How about that one? 6/12/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, June 12th
Has Mr. Baseball ever seen that before?

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For the second. We have some things that mr. baseball has never seen before village happen. Okay two days in a row. On the card every day here it is season you never seen before dad never said. Three but I thirteen Tony first let's. I talked to big talent he has entered into any elevate gal. Bob good agent played 300. People that would. We are just being he had you have black and I'll let you know you wanted to do it wouldn't surprise that it. But make it definitely off load their background paper and we didn't get around it and Bobbitt did what they had what. What earth deal. Anybody on their locker room and got that. Libertarian land it and it won't hurt a big got dark visions that badly they'd love to have a big it really can't Rick Gordon right and that there. Bob. I actually get down can't be anybody and they. It would look. Yeah you got it right all right yet there's. Lot of ambient noise yes yes thank you for the call we heard about it was a little bit of a struggle so yet they don't but that's the idea of I'm sure understand what you decide thank you yes yeah it does the idea on sheer. Is that good clippers or look at offload and they want someone to take one of their big numbers off their roster one of the big salary numbers off the roster. In media Andre for what you're trying to accomplish great because he's of no use to overturning don't clippers are basically. Retooling mom Betsy if Jerry West is run in the show which I guess he has to it sounds like right now. So they're starting to turn over players. It's anyway it doesn't matter is on a deal that should interest the king stunning level. I think that maybe is the first thing. A notes. Of significance interior west accomplish here is like. Does Blake Griffin guy and if you could trade a life of its trade him but he's our guys are French guys we just had a big ceremony Foreman so I don't know we wanna. Built a team around forever a lot of the retires a clipper. Okay dived under I hope you enjoyed it and we need to get rid of them yes Tibet had a good that the timing there I think unit that did the debts have. That's it Jerry West would be the one to say I'm really sorry about that. But that wasn't my idea you know he got essar on to that before you were talking to me. I'm telling you need to move the Christian I know it's gonna look path to look at when people bring up the fact that you did to hold dog and pony show. But that's not important right now what's important is his number's gonna kill us for years and we need to offload him yeah and yesterday. Big owl was sharing what is the story perhaps you've seen at their reports that the Celtics would love to get a pick in the top five. And they'd be willing to us a swap maybe Roger maybe Jalen brown maybe some combination thereof for a pick they would like to use them Obama. And has been confirmed but that's what's being in bandied about Newton has essentially a successor to Horford. I'm. Did it I don't know I mean gaining inches. Comes up in a lot of these conversations because the Celtics have assets and have had for awhile. And they may be dealing carrier ring social like they're averse to certain. Carriers not thrilled today lighting as you might imagine when asked about playing with LeBron again. Because people want for some reason to put LeBron with the Celtics. Will put him on the Celtics they'd be a super team yes now but there's one pretty big problem. And it'll ever happen but carry for the record at. The hook up a sort of I get up early on discussed. Necessarily. So I wonder how he's doing whether his knee. That's a better question because. Ian. Hayward both. Are they you know they unlocked the door for the Celtics to the future then by the way in here I know we got to talked to mr. baseball here. Did you see these summer league schedule. The king summer league yeah opener will be against the suns presumably so the one in to pick can play against each other for. If right right. If I mean that's why set it up teams are well I you know even wanna play their their new draft picks and I think that waving draft them you can shoot two. I'm but I think of it if from the king's perspective the thing that you know we get to watch our that we feel confident we don't watch. Is Giles. Which is. You know for most of us that's the functional equivalent of watching a drastic is generally seen him play at all hmm you know single practice footage that it now mr. baseball. We talked yesterday about. The play involving the aster is in the Rangers. Where the ranger pitcher balked in Iran and the person called it first. It Jane Lynch came out from the Astra Doug Johnson had thing and that gas to bock. You're right norm anyway you've never seen that before. Now where a balk wasn't called until the opposing manager came out right seen before frank had you ever seen this before Madison bomb garner taken out of a game so he's already removed from the game and then he's injected from the game. Not artists have never seen I feel like I've seen a pitcher walked off the mound get ejected before. In fact I'm almost sure. I just can't remember who. But we can't give its if you don't if you don't remember the name then I'm sorry no light I don't think is first time it's ever happened but I came Gideon name so. It's the first time I can. Tell you who got ejected in the it was Massimo learn medicine bomb runner not happy about to the way he threw it nor was he happy about the calls it. I'm so I'm now a game then you can little revenue outlook. During the game you come on show a little bit after after pitcher in their mood. I don't get blown you know before out of next pitch already determined next pitch and that's and unions notional. You know don't let it get away from me. In my past just could not give people are now discovered. There's got to excuse that's those pesky Marlins beat the giants 75 last night the Marlins are not as horrible I thought they're going to be they're not very good. But they're not as drop dead troubles I thought they'd be. No they're not they're different they're capable of competing but also being that. The giants can bombard her. Had some trouble but really that was a bullpen blow there's not too much they can do about that bench guys who have pitched pretty well for them. Let them down tremendously last night. Bum bum coroner's thing was interesting because he didn't grousing at the home plate down. Com for a couple of innings actually for the whole game he got a problem with the umpires and has discussions they've been discussing it yes and he had been barking from the mound to in between pitches after a walk in one case. So it is in his though you couldn't see that one common black I was inching about the whole sequence like he was the way to home played down. Was named Jeremiah. Turmoil of the bull frog now. React. Chairman react or Jimmy react he did think it got me dynamite he was he stared down Bogart come off the mound. A picture churned out an umpire is not shocking. The umpires did with his mask off and watch Bob garner walk off the mountain and has bump garner starts toward the dugout he is at first looking toward the dugout and many can't help but notice you watch him go back a look at the video and he suddenly glances realize tester. So Danny barks like you want from me Alice ago I'll give you reason. And he gets tossed it was a very unusual sequence are we sure that happened I know that's what bomb garner said not watch the video and their ease deftly. Jeremy reacts definitely looking out for part of it but we don't even have the apparent holes shot. No but at that point Tom Garner she'd been barking at him but at that point when he's removed. You're right the cameras on gone garner but until the point that react comes into the picture bunker is not saying anything or doing anything. He's looking toward the done at least desolate icy moon so I just figured all right he knows that he's get looked. I'd debt doesn't mean that the umpires response by just thought it was an wrenching change minds you guys. Who are on full alert by the time he determined that has a pretty young umpires and any yes yeah. And there might have been a little and I think his strike zone was pretty tight period. It was on both sides yes exactly get. But I think the both pitchers are both staffs would tell you they gave up some swings contacts things that they shouldn't of had to because everything had to fit in. You know. In you know he's consistent it's always asked is he consistent and Joseph is here pusher. Consistently tight it is tough for both teams but it's good for baseball fan my theoretically. So you think you had seen it before you're just not sure we're aware. As great mr. baseball who sought to play you know the night before which is like I've never seen a manager get a balk call first of all. But I've never seen a guy get a call reversed. Just by walking on the field. It doesn't happen still though the umpire say right this a no no no we have Carty decided to reverse it before he came out Ryan he does that all I glad you're here that's I would say. I don't love up next is it really a quarterback controversy if they're both on the field at the same time my.