Here's why I hate power rankings 9/12/17

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, September 12th

Whitey doens't like power rankings because it doesn't mean much.


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Okay the first Sunday of the NFL season with a little lackluster last night and uplifting games and it's thrilling game and was that do you want. You're like me only whet your appetite for Thursday night. No they go ahead when we'll have the angels. And they Houston Texans Phil Bryant says he still hasn't chosen a starting quarterback in here birth Thursday night he says he might not choose a starting quarterback until. Is. I don't know why did. That's not a thing might even be a game time decisions his coach O'Brien it it's not a game time decision because some plans to get first team reps in the very short limited practice time you avenue was to Shawn Watson today. So. Marvin Lewis cast marvelous marvelous artists India were shot while Watson starting we're preparing for Watson. It is still gonna run Tom savage back out there after poll in the and one half of work then. I don't like they'll try and chase this thing this is not a thing mighty gamesmanship I mean maybe that works at Penn State. But seriously he's an NFL guy and I mean to insult him he's he he DD two to Penn state peace and NFL guy a price. As stuff doesn't work. You don't need you don't try to pretend you don't know your quarterback Austin. Hey I heard last night they had a prom on ESPN for next week's Monday nighter. Which is the lions and the giants in the promo said. Think there's no such thing as a week you must win thinking again so is there is I did think again of that now I still looking there's no such thing as a we too must win. Well there's definitely no not okay yeah that's I agree with you yen but that's with the promo said and if there is and that's certainly applies as well. Two Thursday night for for these two teams delegate thing that then it's not a thing good thing that that doesn't exist by the way. Are you saying is a must win but only from one team. K is the ad makes is only really music can't be Imus and what I'm pretty sure is not a must win for Detroit sister won and now right. Are you arguing that the giants season is over if they lose two and I don't think they can say it on a promo like that if it's not true so I was a little confused myself. I that's she tuna after rethink. After reaching them I don't like talk much about power rankings. Because I think they're just a cheap way of and it cheap thing that people on the radio and TV talk about their meaningless a near perfect snapshot of where football stands to date no you have you where football stand yen IA would recommend you check out the standing no inaugural poet actually pretty cool that's what that's for yeah are the teams doing let me check the standing defiant if I wanna know would've. Its ad be pus filled win over a terrible team Nestle the same as. If I'm one and now and beat you know you're such a word Devin Packers on a rose Gabby pus filled win yet. You know who avoid NFL team had what you describe as this Gabby pus filled when this we want to think over the results and I'll find one okay. I'm not pitch out to find one pretty fast I'm going over ESPN. Dot com's. We to power rankings here because I think they clearly illustrate how stupid these things are. Or lose your top team okay. Power rankings after one week the NFL can't city chiefs that was easy they have five Dallas for New England at three Kansas City to Green Bay and one Pittsburgh Steelers. That's that your power rankings okay. And by the way down makes no sense of Buffalo Bills got a scan beat pus filled 21 it's well aren't over the jets OK we can return that turned out thank you and just. Checking it however the Pittsburgh Steelers. Get the top ranking you know how there's a reason. He has do the stupid power rankings because last week in the stupid power rankings. They were number four yes but the and they want and the Packers were fifth and the chiefs were number eight. So. Steelers have to move up to do so they're number one New England win from. They dropped from number one to number four in Dallas went from six to five with the raiders sixth New England still restricting what are paying any attention. To these other than to make fun of them as I just I merely perfectly have snapshot in time of where football is right this moment. In the last but not all wins are created equal even you know that. You know does that have to do with the stupid powering power rankings are meant to reflect the team's true standing not with that. Silly standings Ottawa the truth standings say apple one know doesn't mean anything to me on you know who the powerful teams are widow I checked for that that power rankings there's a make any sense to you that the Pittsburgh Steelers after hanging on to beat Cleveland 21 to eighteen. Should be number one in the power rankings this week at a Green Bay who beat Seattle had a Kansas City who beat New England that. And had a cowboys will be designs and head of the raiders who read. Tennessee. No I mean sheer. Luck today you listened deeply that this Steelers withstood a furious rally by. Scrappy Cleveland team despite living on bill basically having just rejoin the team. There on the way up all right you're right I'm convinced. Great job yet and that would not talk about that anymore do no good that's all I had. Seven is Atlanta by the way OK and Tim Armstrong about today it's Gabby pus filled Atlanta when. Idea when did you know on TV that was somewhat bus is priced at is Gabby. Right let's just get it was different this caddie went over a postal team so little bit different. The tape any big gap there when he moved on to attain what Gary and icing coup the rookie kicker for the chargers. Order game was there and in firm control you know for about three quarters there and we felt good but. You turmoil over twice you know oil. On a shortsighted of fifty years it's it's going to be a problem with Philip Rivers and that was the deal hum as far as icing the kicker two timeouts are one of them. Leave because in my pocket and so there's this bifurcated. CIA reacted. How is lumping them but most point that he's got another time. But Beth that you probably know you can't call those consecutive lyrical panel thing and that's correct. To serve five seconds left in the game he probably was the only one in his pocket wasn't. But well timed I hate that move on just because I I don't like the interruption in the flow of the game but the Smart men that's a keep kicker. Make him make you make it twice I don't know if he missed it because they ice tomorrow because. They just blocked it the second time in that would have been good to anemic I was right through the line. You know the I blocked it. Food. Dear wolf. You know he hit he'd be he'd gotten his way through. And so I don't know I don't know if is a low line drive I just think you know he being he was pretty close the football when he got to see enough I think Vance Joseph talked about that is that I noticed that he kicks while Kyle I don't know yet but what does that win for the Broncos. Mean for the raiders in the chiefs. And the rest of the AFC west road courses this the just LA LA's the other team. And I wish you wouldn't do that. Yes and no not her hands or not they're not the raiders should not any of the teams that have never once played in LA and then wanna officials last night said what to say time out or urged to announce. And Diego yeah of course he did Sharon and a big deal we're all gonna do it that's fine. It happened to you should see that coming on timeouts are gonna calm the chargers right bits are only Saturday as solid they do you. You know time out Chicago time house every Cisco that's what they do. So it'll just take awhile. I actually think that the game in general not just the Broncos winning it served notice that the AFC west is to be tough sliding. Because if you put the raiders in that situation that's a better team was say playing senior. That's a better team than Denver. But the charges still can score on you really fast because they're really good in because Philip Rivers have has too deep threats now. I'm and certainly Keenan Allen Yunnan and all last year. So I don't think you're ever gonna feel even when you have that lead on San Diego as though the games for the way. Because rivers still as he showed last night and he throws such a rainbow sometimes. That one long ball was hectic and all of that was to Keenan Allen the tests on heat it just it felt like it left the stadium and came back down for touched. Adam Benjamin was an idea the left sideline just a really is great throw but it is also. I had no idea how they can time and throw it was thrown at high and that's one of them. It just reminded me that San Diego won't be any easier now they're not a perfect team that prides Sergio dip is the thing it's. But there could be that you guys here on the field promote love just watching. Both events over the from the air watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. Sergio dip and then that was it says powers abuse pulled the plug on am yet a eating make it back on right and I know today he supervisor be disrespectful. And apparently yeah I guess some people probably talk by diversity in the coaches background. I don't know I thought that wasn't very good very given another chance yeah I don't rectify that but he was buried on on Twitter. So scissors of you don't know he is being with ESPN actually for four years but he's he's been with deport dates. I'm English as I'm sure he guesses not his first language so. Bob Lee today on ES TN. Made a really impassioned defense of the kid and said let me tell you about the time. I tried to deliver recorded Spanish one he has you he'd beat you think pressure. Try that when you're trying to find the words on live television basically he said come on cut to get a break and let's all move on with our lives which wreck really was just more for. Social media fund last night I didn't see people get to you know violently upset about it I don't either I was painful. He'll be fine. But he's already been fine is my point he's t.'s four years in to a period ESPN and be fine I agree with you agree with bubbly on the other hand a bomb at home watching TV. IA it I don't if it's not his first language and that prohibits him from doing the job well then put some deals on there. Most or all my problem though it added up to do you created dead between. Honestly between him and Rex you kind of created the image in death mill is working her first national game. Of like the B team B and out there. It's like okay he's in the beating of the election that's you know that's. Basically what that second game that's what they give via but I think on the sidelines and I like it might member in my Kremer told us that artist thing about them my life that's right and he said then a few to listening to it. Was it it's suitable or was the last time we talked to him he said Yunus and outs in 2000 that like it was embarrassing it's one of those come to earth moment. My guess is that EST in it tries out sideline reporters all the time. If he had sailed through and done beautifully. He would have been a guy they might put in the rotation but was that so bad that it warranted pulled the plug on them. One maybe for last night I mean maybe there's an overprotective director producer saying don't expose him again tonight on both figured out but let's not do it again tonight where is already rattled. And you know he's got a phone he's looking and it's own you know that because he responded last night in India in real time seem like he can had a sense of humor about it last night and this morning. Little more. May be overly serious response I think you go 9/11 and in my and I think she she didn't know at the time that people were that's got to be taking the word diversity and spinning it in a completely different direction. Then what he was intending to explain them trying to talk about how Vance Joseph I do it'll have to had done a lot of jobs in the NFL yeah.