Have you heard the whispers of Gruden's deep state plan to blow up the Raiders? 9/13/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, September 13th
What's Gruden's game plan?

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Prior. And it chased Tony team coverages mr. baseball what's going on today mr. baseball just made this up so. I calculate the cubs are beating the nationals in the scheduled makeup game let's zoom for some other time when gagged couldn't play right. And that's about it treated you with fifth inning Rockies today. Leading Arizona mr. baseball I don't have enough to and I came I was hoping you did Fincher at the update desk. Well let me check field update desk and see any reason after warmup the desk a little mist in the three Iraqis boom. Eight sound they will win that game and Diamondbacks as I said. Yesterday Diamondbacks have the toughest schedule remaining in the National League. There do they haven't gotten worse as a team they just play a really rough schedule from here to the end yeah I know there's an awful lot of pizza left in the box but it is quite possible isn't it that the Dodgers will miss the post season yes. Absolutely the Dodgers are. I'm. The most imperfect good team in baseball no question about it surrogate team but I just sowing perfect big series against the red birds in truth. And they're. They're just. They haven't been up for it all your base have not been up to sustained winning streak they haven't been up to the twelve out of fifteen that gets you. Way down malign underwent percentages haven't been Amanda yeah you can hear the MLB post season right here on his pimp thirteenth when he mall won't be long Greg mr. baseball a run there breaks tonight. Pretty good football game. You have to dugout yeah when people looked at the schedule Thursday night schedule. Reeling singles in the ravens. I did Ingles prime Werth had a closer look. They do their preaching to the choir mr. Jim Angle known you sold out for them for years and they were terrible scene here and unreliable witness. But definitely there's certainly not a reliable witness what is the last time you correctly predicted the outcome of any Cincinnati big football game ever. Oh never I've never I've been wrong and everything but not just the games I've been wrong on every personnel decision I've been wrong about the head coach five different times. So you got we called angle blindness yet. Ya and it says here they're going to be pretty senator. At a tick down to that bank but their offense sure is better. And part of it is just. They align they differ wildly to get a date date date. Invest in the O line Ross is healthy mix and looks like he may really be a player for them they took the news. Gamble on mixing a year ago when they knew that. They would get a look terrible. For doing so NB. You know they were gambling that his college talent which had been on display for awhile by the time he drafted him but translating into bad freshman year. Mean this guy his claim for them now is done looking thing like the guy play for them last year so they've. But they're they're more inching them more going on in the raven journey know about the rate it isn't just that they played the bills. Ratings completely rebuilt their receiving corps though it could mean Joseph Flacco had good he did they hallway with the bills right. It wasn't just beating a bad team they did that they've got some issues in the secondary tonight and the red rifle could very well take advantage of that. The ravens have a guy suspended in. So I'm. Yeah. Since they should be able to appeal to that somehow. Trend that is who got popped com to edgy respect. Suspended MC IA digger can have a big night. Be something worth watching dancing about it being don't think that's the thing about the Bengals. Is that chasm so so years and some bad years with they've had talent and almost every year they've got at least one wideout who's really candid in if Ross is good. As good as he looks than their dear. Yeah they reassess they have been just dreadful. During prime time games and you know that reminds never I remember back when Harbaugh. Not the gym but not John but but Jim Harbaugh. I don't know I know I've sorry Jim Harbaugh. Remember when he took over the 49ers and they became really popular team they played a lot of primetime games and they did really well and those have been. Because they were a good team but also a member I think was Patrick Willis are some of the players and we love and it's like we're in high school and we love playmate teams for whatever reason the bidding goals. You know it's easy to say well they choke I don't maybe that's part of it but for whatever reason they just don't like playing these prime time night games are awful they've been really bad yeah. I am the dates and not that one thing flows out the other necessarily that. Even they also have probably the weakest home fields in the NFL are pretty close to bail out lukewarm fan base and don't often sell out. They've earned it don't get me wrong and their ownership for years drive fans away. But it's tough you know mean that yeah should be pandemonium Mariah night games especially should be pandemonium in just isn't in. In Cincinnati. Has meant for a long time could be in pinched in game 298 big test for both teams a big difference between start to announce start one and one thing. And those are division rivals come on. Yeah prove prove they do they mean even in their bad games that they played were hard hitting games. Bill that can be but to detest playing NFL's new you can't hit rules. On Jon Gruden stared down the barrel of an Owen to start with his return to the raiders. This is very mentioning this is from Scott Ross learn stuff not the only one who has written about this. John middle cough the super scout is gonna join us for a clock hours also writing about this idea. You know let's see where is it for the athletic as I'd like to thank you thank you anyway here's Scott Ross we're walking out of the coliseum early Tuesday morning. After the rams beat the raiders fired buzz from semi insight people about the raiders blowing it all up. You know trading Derek Karr doing a major rebuild their party launch that project by trading Khalil Mac right why not rebuild the raiders and Jon Gruden image. And have an up and coming into years when the raiders storm ended their Las Vegas plunder dome. Any rights working against that theory rumor is that gruden. Far from desperate for jobs that he took this gig in no small part because a car quarterback who could be groomed robot on the field. Interstate new. Scott also is a great guy OK once when we have had him on the aren't ever Cisco he called leamer. But other than that he he felt that he apologize but other these agreed to interment affection that bold no he just thought of someone else but those states. Early in the day as you know mistakes were made. I have to tell you mistakes were many felt badly about it. He's he's. Playing off what people are saying. Two to kind of spin an interesting idea. And the thing with gruden that makes it. May be plausible isn't the right way to put it or not it's not crazy. Time is the week but what makes it not so crazies the weaker in behaves in what sense. And when he talks down his own guy. In the same week that he lavish his trip and I know. Case keep him as the next guy they play. He's not gonna say anything about on this derogatory thou shalt not covet their rivals quarterback when he praises the thirty year old. Which is Wayne morning greetings we are now trying to mediocre I want the older. I've been accused of liking everybody but I really like Keane and gruden said what he did in colleges unseen that. The type of production he had I told our people along time ago when I first came here. I think they're free agent acquisition and pro football this year is gonna be case Keane and his fight his grit he gets the most out of himself. That's a really gruden thing to say it sure sounds like it and it isn't as though he has never complimented car and you know he couldn't socks every day so we tend to forget the times Reese's boy he's really good you know spot moments to daily story area in this compliments means so much less than they used to because he complements our team has Bryant right after he says he's a white tiger he's never here. What do you mean yeah but so this week when he sort of pointedly saying. That a Marty Cooper was open and why we didn't throw to him I don't know Marcus returned just texted me curve with what. It's about. They are necessary. Before he admits he he he was speaking finally to you I did know you're but he said in a nice way. There's nothing wrong with yeah an easy gig on me so bad that never cents a or he's forgotten we're not sure what it is really matter now. What matters is. That the raiders head coach is. Move and all the chess pieces you know did the thing about this story or this idea of them blowing it out. That I keep. Getting stuck on it is. He already has full authority to blow and a yeah but I think that's why you they turn over 60% the roster in one offseason it's crystal clear to me that is early pension tier for thrown everybody under the bus does not help and any thing. Other than maybe in his mind it's he's distancing himself. From everything that's gone wrong in their car out I don't know why we Wear out Cooper open I don't know why didn't get it there climactic wanna be here I mean even throw Reggie McKenzie and the bus. Oh no question and then he's also this is Lehman passive aggressive. He's cut. You know a raft full of recent Reggie picks and maybe they were deserved by. He's been willing to go out on the waiver wire and just pick up strays. Rather than keep some of the guys Reggie just itself actually think that it's not. Mean I don't eat you know I have to go deep state to believe you know he's remaking the roster but he's doing that with the full. Weight and authority of a ten year hundred million dollar contract is no question he's in charge by the way the raiders have signed free agents. Johnathan hankins and make Clinton McDonnell a couple of defensive tackles you know they had to defensive tackles too. Actually played the game hurt it and won't be able to go now jelly just in Dallas on the injured list now. Yeah he played on a bad we all. Four quarters and it was Greg Olsen just a bit earlier today the coordinator Greg Olsen. With the raiders who said we're gonna move. They said we have to move those guys take him out a Mari Cooper injured Turkish said. We were gonna move this guy's really to be honest we are going to move the Mario we're going to move cheered cut. So maybe that's an offensive coordinator responding to what gruden said it may be charting you would gruden was gonna say in the third party talked. How much greens to give the theory it's not Scott author's theory he just heard people talking about it people in the Bay Area are talking about it zeroed attend this theory that. Greens gonna blow this whole thing up. My given a six lol I don't think it's O for not don't think it's outlandish that he would that he's come pretty close blown it up already. I'm and they move cars favorite receiver Crabtree in the offseason so if he decides Mari Cooper isn't it in car isn't it. Mean Marchand is leaving anyway right marsh on Marty basically say again Nazi myself in various means it's been real. He's not that far from bloated up at that point all you really talk about its quarterback to get down to it if he just decides yeah we need somebody else. He party turned out gruden scored three of every five players last year's gone and you party turned their.