wouldn't give glorious. Would it be. More difficult. Coaching no more ordinary flare what do you think mr. NBA coaching expert. I think you would be a massive load the Miami coach and I think it's especially interesting that in the bronze career. He really hasn't been with a veteran coach right. I mean. In his first coach no Spoelstra and no. Tie Lou no and now Luke Walton the real coach blatt. Thank you ID. I completely skipped past coach flat. He actually comes closest to fit that description because he is no kid but you know in terms and sometimes you think of great players as being you know. Jordan. You know play for Phil Jackson and Kobe and Shaq played for Phil Jackson things like that. Ended up Paul Silas those along time ago briefly thank you yes I completely missed that. But I think that's interesting that LeBron is I think in some ways that's situation that he kind of likes what think this is cutting interest in. Luke Walton. Reached out to tie Lou and they're gonna get together apparently over breakfast along with their mutual buddy Brian show off. Am there again talk about it. He told leases tie Lou Luke Walton he told me I have my pen and paper route I'm ready let's hear it. They so there there there meeting in Vegas I just want to let him know that asked the people saying you read bronzed not like that. This is silent. Blake they make it seem like he's hard on the coach he's hard on the organization he's nothing like that that's the most important thing a wanna convey with them. That he's not like that my biggest thing is the zoo comes from just outside media s.'s Tyler who. It's really not coming from within because everybody he deals with. Maverick Carter Randy Mims all those guys are professional so won't be no problem for any of those guys abroad carries himself the right way so the biggest part. Is just having to deal with the media scrutiny. But he's not like that I don't want people to think browns and the brawn born I don't I don't want people thing bronze. And an a hole or bronze this and that because he's not since Ty Lue. So it's all the media. That's probably outside media. That's probably what it is when I said think he's a load I just mean. You're talking about especially now. I don't think that he was probably an easy guy to coach after his first two years the league even because it was very clear that he was a superstar. We thought it when he came to the NBA beat him you know it but like two years in in new mean. So I just think that it's a different set of coaching skills you know it's kind of cool is tie Lou when he got the job in 2016 member he replaced. Coach blatt he reached out to Spoelstra then. And Spoelstra shared with him this is what it's like coach in yeah LeBron and I understand it totally. I think Tyler is probably. You know under selling it a little bit but I could see how would be very useful if your coach LeBron away talking as somebody's been through what is alike what do I do you know what works yet. What approach. Clicks would look at Ryan in for gas how to lie. How to lab for a certain situations with LeBron. In Luke well this case. He is. A second year head coach. Is going to be Aston lesser roster turns over for some reason to figure out how to coach. LeBron. And Rondo. And Alonso. That in addition some other young guys. And that Timmy is asking an awful lot of any coach much less someone who in a lot of ways is still trying to put his stamp on an organization about the way they do things tie Lou says that LeBron has high expectations but they'll try stuff quote. He's gonna do everything as far as team wise he'll try anything once but if that don't work. It's something that you all might need to discuss and convince them otherwise and quote and to which apparently also goes for. From what we have a read about Rondo although I'm not sure Rondo is ago try anything once. Remotely Brad. I've never coached. No I think events. That sounds pretty closely as chief that it isn't that. Did you might spend your time as their coach of this group you might spend a lot of your time explaining. Your decisions. Instead of explaining strategy. And not the desk look if I had LeBron on my team. I'd actually care what he thought. I mean I would want to know because of not only because binds important also because he met some insight. That really helps to look I mean it's no kidding assay LeBron like a player coach in a lot of respects he is. Rondo often was two bit off but often in a detrimental way it's likely pay your talking over you're talking to a player while I'm trying to have a time out is gonna work. I would want a bronze input I'm just saying. I think that the qualms about to find out something that Phil Jackson knew and that is that. I'm managing ego. Even if you wind up with a really good team managing egos huge part of your job as head coach. And it's not even a really new thing new gone for a long time yeah Phil Jackson in a way had a summit teaser specially by the time he got total acres. With Kobe and shack he had the hardware we've and he brought with them a 16 of these. And even with Michael they kind of went through it to gather true yeah. And even with Phil Jackson in the middle. Doing whatever it was he did. I am. You know Kobe and Shaq or not collapse together very long. And eat eat and Phil Jackson knew in the US trying to manage it it's just that kind of stuff is tough so to me part of it is this kind of take. It should he could work but it sure looks like a combustible mix them plus for Luke Walton he has been head coach that long and he's been you know. A nurturing young team and then bush. Pay now or doing some completely different rush that is in need you to nurture him anymore right. And whatever I was making you feel. Kyle charisma. You know valued. Its heavy touches like moon managed you know direct got offense to the young kids those days are over. So now we're gonna have to figure out how you can exist or co exist with the guy who gets the ball first and gets when he wants them. And that goes for Ingram to on the Syrian those guys are on the roster when the season starts my guess would be it'll work because LeBron is a basketball so bonds also Luke Walton is very intelligent also Luke Walton is really good friends. With Richard Jefferson. Who played with LeBron for awhile he can all help end Luke Walton also has a pedigree and not many do you he certainly been in and around the game for so long. Amnesty is any problems he can bring his fall Maria and to smooth things over with the brawn James whom he beat the breeders' plural all time that's taking nothing away from the great thirst like. Not only Michael Jordan but going back but Russell Wilt Chamberlain. Yes easy Ed Macauley. You could go on. This is I think it I think Luke Walton is it kind of established this past season but he's not easily ruffled. And that he does have. You know at least this year you know it was made very clear that he had strong. Front office and ownership support. I don't expect LeBron to wreck that I think LeBron is going their because he wants it to be good situation but I just think. That's a real wildcard for head coach the other thing is this as difficult as I'm sure can be sometimes a coach LeBron you know tightly right now he's not feel like coral. And I have to hook anymore no you do anything dab LeBron back that's right in he would have in the would have figured it out you know he went. I think that he went through. I'm a personal you know turmoil. That probably gave him prospective a lot of coaches don't have I think the trick for Walton. Four LeBron for magic for everybody there. Is that's camping down expectations this year and her LeBron typically goes somewhere boom. We know that is unlikely this year they're going to be better but how good are they gonna be. If Laker fans he data hander get ahead of themselves I should say with their expectations. That's not gonna go well. In and think about managing. The 82. What if you get off to a really good start what if here you know fourteen and six or something moon then expecting here in LA. It's you know it what it won't just be managing expectations coming into the season to get on any little mini run and watch how that goes. You know you're going to be definite take your temperature every day. So I think it's a huge challenge it because you be glad to have it but it's a big challenge up next beat cries how would you call beat or really go. That's right heard it. I never call them until last week you were called to be craw. When I ever called in peak from last week you're OIMF info on the TV why megaphone of the TV make it fun and yeah. While anyway. BP well I saw my kid one time does that count. So I want to make my album what. And why he. Like everybody.