Hmmm, so maybe that Lonzo guy's pretty good after all... 11/13/17

The Rise Guys
Monday, November 13th

Lonzo Ball is the youngest player to post a triple-double in NBA history. 


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Just last week though that we were talking about Alonso ball now he can't make the shot yeah yeah how terrible he is yes or are we bad start too well struggling in the season yet. It was it was all true. Yeah he might turn that he might be okay because. He became Saturday the youngest player to posted triple double in NBA history and he did to. And LeBron even think congratulated him today LeBron met with the media. It's shootaround because the I cavs play in the mix of LeBron on the garden's big finisher and cavaliers shoot around the Bronx graduated. On so on topping his record and said. Models quote probably a great point guarding quote. If he keeps working. Out I mean it can all be true. The the last week overtime outlines those. Truly his utter inability issues. You know I I said in and anybody it's not a revelation but I said he sees continuing to do everything else. On the floor at that makes him an NBA player you know Stiller would really get assist guy he's getting his rebounds his key issues. And is it fixable is a great question the other night he looked good. But I don't know that he can reproduce that another game in a row even. Nineteen points thirteen assists and twelve rebounds to go three steals and three blocks in a loss at Milwaukee. Arms so he posted his first career triple double what twenty years in fifteen days old passing LeBron who held the record at twenty years twenty days old. Back in 20042005. LeBron set I definitely think back to when I was that young. There's nominee games that I can remember when I was twenty years older nineteen or even eighteen so first of all. Congratulations to him I think he's gonna be really really good point guard nearly probably agree point guard. He continues to work on his craft Magic Johnson on what the lakers seat and hope to see from Alonso. I want him to do worry that if that happened and he didn't push that basketball and when he's relentless at pushing it and so and then ball. Didn't get any community come together Lebanese cabinet. When he planned progression in the going down healed and grow and play that way play your game and then let everything else come together and I tell you what though. The guy that really little player would have because if you're open you've got to give intraday and that's the type of guy these guys wanna play with. He also said magic did dead. Heat. Personally does not wanna talk to Alonso ball about a shot until after one season he wants to just let him play this season. I'm solely at Terrell Williams and he said in less you know unless something you know less things kids. Like to really horrible point but he is I think his bigger picture winners get acclimated to gas card gets played basketball has really wanna game exactly just play golf for awhile. While we you know while we all observed in legislatively but you play will watches its further reinforce those bad habits before we get to work on them. Well really it I don't I think he'll be open to the possibilities if he's cheap and units 47% in January and reopen if you shoot 27% in building an art of magic what do you tell Alonso these days. Try to do the just released and they had just played their game because I don't wanna raid the law and others all I want to play probably couldn't have been like. The you know make a comment I think this morning in. We thought that my pride and any moment of the biggest rookie ever you don't win them but most of a problem. And then now here come around go bad term growth. Publicity why because the social media and all that even the guy that target on his back because of opens Robin being drafted number two pigs and so I think he'd never do well. As for the Angelo ball president trump personally asking the Chinese president to help resolve the case against the three. UCL a basketball players including Lee into low ball but just confirming in an email to the Washington Post which first reported Trump's involvement. But the president brought up the issue. Yes but the Chinese president yes yes. There is surveillance footage according to sources of the player shoplifting from. Re stores inside on high end shopping center which houses and Louis Vuitton Gucci the sale wrong and Salvador Federer got most stores didn't. Well well well played like me who. But it also so so present G essentially told that president trump according to the post. Debt. The Chinese authorities would expedite. You know would be expeditious. In their handling of the case. What every you take that to mean I don't think any there's certainly or any promises exchanged these guys are still in. Monks do I believe not not in Shanghai but it where the team had stayed because they're not really allowed leave the team hotel. There's there's an NCA rip with them in either a pac twelve. ND UCLA rent while I like the associate athletic director. From UCLA is still there the team's longtime sit back to the states according to a US official requesting anonymity. The charges against the three players have been reduced the case is headed towards a resolution you know that's what they want but there's nothing with second and cost us with China. You know they're gonna remember yeah okay well let you guys go but by the way as we're gonna need in return I. This is that I wanna know because my pager I'm guessing coupled political prisoners I don't it's just. The the the thing is that this is a business proposition. This is an ongoing series by the way that pac twelve since team over there every year. They had it it's it's by arrangement with and underwriting by Alibaba one of woods the world's largest e-commerce. Retailer in the world. And so which is headquartered in this city where the UCLA team was staying. And so there's a lot of business just under the surface here. That everybody would like to preserve which is one reason the authorities may ultimately sort of relent and one. You know done and the dumb down the charges to something that can be paid for. And apologized for. But there are lots of this is again Muniz is. This is me reading you know the LA times the Washington Post that they're explanation of how it's handled is. You know the the CEO valley about who's incredibly powerful one of the most powerful men in the world. Can't be seen in China as asking the authorities. On to go easy because that would be interpreted as showing undue deference to foreigners. So even he with his power can't really just step in and say. We got hundreds of millions on line here please make this go away he can't do them it's not that simple. These guys been better off if they stole at the Olympics and let the Rio authorities handle who in the game you know when the game. Easily won the game today over George tech by three. And underwhelming performance on on both parts 6360. How many steals the DC. Then it's funny right. So they're not the date they say they that there's video evidence of these guys shoplifting from other stores. But some of the store owners or operators contacted independently have said oh no I'm. One of the stores and I can't remember which one may be fair and Gama the guy was quoted as saying 03 very tall gentleman. Yes they were here but as simply moved through and you know in other words that Tennessee here. So it's an interesting weird story. Looks like it'll be resolved soon you know what there costs to the United States of America. We'll find out. We'll find out later rancher.