Gruden 2.0 off to a disappointing start 9/11/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, September 11th
Did the 2nd half seem close at all?

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I've got a question like to begin today with a question for you your listener for you Rockford certainly for you mark Chrysler. Rams 33 raiders thirteen last night was acting closer than it looked. Was it shirtless I mean if you talk about the fact it was tied you know 44 minutes into a sixty minute game was closer than that looked Jon Gruden agrees with the U. A score really wasn't indicative I think of the game we we threw a pick six late in the game. You know we're we're trying to get back into making a one possession game with just a few minutes left in the football game but go ahead and I'll answer your question anywhere can't. Oh good. At all. Not I'm I'm not gonna get and all that I'm a look at the snowman we got a short week get ready for the Broncos. And we'll see. What the film says tomorrow morning. OK so it doesn't surprise me that the coach of the losing team says you know was closer than it looked. Bill plasticky in the LA times agrees with Jon Gruden entered agrees with you mark Chrysler had. Reading don't be fooled by the final score the score was tied until the final moment of the third quarter. Only a thirteen point rams fourth quarter highlighted by a fifty yard interception return for a touchdown. By Marcus Peters made it seem lopsided. Okay. I just in in the second half just didn't seem like a close game and all the me no matter what the score wasn't in any given time. Because the raiders are playing so poorly and there was a moment late in the third I think went. You know car began to look really genuinely skittish and I agree if you. It it for a while in the second half certainly felt like. One team is gaining momentum and one team's losing energy and that's what was happening. But I think that the raiders for the most part. I'm. The pick six you can't separate from the game but. Yeah it was a close game against good team but they and the game was over before the pick six. Well yeah I mean it was two score game without a pick six so. It's not like in there was really no indication at that point to the raiders are gonna do anything on it trying to make it sound better than it was. But it wasn't as bad as twenty points making it makes it look that sounds like the rams dominated the raiders and what happened was the rams pulled away from the raiders. Not quite the same thing. It don't change affected the raiders had problems all over the field. Mean remember this a home loss it's you know. And the rams the rams but that's a home loss that he can't afford. Mean I get another question. When you see all the fans in Oakland and especially the ones wearing various costumes and then you know plus some good for them. But what does that mean anymore there was not long ago I guess what Longo now and Al Davis was still here you knew what to rader stood for right they were rebels they were heard renegades. Arm and I don't know what the raiders brand is anymore obviously it's been tarnished at least in my view. By this move. But you know be in our rader used to kind of means something and it. To me I'm not a huge raider fan it doesn't mean what it used to mean demeaning so I saw those fans last night I I felt really kind of sorry for him. I don't even though fewer teams even what year churn for anymore. Want skewed question they got booed off field so. By the people who are still there so. I don't know if every fan necessarily. Feels that it's all about field greater way. When I've when I look at the their fans of the black color or really along the sides. I'm I really think that the tradition is in the fan base more than it is in the team like that's what they've always done. Through good years in bad when the team sort of seemed like the raiders that you remember and when the team didn't seem at all like Treasury Department have been plenty of versions of that actually since gruden left the first time the whole Lotta years and there we thought. He's just a ridiculous and these cost him his team's terrible but it's to me it's more about. That's what that's how they. Go to raiders' game like. That part at least hasn't changed. Movie you know the raiders. The organization you're thinking of debt exchange time. Outs and but the people in the stands not so much well I was just. Pointing Turkey's return Chucky and Derek Karr at tandem as I think it was very early fourth quarter. In the raiders have a third and five from their own 32. In cars back to throw when he has time and he's really not under duress when he throws it out of balance between and it was just mystifying yeah. Us it was a weird you know time. It's kind of a surrender moment and debts you know he also to heat through a terrible pick them which was really off. Kind of more definitive because to me it was an if he explained afterwards like I it make sense the way he explained it. He thought about making a throat any thought he shouldn't. Any started to hold up and you can almost see him trying to pull back a throat as he releases it so we president pathway. And it's 88 literally just. A doctor not a religious guy waiting for he had another throw like that in the first half it was an intercepted but it looked like his arms stopped and and you didn't follow through right. It is that it was a seam route I think you need look like I better not throw that you don't see NFL quarterbacks doing that multiple times in one game. That's a bad sign it just it's worrisome if your arranged intermediate or it's worrisome because. It tells me that it's not I don't know if it's hard not being sure of himself but it's definitely car being unsure of what their rent are unsure of the office right now. The key knows what they're running in the rams decided what they were gonna do you saw chaired connect. Mean kill us to 187. Or whatever content no problem go for it but the white out target anything. Like the rams had already decide Wade Phillips had decided to ramp showered up and really really really really good wracked and like you're not getting it so Mari Cooper. You know one target. Right what you hear he had one catch. Well that was dictated by the rams defense completely. So to me. In both of the cases were talking about Simi that was car looking up and seeing the play's not there while what I my act into play is not there am I know what we call but it isn't there. User when a quarterback sees that he. He decides not to throw it right you know it's kind of like you're playing golf you got to commit your shot if you between clubs. If you got a seven iron you gotta you can't stop them earlier swing it maybe I should. To date time. You know you can and it's the same in your throat he can't stop you're throwing motion in mid round I don't know I should throw that yeah that's what he did. Yeah it was you know it was we had usual and it it it kind of it's. It fit the mood to me what the raider watching game last night. Part of my frustration watching the game is trying to figure out what are you trying to do are they brought an end because I thought they were committing to the run. And they tried. Yeah I mean success with they had some success for the you run the ball and keep score down and keep the keep your own defense off the field but then went to get behind. Can't do that once the rams started stop on the run. Then OK plan B and plan B was not a good hands yeah and there are not that great at running the ball they had some success but when year. Your offense. Decides to embrace something you're not great at in order to avoid the other team taking advantage of some you're even worse that which is defense bottom line is you're not a very good team. There at the raiders won six games last year how they gotten better the rams won eleven games last year the airlock they went out they got a lot better that's a little puzzling. Yeah yeah. End gruden post game. And you know it's week one he's very aware of and everybody's looking at him and all that some ABC. You know maybe she was a little nonchalant. In order because that was the vibe he wanted to get off but the way it sounded. It sounded like he's not. Totally immersed in whether they win or lose and that's what sounded like. It sounds like he's sin paying you know well. And some of his comments about car we're definitely sort of backhanded compliments well Reno. Lou that we left figure out what happened you know but we know we can be good quarterback Jon Gruden on. None dare car I did she get thanks tonight obviously there's a critical airs that we have to eliminate he knows that you know that we're all know that and no one of them wasn't his fault he got fooled by one of our own receivers and you get a better job of coaching goes on me. Hmm OK fair enough but I was bad last night display on the other end. LS an expert then mark Chrysler no less an expert than bill clash in the LA times say wacky was closer than a look and plastic by the way since the prompt for the rams was. They didn't play their players during the pre season in that first half was a lot of rust and there was a lot of arrests yet and I think that you saw with Aron Donald. You know he's maybe not all the way to area. So they're gonna get much much much better so they wanna game by twenty on the road. On a night when you know and what class she said mostly to write you saw the first half in the first half that rams looked a little. Not quite ready. Not fully together they were terrible they were great. And then the second half their defense took over. Off looked very comfortable with the protection forum was excellent and things started happening. And that's what they're going to be they're going to be unholy terror formats like happy and you play action the raiders to death yeah it's very comfortable with it. And the raiders offense looks like. A work in progress. And that's a problem because they can't afford it they just don't have the defense you know. Come and into the game. You know what is a Mari 2% when mine F score on every possession linking up 33 so yeah you would have needed to score a lot of possessions to be in the game there's not there moon. It's their cart and aggregate last night that we did not and they have the short week and now have to go to Denver. So it's you know it's very real for the raiders very quickly. But I was surprised at the number of people who. I'm in cal Connie team cal Calero to peace at this. For the athletic today I heard on what actually runs that is San Francisco Bay Area bureau of the athletic. But he wrote a piece it just sacred made it very clear last night that he's only on the future not now that it's competes. He said I'd list every one of his comments here's what it adds up to not this year he clearly doesn't think this roster that talented. And he made it sound and some of his comments about their card like key kid. You know other times he spoken very highly after Carson could be wrong but there are some post game counts us on this sort of sound like can't take him early. Eat. He does some good things but there's management after work. Yeah that's unfortunate on some level it's understandable but consider this when Nia rams hired Sean McVeigh. Some McVeigh came in and of course he never been head coaching is what twelve years older whatever that he didn't draft off right. But he hook off become a pretty good player and he's he he he took. You know it's. It's like walking is somebody else's kitchen okay what are you gonna covered right and we can make a sort. And he's been great and now he's very gifted offensive mind moon and that's a kind of challenge that faces gruden and he and his coordinator. Greg Olsen. Just trying to figure out how to make this happen I'm wondering how much Greg Olsen had to do with the raiders strong first half 'cause he's been with the ramps and you know as the rams pretty well and who he's a good coach yeah. He probably was pressing on some. Some soft spots there and you know it is certainly true that. Every team won't be there rams. So if you if you assume that the rams head not their best is closer to what a lot of seems Steve it'll be like most the time older car threw for almost 200 in the first half and they move the ball really well. Couldn't finish. But move the ball really well. So of it and there are few things you can take from it.