The future of the SF Giants and trade clauses 9/14/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, September 14th
Are the lack of trade clauses affecting the Giants' roster?

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Here the 49ers in the Detroit Lions. Sunday on ESPN thirteen twenty. Put in niners should cover they should win in this cup. They certainly should that exists is a very little guidance yes that and the lions again. Not that it's everything in the world in the second week of the season but the lines are the team plane Monday night and come across the country. In addition to being gas so yeah all signs point to the niners having good wins here at home opening when he was bad last week but we know Matt Stafford can spin it. He gets here edit he can you know he doesn't have a dominant receiver. Like he once did though and it's just tougher. It's it's just much tougher for that team as you saw against the jets who were flying all over the field mean there's. Their defenders were very active but part of it is to go to literally he's a fine receiver but. You know that's not mega show honor Hilton. Meanwhile Larry Baer. What is clear Bear's actual high goal that. CEO again CEO. Of the giants he yesterday was always you guys on the bear on the giants station and he says we're gonna shake things up or shake up the roster. So how would they do that and it's interesting for slipped just to start when that. We know that the giants. The Arabs that there averse they and that there like the idea of all let's tear things down but there's the people are so upset me and people look at this team. That just over the last what two and after years of just. Wounded just spiraling further and further they're still mediocre but simple where there is bad. And so fans are so upset that Larry Baer now us haven't and show them okay we're gonna do something. Any says we're gonna shake things up in this was insisting he said we've had other periods like this. In 96 we had a really bad year and we shook a lot of things up in in 97 wind up winning the division. Interesting that he should do a site that year 96 season they were 689 before then. In other talk about this. Then that they traded Matt Williams to the Indians for Jeff Kent billion Tavarez and Jose does sky rain though yes and then they went to the playoffs in 97 yeah they they won the division. They're gonna have to do something similar they're gonna have to trade Matt Williams. Which means they're gonna have to look. Long and hard at treating. Mad bomb and or Brandon bell and or Brandon Crawford. Yeah did the beer it's interesting. I think that these players all have value but it's. It's amazing. Because you're talking about bone learners coming off. A freak injury but nevertheless sec era he's been unavailable to team for a stretch. Brandon belt is playing injured down and probably needs surgery Rick Crawford is playing injured now and may need surgery. I'm Crawford's way more circus easily cam my knees budget but he finally relented I think it was yesterday and demolished. My power's been notched belt profits and now my second half is after all star start. Completely drop off the table to agree that you just can't trade Buster Posey well I it's problematic anyway so I think it's kind of not the point. I don't think you can ever trade him. And and say you're making a feature play he's too important to your future. I wouldn't rule out. He beat number we go to belt all the time. Built this thirty pose these 31 Crawford's 31. Longoria 32 met -- only 28 right but he sang last year of his seven year deal next here again that's his. He is appealed to teams is the same thing that would make some teams scared and that is he's cheap for one more year yeah. And that's it and after that you know each zone as well if you like him for a year ago or if you there are a lot of teams that wouldn't be scared off by that at all. And it's he's gonna he's gonna blow Iranian yeah that's fine we've got to perform well absolutely but the question is as it always is what are you get if you're the giants well if you are under contract for a few more years that a great number. Your chances of getting a massive haul are huge and that's not the case in belts and contract for a few more years Crawford's under contract for a few more years. The numbers are big on those guys. But if Brennan bill were healthy I'd really do think that he'd be a very very strong candidate to move. And he might still be but he won't fetch what he was. Right right he's not helping Bryan he's not helping that's about this from Larry Baer quote and we've talked about this I would acknowledge. That we have to think differently about how the team is constructed a young. Exciting it scrappy team that is going to have a this generations personalities. A while no doubt at all but. Young scrappy again. I don't really understand what this cherished personalities means I'm not kid I'd astonished him maybe he just steps like a marketer talking yeah. Well I get I mean. I don't know at this generations personalities are exactly where he got too many millennial media dude go gen X energy and zero narratives. I think it. In and we were. John Chad inching peace with with the OT. Beach talked about next year or beyond yeah active know eventually. Although he's under contract for 2019 they haven't really discussed with him and the future. That's also true by the way for say BN and for Bobby Evans when Larry Baer says we need to young exciting scrappy team is gonna have this generations personalities he's saying we are all than we are boring. Well they're old and for their fan base their old and comfortable which is on the way to board. Not far from bored. And they can deal with that begins section of personality there's no doubt yes the big comfort level that fans have had with the the core scandal like Pina at AT&T in a really cold night you have your blanket. And first couple innings I got my blanket. But if that she'll persists. Then by eight. Meaning you're ready to I do this I can't stand this anymore and that's where it is as they continue to lose I was comfortable with this blanket. But this blanketing get it done anymore because it's getting cold there via. Would Johns peace on both chi. Was inching 'cause he did he pointed out there problem. If you I think of his prompt and that is that this season with everything that happened. They were still basically competitive. And even at 500 ward out of it completely I think you gotta squint to see it's true then go on to keep what he's I think. Sorry I mean did you feel what it's what what he was get now was. That it wasn't until management signed off on yup Posey should just have it now. It wasn't until then that they really sort of acknowledged. It doesn't work because that was a point at which they could have said well let's nurse it through. We need buster out there and then you know have the surgery in the off season instead. That's a big moment I think what point John was making is that maybe that shift is our string happened because that was a moment where ownership had to say. Ya pay him but he needs to have the surgery now that's a big moment because Alamo where they said yet where Shatner down. And hey we don't want in September but don't look over here because at one point they were 500 tips now the wind up with a record. It could be fourteen games under something like that when it's all said and done tool. 34913 Tony sand money ESPN thirteen 20 Sam. What's gone on guys seeing what. In a word that you guys got me fired up by I really feel like Larry Baer. It is and Bobby Evans to our start and you turn into the curve ball keys of the bear and I know actually heart that. Yeah these guys talk to fans like they're completely stupid. You know every year in the hot seat and all we're all in on this guy don't cause that got everybody knows you guys are up against the luxury tax and there is absent or didn't know. Who. For example you're making great points we we do need to trade these guys that would have been more value had been treated bombardment sea me. But the reality is is. With a lot of these bad contracts what makes the difference or really bad dance partner Craig got the love these guys have no trade clauses in the contract so. He can do all the talking one. But all we a lot of this is gonna depend on the players and their agents. So I mean I don't know whose contract specifically that you guys could tell me. Would fall into that category. That. You know what wolf CI I don't I think the talks getting more than people really want to see some action. On my other point Geiger talked about yet the niners could somehow get through this stretch of three in three. Then I don't you know be if they could that they got to be who really do it. I'm kind of thinking that you could get that third victory I'm not all in on San Diego like some people are just not by Anderson you have to show me. Herb or excuse me LA rather the problem no problem. Films and movies the other one is is I think and I think I hate to say that because you're actually speculating on the players felt the need that bad you do bad. I didn't give Aaron Rodgers. Is that news twelve. Early in the season and I think they might be inclined to may be fit him in you know then that would be a game changer in that game. All right thank you Sam Sam makes a variety of very interesting points yes and Sam just because Sam briefly called the chargers San Diego we correct himself. You know you're welcome to write that Tim did that you're not gonna do it. Want an after taking hits for Sam doing no known could always you know want to say do it because it was an agenda this week you made a mistake which was fine and then you'd just tumbled writing after yeah. I don't over explain Joe's in the US show called snaps about that marked the whole thing's been upsetting to answer your question Sam. Posey Randy Crawford. Pins his contract doesn't matter what and Milan certain. All have full no trade clauses. In their contracts. Com are we are doing okay got on garner and samarra Asia have limited. No trade protection that allows them to block deals to eight teams. And bill can cross as many as ten teams off and the list I don't know I'm. Wind you know I don't know win in the season you have to declare which teams you won't be changing maybe it's at start of the season so. The names may already be known to the giants but it Bell's case he actually gets to pick ten teams say not them. It reveals or whatever you don't want to trade Randy Crawford and know they don't wanna trade Randy Crawford for the gonna pull something that hurts a little bit I don't think you know I wouldn't be a if five of the giants I sure would be afraid to move in the Fatah can get a big call that's gold glove shortstop and must be able to get a massive haul. I'm and if I do debt I'm. He is he has a chance to beat the biggest banks from my about without a doubt his Baumgartner there's no question that if I'm Obama Carter I'm shaking in the world. But I'm also I'm dealing a true asset. They should bring me a tremendous hall end. That would be my preferred destination would be moved to big lefty. And I know he Anchorage staff but. To what end when I know he's he's to have a good pitcher but he might be more valuable team now for what he can get you. And for what he actually does she do as you know every fifth day it's also possible that he looks at the direction of the franchise and says yeah. Send me somewhere Rodham abort try to send me here I have no idea but it's certainly possible yet again he's got I'm. He can blocking teams so for all I know they RD did and then they can operate from there on what they what they wanted.