Getting off to your best start since 2004 should feel better than this, right? 9/10/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, September 10th
And the Stubhub crowd Kredielr is referring to the Chargers as "San Diego."

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230. Coached two teams so he's not. You see in new hire are now weighs in new hired by present masking agent five. Coaches making their debuts. Yesterday the NFL as head coach is no lost and John greens. Is insulated from that right Canada's own category yeah math and appreciate on the other hand with a line tonight. We ride that's legit on him and gruden is if he you know practically of course is different because been out of it for ten years. Knelt on his first rodeo and he knows everything. That he really needs to know about how pregame works and how halftime works and you know stuff that even assisting coaches. Wrestle with when their when it's their first time through the actual game conditions and it was nice it could scream to explain. How that all Cologne Mac thing went sideways and everybody. Obviously little Mac didn't want player and that's what's been the minister he was under contract Lisa. And he was under contract he never showed up for OT they never showed up for training camp and obviously going initial for the season. So you know don't forget that we have to get ready to play and I want players that wanna be here that wanna help us put this thing back in high gear. Well that explains it if it zero to be gained by trying to give you know. By trying to shame. Could matter or I'm upset now suggests it is unprofessional production companies you know when he was it yeah I was under contract. Guys under contract go through renegotiation all the time and gruden knows that it's totally disingenuous it's a total smokescreen. Ignore it and move on and you know to be fair of course he said that before clos Mac went off last night it looks worse now. But that interview was probably conduct three days ago so it's just this whole idea that they really need to keep explaining it lucky traded him. Could assign him and you didn't are right he made it if you made a business decision. Or she made a I'm not spin and that money on that guy decision or whatever was just owning and move on. But it implied in we'll heated wanna be here assist in Sydney. The new coaches who came up short yesterday pat Shermer with the giants they lost to Jacksonville there were and they came up. Course mats Maggie with the bears looked like they should when they team. Steve walks with the cardinals they just got off work tomorrow Chrysler turned trucks they did to they relented and again. Frank Reich colts I think he knew he had no chance against. The angles going here. What Vicki gray black flag and their NL if you yeah and now Mike Vrabel titans losing that strange strange game the longest game that. To the dolphins Tulsa game out of which can't draw any conclusions because the way it was. Mean being halted for two hours and time is. And you know obviously had to have me for so weather titans also lose to Laney walker today for the season's terrible. You know arm. Terrence is now so hard luck player right to have Starr at the memorial to get hurt yeah and that's the other things they tried don't know as much as they wanna know about Marietta and when he'll be at going to be back so. This is that times season to you haven't you know. You get several weeks in before teamster getting byes and so you've you've got a solid six weeks here where every entries have to Wear. If you don't if your quarterback goes down you're gonna have to figure out a solution. There's no time from to get better the fact that one coach in particular did not lose yesterday is big news. Hue Jackson. And the browns yeah to know that at 00 and one. Has it tied yesterday the browns are off to their best to heart since 2004. Eureka. Tight keeping job writing. A Teddy keep your job bowl. Tie with the Steelers in overtime hue Jackson the last play I can't wait to see him talking about the blocked field though I. And so like somebody is our size and on the other side but. Obviously and call it. In got bald bald a block so go next few bad. Hue Jackson's feelings on a tie the guy's fault disappoint our fans that want them then go home without a victory and a more players going out victory. So what they would get it done didn't finish it but obviously a time you know. A time but that snaps does it not present seven. Team game losing streak and actually does didn't lose yes it actually does it does it's if you wanna think about it that way. Because by every definition you didn't lose my edit it. That's another weird at every other and whether in every other regard EI it's it's it's another game where. I would caution against probably trying to lead to too many conclusions about what you saw. You know that the Steelers however turned it over six times. And that for the browns lined up with 21 points. Having you know. Achieved a six turn over a game is may be tells you that they're going to be interest he probably knew that. You probably knew it I was gonna die really now even in the ring. I was gonna say that they certainly have some some capable defenders and the defense at times it well yesterday but. Hard to know what exactly was going on in the sloppy conditions. And I tell my coach of the Steelers was asked whether conditions affected Boswell is kick in overtime that what do when the game for the Steelers. Again. An outdoor game that's been our own talk about whether to the cows come home and asked her surrogates play. Who was it was a coach last week that said the task one gruden yeah prudent use and we're gonna be second guessed to be about cows come home you know. Little leading note wouldn't even take four more days before. The second guessing achieved critical mass. I'm. You know Basel kick just. It wasn't even really a shank exactly he just hooked it left and it stayed a little too left I don't know with the term has been I think you could say she loved it. I was nuts yeah I don't hero he hooked it because I loved it a little bit. In the in the wet conditions and I'm in and nobody likes to kick in those conditions anyway. The sealer should be honest to goodness they should feel very fortunate. To have played such a terrible game in and time I suppose so you know like cuts both ways in your right but on the other hand on my goodness. We were up 217 a Cleveland and I couldn't put them away. When a short oval when the game we couldn't put him away statistics did the idea that you could turn over that many times and not lose his mind boggling what did you think a Levy on Bell's tweet where he had. The marbled. From cookies. I got was what I was watching no question that die before I guess I explained it yeah I of why can we I think we can safely forget the second week. Because that's when he realized oh people figured out on a minute no no that's not what I meant. He associated Steelers of course anything you don't need me you know I. I'm perfect for those conditions. Right that's what I'd be saying to cover Levy on Miller's agent you know. Passing game you don't want it get the right guy on the field. Rise guys present. Is that out of the pistons Ben Roethlisberger five turnovers. Yesterday. Over the last ten seasons of Roethlisberger has two season openers with five turnovers. All other players have to such season openers combined than anything else thinks that over. Pony eleven he did the same thing yeah that's. OK she's played a couple of bad openers. James Connor 31 rushes 135 yards two touchdowns by catches 57 yards in the first career start. 192 scrimmage yards matches. The most Levy on bill had the game last season. And I think get a give it to. Well. If he. He's not let him go. But they asked him to do an awful lot yesterday and he really delivered he was very good in the touchdown run there for such sound. I'm in a really cool he he was he was really truly excited like. He's got such great back story guy. You know fought through a cancer diagnosis senator Bennett at a course Akimbo. Mean and he's back on the field and all of a sudden they're saying oh it looks like we needed yeah hang on but yeah you got to do at all because our guiding show. And he really answered the bell and he turns around. After scores a touchdown Iran's right to his offensive lineman right exactly that thing that bill apparently doesn't do. I guess. I don't know you know one of the things are an arsenal against Libya on bell is. He's. He's only 27. But for running back who's Scott has many carries under his belt as he has. He's the signal on hits a lot of that's a lot of weren T care. There are some that are saying that he may not get that big pay day that he thinks is common for number reasons. 'cause you can get someone cheaper. Well who Mitt won't be as productive but can be reasonably productive at a fraction of the cost that's just the nature of the NFL. Yet the big question is. Never gonna be. Is x.s get is why the big question always for every team will always be can we win the next. Can ruin a fly you know how sports are degree of and you also have to factor in X and Y and the dollar sign that branding itself weekend if we think the answer is yeah we think we win with either guy and I don't know in this case. They're living on Delis are very unusual talent. There's a question the Steelers would be better with him it's not even. You know it's mean we don't even have to go to road but. He was hit a franchise tag I mean it's on they didn't offer to pay him effort to paint line.