Five teams that made the playoffs last year play tonight... 8/17/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, August 17th many of those five make the playoffs this season?

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We just talk about Dusty Baker very interesting interview that Sacramento Dusty Baker distant with the athletic. And dusty sun. Darren and spent the summer you know it goes to cal plays baseball for Cao spent his summer playing in the Cape Cod league which reminds me we have a Mitt. Junior congratulations. To you. The Chrysler is because. Right Chrysler led musical work and he didn't know where him to Wear him yet if they won all the way. When the kid probably they won the Cape Wind you know. Yeah they have fun they really did it was fun summer we get to out of. Little while. And now it's fun baseball and it's really. When they got to the league championship. What would turn out to be the the the final game of the team to play. In a championship they played the Chatham anglers are terrible the world wants the Chatham a's but the Cape Cod league had to move away from all its Major League designations. The only team in the cape league they all used to be named for Major League teams that's the team that was it Freddie prinze junior played on in that horrible movie with Jessica Biel. Summer summer couch yeah because he had a a members like had. He's it's an addict and it was a different color red idea are bug for pollutes EI it's it's a very distinctive A is looking up but he can't be called the AZ anymore because I guess. They caved in Major League Baseball don't have an agreement anymore I only watched like. Maybe three minutes of that movie robbed a ligament hey there's a good site sort of that there's a team. In heart which. Called the heart which Mariner's and the reason they got to keep their name is they had cars more than our costs hop kick it around man. So yeah it was fun they had was they had a great time and and then you know whatever I mean everybody wants to win their last game mom the summer and they did if you don't keep score muzzle wind absolutely yet. Mark privacy and he's so modest every tenements about Ryan for years he's having fun which I appreciate he's trying to deflect. Also yesterday marked brother got re tweeting goodbye buster only. And like 250000. People responded that were reached we needed in any heat. Is that after the show case some words economic Twitter I don't know what happened we should let's go to show well you'll like it you were like it would you were to where you're trending. I really I don't know my detractors but I just sort out of its round tweet about what was going on Major League Baseball suspensions. Particularly with on the ring yeah. Case. And I didn't know bastard re tweeted it. You know and and my own you know normal interaction I know what a normal interaction for one of my tweets let's lighten. And you know what we are doing the show is only happening in attention and then I kept I was glancing over and we usually are only half paying attention when we do the show. Guess this season maybe a quarter paying attention but. All of a sudden I glanced over the old notifications and I thought well that's strange. And I actually would back and looked at my tweet when he was a defensive did I miss type can show we've got a week then these things out during the commercial break it's like gagged. Maybe guys have just have like blundered into a moment and mark recesses Twitter team and sometimes they just handle it warm. Are on vacation it's summer it's August so it just turned out buster with his one point three million followers. All he did was hit re tweet when people angry with fewer more than a notre what had happened was because buster reach weeded it. It just became a community forum so I was looking at I mean it was re tweeted a lot but warned that just there all of a sudden there were comments. Pages and pages of comments and mostly people were saying. They've got to change the system if he if he might not even miss a start or he'll only miss one start. They've got to figure out how to suspended pitcher differently than a position player that was a big part of that and it just became this huge. I was nothing more than that space they went to to have essentially a four. But today on MLB network they kind of spun metal thing out this way if you change one thing about baseball what would it be. You have some new change the first set up their timeout a rule change which would kind of miss the point because we're not really talking about a rule change we're talking about a different mindset but it was it was one thing you can change about baseball. Oh I don't know I don't know I mean antiseptic about a minute I. Yeah you mean not a rule changed bright one thing pretty pretty open ended I wish to gain I don't know I do I just wish. I think I'd wanna go back to the older baseball. Because it didn't fly. Oh really OK I was thinking. Maybe of a different type of solution to the same thing you're talking about which is if I can just change a thing about baseball. I would probably make the strike zone you know of pretty close to uniform. With very little variation I would basically say this is now a strike. So everybody knows what is striking is forty mile hitter knows what to attack in the strikes men every what I mean is for the most hitters and pitcher usually to be fair. Most games are guessing games. And even if you're a very good hitter very good pitcher he's been some portion including maybe even a couple of bats trying to figure out what a strike news. I think. I'm instead of G seeing the ball simply applying a more uniform strike zone. Would would say probably encourage more action and beef he did it you know pretty specifically if you narrative. They might actually just get you more offense naturally. Instead of trying to eat constantly gin up your system. Or geez the ball or whatever. But even us and I love I'd like to human element of the game but even I get frustrated by watching him pitch at saint. Imminent it's not a strike it wasn't even a strike two innings goes a sing in a work well congratulations. To the word there gators for their big win in the Cape Cod league and I think the what. Where I am. I don't know lots I thought he would Wear him yes W I RE wherein gates statesman treatment to Dayton and because there's big gateway to date. Did to decay of course they are pastor who Wear him before you can get there. Meanwhile pre season football that I alt rocker talk about pre season okay. Decide happen properly wants to site I just back up tonight you got five teams from last year's playoffs playing. Kansas City in Atlanta. The giants Detroit non playoff teams Miami and Carolina. Buffalo playoff team usher in Cleveland and Arizona and New Orleans all playing tonight. So he had New Orleans and you have buffalo Carolina. The chiefs in the falcons in the playoffs last year. Which of those five teens to be back in the playoffs this year all of that none of falcons are back in the playoffs. Calm the saints I think are back in the playoffs. Time Carolina same division that's three teams in the same division you know. Yeah I am so they beat up on each other a little bit I mean I guess I don't feel as confident about Carolina. I'm and I think Kansas City may just tumble I'm not necessarily embarrassingly good just tumbled foreign often I think there. You know and certainly not the best team in the AFC west. And I think buffalo when buffalo was and I think nine and seven playoff team tried reason to meet buffalo not get mean to extent back. I think you know I'm they may actually missed their quarterback. The guy is in Cleveland. They might test I think I think selling your right Vicky Wright picked the one division. Is it we say every year we kind of look at and say someone can't make the playoffs. But I don't really see the final the falcons artery dressed much they're a playoff team. Yes they wobble last year I think there were ten and six but then they remember they actually I remember because I picked him to win and you they beat the rams in the last until we're losing to the yes they did and Eagles but I don't know about the chiefs and another chiefs and the chargers. You know the Smart money says those two teams are the best teams in the AFC west this year you know I'm not big on moms these. Not that he cares what he's got a lot to prove to me like the chargers a lot that division title I don't like the chief so much is it. That that's the team that I think. Along with buffalo I think buffalo Casey probably have a hard really tough path to the playoffs. This year. And you right out of Carolina New Orleans and Atlanta. Logically one of phone won't get there because they can't they just played him too many times it's the same thing that we often say. About. You know can't stand excusing Green Day. Minnesota Detroit. But well OK but their all of the plate. So some is gonna have to so don't sleep on the lions nine and seven last year I know it but you know they they did that with Aaron Rodgers not on the field for the Packers I just feel like if the Packers are. You know significantly better which I think they will be some guys again. I don't think it'll be the vikings. Think the vikings true you'd be really really good again you are is pro Packers as you are anti Mets if that's possible side Aaron Rodgers to Jimmy camp mighty. Super Bowl I mean come. The guys I can't rush to Jimmy Graham for the Super Bowl championship. That's RD it's decided that it's that's their practically advertising and right like because I'm gonna talk to him all the time in the red zone in these any threats it organs gorloks touchdown you know I think we couldn't do last year yeah. Do announced all right or the reds.