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Friday, August 17th
What was stuck in her eye for 28 years?

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Finally confirmed death Tyrod Taylor of the grounds his name is pronounced Tyrod Taylor always has been. He's just another direct reports of problems Tyrod Taylor referred to himself as Tyrod Taylor. So whatever works right you can understand gala tonight. If you cannot it is Sayer right what cheers to the rest of us how baker mayfield into the game at that game between the browns in the bills pre season the habits you know the browns are on hard knocks and baker mayfield story's been. It Tuesday when. Two for two and nearly going. Carlos Hyde by the way I carry 64 yards and touch it. That would be huge for them if they have a running game that's actually. Yes somewhat personal somewhat dependable so Taylor Hannity do lightly. Since he's out of the game Tyrod Taylor yeah forest seven for 22. Yards. And he also ran I think you re in a couple times. One care for five yards okay. Can get him in get around if he's the starter. As Hugh Jackson continues to insist though he has a dream still I don't I haven't seen any interest in here though. And an accused actually going to be the number two quarterback if he's not the week to number two court could have been hard to us storyline you never know and do be do the browns even need Dez Dez Bryant the the watch there in Cleveland. According to UN FL dot com kicking into high gear. Price freeagent visit to the browns ended today with no contract in place. But the door to a signing. It's not closed it would appear. So we'll see if they can come to an agreement I believe Dez said yeah gorgeous were working out a few things. Yeah. I mean look if if there any use in I don't know meet a pre season it's the worst time to judge you need to step in if they're getting is a joke July. And they Arnie likes to wide outs and they have another wide out in Josh Gordon who they think quote rejoined them they don't know exactly win. Then. You know even after ever really specific understanding Dez Bryant. I've just gotten it just ask him for a problem may be theirs to my knowledge there isn't but may be there is a real possibility that Josh corny can be back. Anytime soon and then maybe they've really don't know what to deal with there. Sources returned I have to assume that that's at least. Part of what they're thinking because there's no chance that the browns would take some courtesy visit with Dez Bryant just because. I mean. It doesn't make there's no chance of Brown's indeed they have all the attention they need right. You know that whole series about them they're the number one pick in the draft. They don't need that Dez Bryant showed just to have some media around against Oakland. So I really believe that they wouldn't have had him in if they weren't really thinking about it if they're thinking about it. Then there hedging against some thing. And the most obvious to so something would be Yond Josh Gordon isn't going to be back Corey won't be back soon. But Dez Bryant is. Ism as they cowboys now. Robbie he's he's a full time commitment 69 catches last year he's gonna take all your energy six touchdowns yeah. That's 69 catches he was targeted a hundred in 32 huge and set isn't so good. And truly but he'll take your time in your energy so you have to decide whether his return is really worth. What what you get for your investment. Whether that's worth it because she is gonna take time it's gonna take. Attention and conversation. End. Clearing up misunderstandings. At all. Steel believer in catch percentage I got to thank you know the the browns. They're so analytic heavy equipment Paul. They got to be looking at this this is just since 2010 Dez Bryant catch percentage that is. Numbered balls he catches. You got catches you got throws was a percentage. 61 point 6% next year 61 to 6672012. Then 5852013. 647. Point fourteen the last three years 431521. In 523. And that's not all because Tony Romo was leading. So part of it is that you know catch percentage is affected by a lot of things including where the ball news it's got to be deemed taxable. Yeah of course that is used to of course Clinton woods and no question. There's just no question a minute he just saw a Whiting. You saw the hard knocks episode where they basically sit in junk critic of objects machine for actual work because he had a couple of drops. Yeah that's gonna matter to them whether it has ranking cats are passed TD passes by your 691213. 163860. Yeah. And really you were just talk about a guy has no longer primary. So if he's secondary receiver or even on the fields via third option a kidney liver that is he can't got a problem. And BQ do you live with it even if he's OK with it because how long would be okay then they would say is it's Democrats did thirst. This. As little as always good. Commitments to action. So I don't know but I never design and ran into hydrogen and one oxygen. That's the recipe for good water it is Jamie when you some help just for a woman needs them now. 42 year old woman in great Britain and okay. She had to go to the doctor tries okay yeah. She. The mood though is this though so. She had to give the doctor after she discovered by discovered that pea sized lump below my left eyebrow at peace sized lump yes. You know her eyebrow yes this is I apologize I'm gonna show marked rather excellence looks like at. Does X ray see there's are high here see that lump there does not look yes see there's Iran right there's you have loved the idea that ice creepy to open well eyes they're creepy when you're good lie right Robin looked like a robot fires on the problem that's way and I is if you fight took away and I took my high judge sets a creepy guy but right now. You just don't think of it that when you're probably right anyway. The sister visible on MRI and cause the woman's left started to droop. House yeah. So doctors get any anti you know doctors dogs getting that there as soon as doctor route because it's in Great Britain yeah they'd it that's probably. Probably yeah they went in there to remove the sixth and they did her. They discovered something else. It's just time would you like to cast what it was that they discovered. That head there's some out had migrated into the eyelid. Inter island yes yes. India saying it's okay if you know if you don't mind in grain of sand and you're not familiar plot you know I don't want to see everything that they discovered a rigid contact lens. That somehow it migrated into the eyelid. And at first they told her sister. Up the good news. Then she said hope my own name remember his name losing at the lens and a bed net game and I was just faulty. You've got to be leaked in I don't believe about this stuff cries. 28 years ago she lost to contact Lance he's wearing rhetoric was that assist. Well yeah OK yeah. Why it mean it was. I know they waited to get the system then they discovered something else please don't tell me this wasn't it to offer you you you go in there when you have a can't you leave a contact lens of their twenty years as you know it's gonna gruesome and I nodded material listening insisting yeah yeah. She had no symptoms when she lost her. When she lost her contact when he years ago yeah so she thought it'd volcanologist 2000. The patient never wore. Rigid gas coming about lenses following this incident weekend feather theology peat lands migrated into the patient's left upper eyelid at the time of trauma and had been in that since you for the last 28 years according to the offense every bar that's disgusting to you saying it would edged up in her eyes yeah that's and once they just can't get once the system eleven is kind of assist their informed. Now from the irritation in the lens removed. More pit crews were back to. She did not say that she did not appeal for his factor. She wouldn't even said that to doctors news there's no chance she sent out by the way this is some like this has happened before late 406967. Year old British woman went in for. Cataract surgery only to discover. The bluish. Johnson one of mud people's with the election and it. Supporters say he's for two and he's seven coat check and dozens that is absolutely. What toy and that's why ill. I'm the real answer is nobody feels better pick those up. And in the league and says you should feel better because there'd be a lot better. It's not you you don't have to worry about that and it's happy ending who knows what's wedged up inside your eye that's disgusting. Aside this led market. In my hand. From when a pencil broke up Robbie got on yeah led mark. No it's led oh OK you said lead marginalize me you can see the dot inside might be can't see from there but there's a dikes and remove that at a fraction of the cost of what a what a medical professional fighting in Georgia part of me and it's it it happened when I was in grade school I'm never going into I'm gonna die with an iMac is that a migrating your eyelids and it's not your night read anywhere. Still honors in his kit put. On pilot definitely. Yeah I'll have my papers on it mighty. Texas well this is so yeah add as a woman with the worms and RI this is actually it's kind of funny that's not phony. It was like it disintegrating. Contact Linda wasn't disintegrates in a duel that was the approval of food and paper football. Good luck when you keepers the.