Field Yates, ESPN NFL Insider Interview 8/8/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, August 8th
Field and the Guys talked about Jimmy G's fantasy value.

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Card giant Intel last week might feel bell and relief. Bad idea needs to start or sit recommendation yes I've been asked Mac Bethel Thompson can you believe that all of my goodness now. Awful it's all babies so that time to get on the Mac Bethel Thompson that train no like yeah he's going to be thrown need to be checked and it for awhile but Johnny footballs do resonate he's gonna turn things around. I wouldn't go straight to do. But he certainly got these through the worst of it nice not to join us right now ESPN NFL insider also he's a co host of the fantasy focus football podcasts. So help you get already for your upcoming fantasy football draft steel gates with a sour today field Yates. Well. A really noticed you know I got to make the rounds today and we appreciate your time before we get to the out. Finished the issues here you know we were just talking about Khalil Mac do you really think there's a realistic possibility. That this thing gets so sideways at the raiders seriously entertain the thought of trading him. Here hanging. On the current logic. And he you know there's no way off which by Gil back. Don't Politico I don't think cash. Are actually act and it. Union wanted to go here I did it surely you'd be APC it. You know there are people begin their help it will be you can actually afford. One will back part of roster he's the clintons. What do mean by that is a contract that is among top percentile. In their outlook overall pay yet out. If it was somebody who. It may 2225. Million dollar. Million dollar these little ought to make peace. Without it protects we're back on track. And apply it back into the Denver Broncos gave was one over. Years by. The only is that OK. You know poor little packet about where the Al along with your car on track and it happened choice. Both feel is that basically. I realize there are other differences but would that be the most obvious difference between the raiders' situation then. And the rams' situation of Aron Donald what they have a QB who's still basically on rookie wage scale. Yeah. Have been motivated to get a lot of players pop art because they understand that we don't write edit in so we don't the next. To be creepy jerk off because the bench and eligible. Next year they action an extension or wherever needs. But I think that. Ram or. Not necessarily approaching it any differently and be greater I think it all he needs only to bring safety put your offer that people are Donald. You don't wanna hold out for at least to use separate. Out like he'd bet. Either way it's playing the other player at 98. Either but they are auto. You don't and it is deserving of the top are threatening anybody that they want to go back yet part of that the letter and piper. I forgot what the end game is or what the equity and if it spiked right near the yields on. Catch up with steel gates from ESP NE of course is a coast to the fantasy focus football podcast. Field Jarvis Landry. Boy look great on hard knocks a nominally a right get extra points for one handed catch is so he's creeping up Mike Tennessee board but should he be creeping up Mike Tennessee board. You know look at how we're able. Going into. It even bigger reason to understand why Jarvis and right you know lower than it normally it is a year. Yeah he has 100. 400. Career reception and or. Up the pole by any old or or your career NFL history. But he under its target. Obviously had a game. It's hard to envision vote yet exactly ten days. That being said in that it. We knew it we do you don't want whites equally able. Maybe eight. Target where people won't read the formal but I just think that ball I thought it might I think if a white. For those who might be wondering why not a topic why are equal pay off repeat of performance is merely because there are not good player in Cleveland this year that it may not get harder. Feel it a kind of along those lines. Is there a guy that for a couple of guys maybe. To your thinking out receivers. Who either because they are in a new scheme or because they've got better quarterback helper better talent around him are set for a major step up. Want to go between if it may metre step out and quarterback play but there's a potential world all the gold from outcrop. Obviously help catch one pick in Beckett and expect. Don't pay a forty dollar judgment. You're all that they are excited about what the electrical BE DU offensively. And Betty were being worked camera there it might you know get. Late round pick up because a lot of value do you don't have eight or ballad all I certainly don't the football league they. Not that. We have the number two wideout in what they thought Eric and well. Those are two players that it could mean to benefit. Cornerback Clayton each reading that. Two guys that will hit in the benefit because better quarterback play without that right where art that I. Our kitchen up on Tennessee football with ESPN's field Yates. Swing in back to the raiders. How risky would you say if at all how how risky the raiders skill position players right now with a new coach and a new offensive scheme. Yet he won't be in an attempt to trick that we don't necessarily. Going to shake out Marshawn Lynch well on without mark. Or Yeltsin did not expect the player I'm sure there are 35 you're being involved sorry. Is it making a lot in November and pepper on the white so you know if you look at average strapped position. Up there to make a Mark Cooper really nobody's drafted in Iraq now that you'd be wasting money on starter go to help Haiti be like albeit a wider keepers. The 41 you know we're at totally reasonable all but rather play in all of it off and oh market right here early we are all art rose but he's great for me. About it won't matter though that anybody eighty indymac. Guilty play literally eavesdropping starter at an article or not what we're back. I feel what it Jimmy droplet is a lot of run around here because people are excited about the way the foreigners finish up plaster but fantasy wise. She is a mean value almost always is gonna come down to do you know the skill position guys around him how does that shape up in your mind. You know we think are an op alone bought for me being. I mean it happened is value could be the only through six touchdowns and by and prepared Arctic. Those aren't our items but stated it had punched out opposed it sixty what you need. The pop art but overall I mean obviously the weapons it structure are better this year he got all our ought be under his belt but it it. Maybe even literally learn the people. Why. Eat in starter. It straight to it before I don't even begin to start art. Eden Coleen are these Google continued development. Here are some help particular develop. George adult attention. A lot of wave department should eat better. In The Beatles be the biggest issue like half of we have gotten a quarterback is simply it is we just want motivational. Sounds crazy but they're like many players what he and I can make a reasonable case or with pop and quarterback a obviously twenty will not become a correct only as well. Well we'll all be anchored in keeping with air carpet at the court back court like that you think are well of course I could. But activity directly within reach as they starter. I feel we appreciate your time real quickly before you go. Diamonds Ellen my SE FL he's he's a bench this week all the way around I can't play Johnny football this week right. I would I was there are being threatened at being on our part and I. They're certainly not sure if the rate yeah I thought not the number of people. Watching. Thanks Theo we appreciate your time there outfield. Feel gates ESP NFL insider co host fantasy focus football podcast. And who I am. I thought I think I think I understand. I'm. What kind of what he's saying about the raiders and and I really. Don't do this thing that we and I I don't seem to tell jokes that I think he was in Iraq subtlety achieved what I would take religion tonight I know. I think the race is that the question that were we were trying to answer that weeks there's no way to answer it is. How much difference does it make Crabtree is there any love thrown Crabtree Beers trying to free out guys fantasy value while America's favorite guy off the field. How's that gonna affect car with an area. I know we've talked a lot over the years about how guys now so easily catch footballs with one hand. Jarvis landry's a best I've ever seen makes it look like nothing you really does and another gloves so a lot to do that that act as phenomenal did you see that work out he did last night. He has one of those. It's like. It's like a work out inflatable when he called those who work out balls but it's. It's got a flat top and in the ball on the bottom so to balance ball a dose of all OK he's on that on one leg. And then so like his left leg and he's balancing them with the opposite hand so left leg writing he's got a medicine ball he throws it up near catches of when news. Unbelievable well impressive yeah. He should get pages to do that we got to do you got vulnerability going to be fabulous one thing I've learned about hard knocks you watch it and it's been like tomorrow. Nice day there's a lot of the credit to them last night yeah accuracy Rawlings. And bearish Judd Gregg Williams yes bounty gate Gregg Williams. He's got her rehab his coaching career pretty insane guy he always was so yeah I mean he's gonna have to publicly I guessed it he's this.