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Friday, February 23rd

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They let feared for Charles Tillman former Chicago Bears corner and outstanding corner. We leave best in bears history twelve seasons few global nods. He was being the NFL Walter Payton man of the years when he thirteen. Ended Charles peanut Tillman. As his become he's done playing football now he's 37 he's an FBI agent. Wow just like death not well not exactly just like that let's see here last September. Sources told ESPN that he had enrolled at the FBI training academy in Quantico. In order to pursue a full time career at the agency. Let's see. He worked alongside law enforcement officials during off season months he earned a criminal justice degree from Louisiana Lafayette his father was a sergeant in the army so. Well not exactly just like that no not just like dad I was as a team sarcastic I mean the FBI doesn't just give some idea. Danny look you gave candidate mean good for him they prime bottom right to work on this college basketball fanatic we have 01 particular case would likely on right now. As seriously how do you think this is going to go speaking of football. The owner of the bills Kim. Pay go look. She said today that she's gonna try to find a compromise between players looking to use the NFL's a platform for social change. And a potentially negative impact activism could have gone on business and she's speaking at a panel at the MIT's Sloan sports analytics conference in Boston. And she was asked if social activism by players is good for business she said I think a lot of it is just communication. And other it's easy to say. Several of our players who actually talked to them and gave them a different perspective just like they were trying to give us a different perspective. On the impact of the business and what the impact is of what they do socially off the game and Allman then how that affects the business I didn't grow up in the sports business world they came in on the player side. So what do you think of that just as she apparently gonna try to work with the players to get them to understand. While she's she's trying to find a compromise with players on social protest say you guys have to understand what you're doing understand why you're doing it yet to understand how it impacts. Our business and their four in a way you. I'm. I think she's got a reasonable chance if they've. Beat the reason I say that is that Terry Jones did basically the same thing with cowboys. What do column in and said look Alex going anywhere I'm coming from on this. This is how I think it if Texas is now I think it can hurt business. I'm. Debit your asking wait too much. But Jerry jones' experience suggests that you can. Have a conversation at the very least say. Let's find a way. I'm for us to be able to get behind some of things you care about mean it's kinda how the league. Particularly the NBA trying to handle it was kicked in again in front of it with players and say. What is it in the issues you care about how can we be involved in such a way that. You don't feel you usually got the yeah in other words how to lead. How do we address enough Lyonnais. Her husband met with a group of players from the bills. Just before the night before they played the Broncos in September. To address the comments made that week by Donald Trump about Anna felt her protests. And they later the owners later released a statement calling Trump's comments divisive and disrespectful. And saying the organization try to use him as an opportunity do further unify our team. That a dozen players from the bills now during the National Anthem September 24 and a smaller group of players can too. Need to Neal the following week. So they have. Very. Socially active group of players. And this is the right time in my opinion this are really the right time that conversation she's talking about or the one that they've had. Needs immediate precursor to other talks that currency and as players are available to talk again I mean you know as soon as OTAs or when or whatever is the proper time. They. Went the NBA was able to do because what the NFL. What happened it was the NFL's India was able to study it a little bit and try to be proactive. NFL owners individually now are trying to do that but they have to get out front of it early. They can't wait till they were a week away from the season we really need talked about this if you're serious via the NBA actually has had that rule. And I don't know if it maybe it does go back to mark what do Dora who in many cars will stand for the anthem right. It's it. With that said the delete was really proactive in getting with players and saying what are the things you care about. How can we be involved. In helping you. In advance. The things you care about without it becoming a pregame issue I applaud what the warriors are doing. They are going to be in DC there are not invited the White House okay so they're gonna use today in Senegal the White House. To visit with some local youth group which is probably a better idea than gonna White House where they're invited or not anyway. Or anything primary useful yeah act act so they'll get something out of it and that's what matters. That he would meet its bid they were they aren't they were just invited and invited along time ago when what day is that the Democrats do not recall that's. I days feel good. You don't recall. I think you do. I give you little warmup period of the Friday feel good authorities say a man destroyed a suburban Detroit home while trying to use a smoke bonded Rinna crawl space of skunks. Detroit Free Press hadn't. I have not uses smoke bombs. The man's attempt sparked a fire that quickly spread across pleased to the first floor. Fire spread through the walls in the attic at the rental property. The fire chief says that house was a complete loss and he says this dunks got out there were no stunts yet he'd lead me to. Well that's a higher Friday he'll learn even bothered by the smoke yeah. Man arrested for it you know let's terra cotta warriors yes yet and they are they've been on display and let's see. They are let's see. Hold thousands a life size guardians and they were tasked with protecting and serving China's first emperor in in his after life. So there are. Terra cotta figures that worry in this. Right the burial site of Keene she playing but like I apologize if yeah well if I am announcing that correctly. Well a man was arrested for stealing one of the their thumbs. On the terra cotta warriors yet one of their thumb yes can't museum staff didn't realize that that was missing in two weeks after had been stolen. Thumb and that tennis you know check on terra cotta warriors. On loan for an exhibit at the Franklin institute it institute part mean Philadelphia. Two on March 4. Back in December 24 year old Michael Roll land and his friends but it's like they snuck into the exhibit during a pre Christmas party. This is in Philly yet in this French left Enron had it apparently stayed behind using the light from a cellphone to view the displayed items. And according to special laser with the FB IL looks like Ron of them put his arm around one of the statues and took a cell feet and then on it. On his way out of the exhibit he. Apparently grabbed. The thumb from the left hand of one of the warriors these statues of bed at about how old. Warning half million dollars. So that happened apparently in December. Museum staff. Rent January 8 they realized their you don't sums wrong elicit a guy who is the authorities retrieve the thumb broke from Roy and I know that it ended in a duster or is the bedroom. In bear Delaware so he has been charged with theft in concealment of artwork from a museum. And the transportation of stolen property across state. Line that probably doesn't help the Delaware that's. The exchange G cultural heritage promotions senator oversees the exhibits abroad. They're pushing for a tough penalty for Iran who was released on bail on February 18. We call on the United States who severely punish those who have done so to undermine and rob the human cultural heritage we also believe that the United States will. Punish the parties according to law beneficial but they do said so. Okay. Gives you all the best to try and just stopped at the cell fee is what I hear you said yeah yeah. So feces he would normally you are doing good fun and it's you know pre Christmas could have been a little you know all the dog involved say the least. Apparently they found these. Terra cotta warriors digging in a well in 1974. In China they were standing guard in three pits beneath the workers beat in related news the terra cotta warriors actually beat the terra cotta clippers last night so I did yeah. Apparently they guys missing from what's not too much of the injured plus fear rebounder yes but aren't you glad you're not that guy and exchange that I am not that guy because 24 years old with the Chinese Government unhappy with you know we wanna be in life. And I know he's still in Delaware. So he's probably safe but who can really say hmm I eat you know that. You realize that in Philly you can be Delaware and Mina. Seven minutes. But it is you did takes to all property across state lines just not a wise thing hey look FBI you got any crazy glue. And I still got the thumb will go in there in. Yet again and I'd like to see there are not gonna know the difference in enough flexibility to tell the Chinese you know what are bad actually now everything's fine yeah but look it's right I don't have I'm not sure what those reports indicated that here's a guy with a thumb. We'll ship him actually Italy fine and I wouldn't worry about it but terra cotta where got to some back this guy. If not amidst so his friends bailed out too which after appreciate I looks like they were not implicated I have naming take is LT OK you do that. And we'll go ahead and leave now they're very excited about tomorrow I guess do a Big Brother saying it's. It's a showing a black panther and a former sac state of sac state football's kind of a putting on this whole. Showing in this movie for big Brothers big sisters and there's a linebacker from the Denver Broncos is from sexy I'm presuming that he played football at tech stay with the director. Who's going to be there so. About Darren has has been no not the director but teammate of his I think it's going to be there but it's cool it is got it and in pushing it to see black. Yeah tonight I expect a full report on Monday you've got it right good deaths or have a great weekend thank you for listening to we're back on Monday that as far as we know as far as we are again. Fair comment on the change frost. Lucy thanks for listening have a great weekend see above.