Hey NY Mets... 5/9/18

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Wednesday, May 9th

You have to know your own batting order at this level!


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Plus stories today is Kurt Warner coming out saying you know I'm not and I can come back down its. I appreciate it can afford cheap debt down. I had a sleepless night I think we'll talk a little more about that at some point today but apparently. Was considering it I don't know. Can you explain this to as mr. baseball mr. baseball pleas of where are you mr. baseball near infinite wisdom can you please explain. How the Mets could bat out of order in the first inning against the Cincinnati Reds to their potential first inning rally. He has been reports ending prematurely for the Mets batting out of order Wilmer Flores struck out for the second out. Casual Cabrera batting now and he bounces one of the stands left a program will double. An engine rhythm and reds manager comes up. And he comes up to the home played out with the lineup card there's a brief exchange Morales the umpire ruling Jay Bruce the next batter out to end the inning. Because the lineup card that was. The original lineup card presented the Rick omen and a lot of court that was posted publicly were different they batted out of order what's going time. What happened was that. There was the you know at the at the line of exchange. That's the official but thing you see on the field where they go to the umpires I was aiming a block out there and yeah blah blah Steve Boris intimate video and yeah yes and it's ejected. Prior to that. There's informal exchange of lineups that still binding. I shouldn't say informal there's a bit the each team furnish says the other with a lineup that you did say informed that they are then going to be presenting to the home plate umpires. And Mickey Callaway is first year manager. I'm just switched up his batting order without bin informing rhythm and you can't do. And rid woman he exactly pulled Billy Martin many waited until he needed it Sharon said man you can't actually do that so. That's what I had a guy at second base I'm not a way to bring this threat to a halt pretty sure leg I was supposed to become a Tibet now. So the way it works is you don't. Penalized they hitter. Ku batted first you penalize the hitter who muse in the second incorrect position so he still gets his doubles when I was gonna say. He gets his double. And Jay Bruce is out to unassisted because that's how the score keeping rules on it. Yes but I'm a question yes let's say he could let Bruce bat. And that's a bruise pops out can you waited till the next time through the order to see while that if anything happens Herman Cohen has been dead I'm not sure I think you can but I'm not sure because that might have Hillenmeyer did that. But I'm not I'm not sure if they cleaned up that rule in the wake of the George ramps and that's good question I don't know. But it didn't matter today because he found out that he go ahead and play his card in the first inning. And maybe that once you've batted through wants to have ruled as applying what ability mark do a tour with the George Brett. When he needed George Brett it's pine tar was too high and is not same things batting out of order. But he didn't call it the attention and the umpires until. Middle of the game when Brett in a home run another ride it till it hurts us what alike here but you can always is the minute you I just realized this I didn't. I didn't know but you know what I. Item item brought tears into her that I donate either that batting out of order yeah just his Billy that you have parked out pocket yeah Billy Martin said we're not at. I think he may have just come up with a vet with Clint are too high. Yeah you can do the same the lineup card I guess. Anyway as it was a rookie mistake it was a rookie manager mistaken it happens fireball offense Tappan two veteran managers to. In fact I think it happened. Tears. In July of Tony sixteen the brewers dated. And I can't remember that measure was I think it was Craig Counsell I don't think it was a rookie years so. It happens mom I turned in a wrong card early changed his mind because he had better lineup later. Tomorrow. It happens. That happened today. Not as bad those gave cap we're bringing in a pitcher who was warmed up right now than lying beside the bullpen and their scenario where you got everybody coming in a Missouri throwing to ship. It's like you you wait us now you don't mean. Usually buy from here it is pretty bad. Yeah it's a big mistake but it happens it's not unprecedented. And trying to figure and the Mets. Went on to lose that game in ten. To line so well than. Not a stretch the imagination to say the manager may have cost them the game today maybe. Jay Bruce takes officially an oath before even though I only got a three time hold me and scattered them. But that's how. Me measures have occasionally. Seeing rules disruptions and done nothing about it. And sometimes they see a rules destruction do something about I mean he we've told the story real Lusa. I'm seeing pitchers. You know pine tar balls and saying GAAP or fund that Canadian mountain on not calling attention to. In this case it was a little bit more obvious because you said he could go in the very first inning. You go to the empire and say we'll take that runner off second to best was and it's a little different but broached I think he got Mattingly twice. On leaving the mound and then going back. Before you. Even reached out territory going back to map on one more thing in votes opposing him I think you know once with the giants once with a potter is on. That's a separate mound visit he's got to take the pitcher out now and I think votes got Mattingly on that I think you kind of why I remember the first time matter remember the second night. I'm. A guy I hate to be that guy and you can't do that yeah and and looked. Every Major League team has a bench coach who part of his job is to make sure that the manager whether Reese that Mueller veteran. Is aware of every single thing. Administrative and sorted in game. But this was indeed Millen would catch this game you know we've just you have a manager who changed the lineup Porter. After having given moon the reds a copy and you can't fix it now. And you know Rick Adelman was Smart enough. To not say anything about it if you noticed in May he may not have even noticed it at the home plate exchange he may not notice it telling Greg I was gonna play a higher and they got so. Matt Harvey boy reds turn that thing around in there and they don't turn that around and heard you speaking of fire able offenses. Try raptors presidents. Must side. You jury. Voicing support for his coach to Dwane Casey today Dwane Casey got a coach of the year award but it's not the official. NBA awards from the other coaches who got an award today for coach of the year. But today Masai you jury saying. Hey I believe in doing Casey heavily in the work he's done but he didn't say for sure he'd be back next year and a half he said essentially and he and he's the raptors president. We're looking at everything quote how do we win this organization should be all about winning. And how we build winning I don't know that we can do anything 24 hours later and quote that a day after Kyle Lowry said this was a wasted season. Media. Well I. You have to Sony which going Casey wants you have. Because if you wanna have a coach is good enough to get in near sixty wins and a one seed he's your guy. And if you declare that none of that matters. And that he'd rather have 48 wins will be a playoff force in which a lot teams would say. Then he made the and it may be time to think about a different. So a reporter asked swing Casey Amar you going to be back and he said nobody so many differently nobody's changed my key lark. He's done good work this year and the fact that they got beat. Hideously by a team they cannot be in the I'm willing to just give debt now which I wasn't willing give Conan the playoffs. Has even this year's team was different from last year's team. They can't beat that Cleveland team with LeBron. I'm. But it but it's a big to me it's a big step when you say yeah we're gonna go away from the guy who's. Winning for a set and terribly irate at the highest rate eastern cop for sharing their use of them aren't. Just tell me which plan is what he got. As your guide it's better it's not a question of whether you wanna fire Casey. As I'm sure there are some fans would say that two weeks hit the ceiling with a mountain that's it I mean he's good but that's it okay fine what's your plan. Hoosier guy. But to what my. First part of my plan is a fireman Toronto is on the open that LeBron goes somewhere else and these creep but there and then at least I got a shot at beating Cleveland right. Now I'm wary ends up then you at a whole different can of worms but at least that we could probably be Cleveland if we put him in a playoff series but assuming just left to be Cleveland and Boston. And probably Philly. I'm not saying there isn't a person I'm just curious to know who that person is is are some images jumps off the page you right now. And you get a higher right now it's. Well you must fear he would be fired coach if he didn't gamble we don't know that they are so right. I I I agree with you I would keep Casey in Allah try to improve that roster. I'm. In ways that will that make it a more serious playoff team. But if they getting Klein to fire Casey that's when I start to wonder okay fine just tell me your plan because I've been around so I view. Around teams that fired coaches with no plan it doesn't. End well she didn't mean we live in Sacramento we've all got to say analyze. My site you Jerry said one other thing really enter staying. He said he thought the first game of the series between the cast in the rafters was a turning point. I go back to game one to be honest what turned things there giving up the leader of the calls missing layups all those things. We don't blame anybody we all lose together but for me I looked it. That game as a turning point for the series for some reason we lost something there and they did who knows how differently would have gone but they should've won the first game and it's not hard for me to believe that had they won the first game when it changed the whole complexion took a chunk out of no question. It just played in the way they lost that game. Played and all of their fears and self doubts that they took into the series in the first place and rather than putting some that aside and said it was no you're right it was actually magnified in reinforced. Yeah. I mean game three was. A crusher but it probably game one in the end had more impact game trees LeBron chop off the backboard. And if he misses they go to overtime there on the road they go to overtime. I don't know what would happen but I would have no trouble believing that same thing can be shoot if they had some how won game three on the road. Think about two could've really switch the whole tenor of the series defined the raptors. This is bold but I go out today I fire. Casey and I hired James Paxton the big maples. Our Canadian. Pitcher from the Mariners who dismissed a no hitter Biddle luckily rob I think that's the way to go he's still in town right they just fit in they just played last night he's Fred Perry probably cross street he was thrown harder in the ninth inning that he was in the first inning or second inning or thirty airport their fifth or sixth seventh creepy guy Jeanne analyzed yeah into the game yeah I know it's kind of you know if it's kind of a knee jerk reaction there but odds strongly consider it. I get the attention my fan base that's for you bet you'd nano players you'd win the press conference and try to win the Internet. Are issuing these place you know.