Giants catch a bad break...8/17/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, August 17th
...and a good one?

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Johnston appeared to have much wiggle room as they continued to would you agree mr. baseball. We linger on the fringe. Of the wild card race there on the very far this. Outer crust of the French yeah. It's a leaders have their be out there that are. They're rendering on the fringe and there's nothing easy about what that strategy of trying to stay and now even more shorthanded and hand yeah so with very little wiggle room this seems to come as very bad news. Eric Rodriguez. Hurt his hamstring in that. Which he called dust up of the week hunley dust up so he would pitch tonight he's not gonna pitch tonight grade one hamstring. Injury which means he goes on the ten day deal and it's retroactive to have Monday or whatever any could be back soon. But I know. Summer saying this is an injury that comes at the worst possible time for the giants. So another bad break for a team that had certainly their their fair share their unfair share gala when you consider how jacked up the rotations been for most of the season yes I mean he's had rookie of the year candidate. A strong and who's really been in and in almost every regard he's been their most reliable starting pitcher. So you know yes but garner is backed him in and he looks like himself again and that's critical bit Derek Rodriguez isn't just part of their future he's really a big part of why they're even still contending he could be back in time to pitch on the next homestand if he recovers and it's not unreasonable to think. And you sit any Bagley pointed out and he's won on jeopardy so he knows he's yeah I'm in jeopardy if you know pitcher hamstring injury mean fingers crossed. But I don't think it's unreasonable to think that there's Arab decent chance that it that he does recover in time. Two pitch on the next homestand that would be fantastic. Call to predict right now yesterday gonna miss him. It's tonight in Cincinnati this was his scheduled mark so Casey Kelly will make the start instead. And yeah that is at stark stark difference now Cincinnati can be beaten either way it's possible they can beat the reds about their rates. And in that case why the if all he did was miss this one stars. And was able on the next homestand to pitch in that be a treaty deal he. This is from John Shea who I think is with the team in Cincinnati oh yeah never heard on her. Reports for the chronicle dare Rodriguez said he feels pretty good. Threw on flat ground today. Doesn't think he'll miss much time he said he felt his hamstring while running out to the field. And then felt it more as he was trying to pull people away. Or pull people there really wasn't a piles of just pull people away from the scramble that aren't we gone yet is all his fault you know said he was on a peacekeeping mission. When he ran after he says quote I'm not a big altercation guy. But he might have done the deal the picture thing if you're roaming the dugout where you'd jump the Ron and seeing where you jump the railing. That's good cause more than one injury. So if it's short term this how was it PPP got hurt that way the test had a pitcher trying to come over the railing yeah yeah yes. So this is exactly what. You don't Retief what teams fear all the time is that. Some happen there's a problem on the field and then didn't somebody gets point obviously hurt. You're not even playing baseball and that's exactly what happened to them and it hadn't to be Rodriguez he's just so important what they're doing right now. It's not a Ria news Molly does this one's heart the might be okay Casey Kelly was a hot hot prospect years ago in fact. He wins with. Anthony Rizzo. To the Padres in exchange for Adrian Gonzales. Well web one of the yeah so that was then those were supposed to be the two big pieces that you know at that time Adrian Gonzales like oh my goodness yes yeah that was such biggie shocker yeah. I'm and he's been any details round and he's also had injury issues and I'm lost a resurgence apologize he knows his first major least art in quite some time didn't need a long time yeah I don't know when the last time. I mean he his first inning the other night was really didn't. I'm in I don't know exactly what votes he's gonna ask. Again this is not the start of red chip it's a continuation of a road trip in the coming off an off day in the Balkans and pretty good shape so my guess is that they won't. Make it tremendous asked of him tonight probably four innings or something like that that would be. Optimal for them then they have to get their bullpen and they'll change the way they have to go through the weekend. You know but that's life that it fills us have to and then they they have bombed are gone tomorrow so. The expectation is if you get deep if you need to get deep in the bullpen tonight try to get away with it. Because on our give you. You know probably get you into the seventh. Or even through seven tomorrow. And I think khakis Achilles that is a coach with the rest pat Kelly in yes. But that's a bad break for the giant that's a tough that in just a tough goes doesn't really get for them but it looks like they get something of a good break here the reds have placed joy of Otto on the ten day disabled list with a right lower leg contusion of he suffered the injury. Two weeks ago when he was hit by pitch from Ryan Madson of the nationals. And he's been playing regularly set at a parry games against the Mets on the seventh and eighth left on his loss to Cleveland in the seventh inning. So that would appear to be good fortune for the giants want to face. Julie volatile. Yeah. What is planned for Spanish bar Hart's plan for space for them ten minutes you know their their lineup is not overly imposing anyway. But does not have a great season but he's the best you know best. Candidate down and the judge just please either win a bunch of games are just pulled up to now take this week I know but we have other things we need to spend our time on. If you're not gonna win anything when we don't wanna waste anymore time we'll get ready for football. They just don't have a definitive and. Served for you that and they have the answers so far has been. We're not really good for three of anything moons you know to win and then a loss or two losses and then a win. Or hey we won three out of five. Story. That's just what they do it's they are. It's from the start of the season they've been the epitome of mediocre they've never been far Purdue Souza while cart a good thing or bad thing because there was a time. Long time ago we knew that this seems governor gets the knock on what I think and I kind of makes sense doesn't it. But now we're in a situation where this seems never go about who knows they could still end up on a cockamamie second wildcard. Well look for me as a fan it's clearly good thing. Just more teams alive late in the season is just very clearly a good thing now if you're a fan of a specific team the giants are great example actually. If you're a fan of specifically of the giants. Then maybe not because you can really argue that this second wildcard prevents them from making hard decisions. Q clearly not a very good team and you should make some bigger changes but you're chasing the second wild card and say you just kick the can down the road a little well. Him oil we would burst or basically competitive this year true true true except for this. I'll I'll never forget 2014. When the giants who had won a World Series between ten and when he twelfth when he fourteen they don't look like a very good team into a lot look like there's no chance his team's gonna win anything. And they managed this to sneak in the second wild card that's remembered giants fans. Real loyal giants fans were celebrating that they felt more like. This team's not kidnapped you know playoffs right there are 38 right again I mean I'm just saying from a fan's perspective. Dissect about cards are really good thing but I I think it for the giants are the only organ is it I think a lot of teams post on hard decisions. Because they can just sell this flock of trying to go for the second wildcard I think that the three most surprising World Series winners and I've seen in my lifetime that really was like. There's no way this can happen what happened 2014 giants. The the Dodgers and 88 yeah. And the royals in not. The most regionals with the royals and 85 when they beat the cardinals cardinals like they've their cardinals are way better and that and that dodger team because he's an 88. I still not that happened such a mismatch session it never happened. Is it never gone like that Johnson 24 team I remember talking about strongly the day after that and he was just. Chop block program baseball which couldn't believe the giants won the World Series you can stick to it and you're right I mean the bit that. That moment was the moment when I think the case could be made for evermore hey just get in yeah I guess so it and you never know you might be built for the playoffs. You know that that was the thinking then well the giants are really built for the playoffs more than the prosecutors he's acted in would you salute it is in the post season in the Madison Baumgartner wore pitch every big bright we're just gonna start him every Saturday and then we don't start of a come in and really have to do it.