Friday Feel Good: Ever heard of a 'Fatberg?' 9/14/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, September 14th
David Onyemata was fined more than what he makes in a single game. 

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This hardly seems fair Friday's day the NFL hands down fines right. Yes we can always guess David onion not out of the saints defensive tackle. He was call for two roughing the passer penalties in week one said he was fine. Who 40408. Dollars to forward and seem fair does it know especially when you consider that he is. Game salaries 37059. Dollars he was. Find more that he made. He was buying more. Then when he makes any game that's awful leaks not permit the league just lowered the boom on players today lowered the boom it was. You know the it's it's the curse of the soft quarterback coming back to every defensively you land on a QB. You didn't pay twenty well planned if you land on a quarterback with most or all of your weight right. Not to mention you know a bad attitude or whatever it is that they do it to cause him to throw the fun they ever write that rule I understand what they're getting at but really most or all of your weight it's awful. It's awful you know I watched that. Air and Donald going in on car and she did go low. Hewitt low because that was option available to them. It wasn't in any way unsportsmanlike or anything like it. He or we can't do that now it's twenty grand. The debt beyond that. 100% right and that's clearly what Selena sang it last night got penalized we don't care what you're thinking yeah and we don't care what the situation is. And a week later were gonna pretend. That nothing about the circumstances of the game mattered at all we're just enough and yet you cannot if you had your only shot a quarterback is that his legs. This is Gary throw you can't it's over there yeah you can't do it and really can't hit it high because you risk falling on him right. Well you know. That situation last night was well where a guy had no shot at it in less he just reached out as he's falling down that's. That's their Bolton mr. But now the way you have players are encouraged to go low. Shoulder tackle go low wrapped up I think you get to see more and more players hurdle defenders. I would like we saw last night it. And then blocked now by Austin apartment last week it was Seattle Denver. The Nicholas says it means of this this is. Time did the rule that we were talking about coming into the season was helmet rule. In the rule it's dominating the first two weeks of the season is the following on the quarterback rule clearly you know it's time poster on here Wayne but a few. Anyway this player with saints on your money he. Actually. Can appeal to have a spine reduced because it exceeds 50% of his salary according to the collective bargaining agreement players can appeal the fine for one offense exceeds. 25% of their weekly check refined for two offenses exceeds 50%. What needs a 100% yeah who resigned saying he qualifies. Flora debt relief and he was one up to your point several players find it. 20054. Dollars for roughing the passer who has little cost ya ya. So your out of that breakdown and I get that itemize all mine Josh and Anne in remember you know. You've also got flag during the game I mean you cost your team during the game. I'm. Potentially you know I'm in a big situation. And then a week lady can expect twenty. Hand on your modest is I'm working on different things maybe hit them and fall to the side or something they'll put my whole body weight on them. I'm by the way I think. But we may have talked about this coming out of the weekend but. I'm the titans were really upset with time. Andre branch from of the dolphins who's involved in two. Hits one in which he leveled Taylor want it low on the offensive linemen and said something like get him a body bag. As it turned out Juan was taken off with a concussion had to be removed from the field he still the concussion protocol and Andre branch was find. I'm. Not for the play. In which he leveled him. Would a blind side. But they find in 101000 and change for unsportsmanlike conduct. Point at which was not a flag that was thrown in the game. But he is the name that they ascribed to find that they sent him and deserves what he said apparently for what he set for for taunting him after the hit. While okay. And I understand that but my goodness what some of the National Football League right. Well are we. But I know time the NFL. It may not be the thing you remember Marcus Peters find. More than thirteen thousand dollars for. He grabbing his crotch during the touchdown celebration on the pick six last Monday night in Oakland he just says that's worth that. Did you coach any yeah okay. Well there's a guy who's not make him not do heating get find more than his game check clearly. He's going to be just got a lot of money but it was worth it. And McVeigh's coach is he's got a close relationship of Marchand. Some that he would discuss with him before if you is going to be able to have make a play like that so. It was again waive those guys kind of have an inside joke oh crap about it and I think it was all in fun and lighthearted says John McCain the coach of the rams. By the way he sees the video Sean McVeigh. Re calling plays this week. It's it's unbelievable so he's due call now call me I was being asked about these guys were pulling out random plays out of games from a few years ago. And make they would just recite what they what they ran and how it turn wow it was ridiculous and you know he's famous for having a photographic memory anyway event. In this case he's again I have. Meanwhile linebacker Michael Kendrick released by the browns following charges of insider trading town what happens in that well I saw the what your deal what's Seahawks. Not I. Okay he pleaded guilty to charges sentencing hearing is set for January 24 but the Seahawks think he can help him plus he's got this season then right. They're not gonna be played on putting forth. Yeah he can give them a boost its just curious if they ever have I don't. Innocent unless proven guilty I understand that I don't know he's don't have a political equality kidney but I mean he has a right until then I guess is already admitted that he did it so I think it's done too much left to question. Am and what day is today currents likely for you I can't find my. But yeah -- we can keep on top and I tell you do you know Jai annual talk about the giants against more I really many a time as much as I would love to do it rather that you remind me what day it is I don't wanna talk about it but it it is Friday yes it is Friday and I'm not afraid. I days feel good. Odd you know that nothing bad happens to anybody. Here in the Friday feel good okay military can drink couldn't tell him neutered Newt a Newt you and I don't think so officials and a Michigan canny. Said that they. Hoping a massive patch Bergen found in his suburban Detroit Stewart was helped change people's behavior. So it's really kind of a public service we have today. On the Friday fielded the fact berg. Macon county public works office that is sewer pipe known as the lakeshore inspector. Was found this week to be blocked. Bio 100 foot long fat American collection of facts apple Apple's increase. Then forms a mass with objects flushed down the sewer. They officials said the fat bird the largest such object found in the Kenny sewers. Is a result of Greece and similar materials being poured into the sewers as well as objects such as you know like baby wipes just sorrow kid. Out the public works commission. Officer of Candice Miller says. To put it simply this that berg is gross. Yeah I agree here honor burial at the provides an opportunity however. To talk with people about the importance of restricting what goes down our sewers. This restriction was caused by people in restaurants pouring Greece and similar materials down their grades we wanna change the behavior. And Kenny is launching an education initiative. Aimed to preventing future fat. Birds from forming an local sewers and we here at the Friday feel good are proud to do our part yes creative people here the same issue. Well played yeah I hear hear let's not have a fence around and gray Jiri. That some one of the most disgusting things you've ever read to me in even at some pretty disgusting stuff but I hundred foot long. Byrd of fat cats are. Not my favorite thing and I've ever heard to end today. At all and I don't want you don't you don't and we don't end well Oxley I'll proudly telling. We do not poor greased and our drink the get that. Fight the fat berg. The campaign go would you be the face of it not a chipped and 0% chance.