The Good, the bad, and the ugly of Tiger's day on tour. 2/22/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, February 22nd

Was it more good than bad?


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What do you make of this mark Chrysler fearless there and thank you for listening wise guys and Tony I still don't know why they authorized guys early afternoon. People ask them all the time it was a little strange decision I don't know just say that to stay out it was an administrative decision. That's what people say when they don't you know what happened I know but I settled I don't want you know what happened I don't know what happened. Well. This may not have been your fault but there were Trace elements of the rise guys show still in our system by the way the guy who made at the name. Rise guys was just in case in a may have been as is his wife but he was a one. They give up with that and today's his birthday fatten your birthday this just in case legend killer that on and ice extent legally says he's getting a ton of air time lately lightly yes he has and he deserves it why is right because he's so good because there right sick. You know and because he's arrogant he's a great no listen I've I by no one mentioned talk and a school but I can just tell you his. He's trending upward he's doomed Greek yes yes yes fantastic yeah happy birthday happy happy and good name even if it's. Two in the afternoon where the rest them and yes it's like getting after awhile you just get used to it right I'm sure you're right yeah. Anyway here's what the commissioner of the NBA had to say about cruise ships in Sacramento and I'm reading from the B here in the bees had outstanding coverage. Of this situation of Sacramento is ongoing bid. The commissioners said in and it media coverage during the you know all star weekend he had no issue his words note issue using cruise ships. In Sacramento but he was not convinces the ships would solve the hotel room gap right so like that's great it'll work but. So I see what he's saying just in and of itself cruise ship's okay but that frank and get it done. Yeah. An and I love what he says Sacramento in the surrounding communities provide enormous opportunities. Wine country. Great golf great scenery. All kinds of wonderful things but at the end of the day we have to have a sufficient number of groups. Yes you do maybe have a little overly sensitive I think he ran out of things are little early. There's good big capital. Politics all the politics you get a handle. Things like that of former markets are incredible as mentioned farm to pork now he didn't its affinity paradise. Being mentioned that but anyway. The am the cruise ship thing. As an idea actually that's really. And I mean this sincerely that's old hat I mean it's been done at Olympics it's been done. At super rules bringing in cruise ships to accommodate overflow or. Even some I mean US Olympic team may best of all state guys stay on cruise ships though like it hasn't been done. It's just. When you start was such a gap. In the number of really high level room she would need and and not just the physical. The hotel room but the hotel amenities that you would need. It is that cruise ship can never really addressed that I am so that's. A big part of it yes it is a big part of it Democrats. We need to address the good the bad the ugly of Tiger Woods' round today Tiger Woods playing at the Honda classic. At a PGA national I admit I'm getting caught up in tiger's comeback year famine back long but I'm impressed. He's relevant yes he should be impressed them played well San Diego in the mystic cut. But he shot even par seventy during the first round of the Honda classic. At PGA national palm beach gardens Florida. So he's tied for 21. And he is is four shots back now looking at the scores it appears to me and it was blustery even when he paid yeah played in windy. It looks like the guys who played earlier scored a little better than the guys who play later and so that's why he'd be playing later tomorrow so we'll see. But an even par seventy for tiger and he's playing you know second week in a row. You enjoy own leadership on a etiquette play back to backs. It's his next step really is to be able to play on a more or less regular basis. Even it that I don't think I think he had if all goes well he's already pre selected that did discernment settle play in it's it it's definitely a small collection. For that reason detested. The idea that he might be in. You know position to make a cut again play on the weekend. He. Has pretty good on the greens today which is a big step forward for him. The good was even par seventy the bad he it to seven of fourteen fairways. Summit in miss by much yeah ten of eighteen greens in regulation but he needed to your point only 25 putts the ugly was par 53. The driver found a fairway bunker from there he lays up to 156. Iron into the greenside bunker. Plays on a French ships four feet by the hole misses his bogeyed it yes. So. And still shoot even par if you wanna think about that way he he played a pretty good round. I think for him the challenge is going to be trying to figure out how to get back into. Maybe not I'm not talk about the way he once was but just on a competitive PGA level how to pick up enough birdies to offset the you know I mean normally what he would do his. He's net on not not often was he a guy who had a perfectly even around mean he's always been a guy who would take some chances drive himself into trouble occasionally have to be you know. Have to get up and down things like that. But he would pretty enough holes and Ian eagle once. Or toys inducted. She's a really low score tomorrow could still be harrowing forum I mean there's lots of aug law on that course you and lots of wind. Yeah if the wind holds and if it's an afternoon when like it was today than he's Canaveral challenge them. He's out there and he's relevant Katrina yeah I he says he's getting back into the competitive mindset. Which is Maury if I think the example used he said I for a while hiding Kara the weather was and now what's how's the weather doing says it does get back in that. I guess before recess was more I'm gonna let their play and see how I do I feel well enough to play and sounds more like. All right come on wanna win something and there's a long ways off from Japanese getting back towards the right I'm sure a bit for it for some months part of it was a waving recognize my own shot. And now I think when he says competitive also it may be. How to lie a make sure that I do hold up through four rounds how held up physically. That I take care myself what I do when I'm done playing the round that day he Zimmer I've always been that way when I play ago I absolutely beat you remember what a practice. Blurred driving range practice range fiend he's always been. And how much of that is really helpful for him I mean he's gonna have to learn how to manage four rounds to report 913 twenty let's talk to Michael honey has been there to Torre hello Michael. I guess I am I have a question for you talking update the hotels space then I heard art just kind of fighting and they're going to. And Gary think they're going to hotels and down under quote people or NBA all star. Well I'm about in the amenities will go ahead Michael any need to yup warming you know her and think about all the you know either you're better that they shall be there and do. And I mean you'd be area. Well I yeah Murray is that it very how many people that the stadium and all our. No it's it's a good point I'm but I think what I'm trying to do is represent the how the NBA thinks. I mean right about all that it's not cache creek in and other casinos that have and thunder valley and whoever else. Other hotel space. And yes within a fifty mile radius she could certainly come up with a lot of nice places but SI alien being thinks. How the NBA thinks is it wants Forestar if not five star accommodations. In very close proximity to the arena because that's where the stars will be this is not a fans' game even though we all like to watch. But that's on who's here because they here get that and other places right who's here. Are are the people who represent corporations and celebrity. In the NBA is looking for yes to answer your question more than two and yes I did say to. I identified share in the Hyatt I'm talking about what the NBA wants not what I think in a good enough hotel. Because you're not talking about means finding a place to stay at the all star game. You're talking about the traveling circus that the NBA brings a celebrity and wealth. And team executives and league personnel all that and network executives that's who coast cities. That's who invade your city and enriches your city if you host the games. I've Michael I don't think Chrysler wants the game here. Okay. You shuttle amount. You tell him hey we got a great place for your 42 miles away. It's really nice. And to CIA did. I'd say they're they problem they are talking about not the hotels but events at the Mon Dhabi senator UC Davis. Amare and Boris and it's about what how do we have to convince him let's crunch some numbers what it what you need here. You couple more to more four star hotels and I thank you really aren't those all right we'll see about that.