Fact or Fantasy 9/12/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, September 12th
Martavis Bryant brings the Raiders a dimension they need?

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By NASA tried fanatic I had that on today's hottest topics. This is though so we call rise guys back Finnessey. It's brunch or by accident price for the best nights on the place car accident prize tonight years CA is. Day. Says make it sounds are great thing in the Graffanino hit driving range should really do that age to put some buckets right. Luck it's is waiting now. Had no idea about the monies they've super affordable Atlantic. To attend my favorite primary sort of all time yes and it's from my good friend just in case he can hear nights now on the Middle East and just in case would match the driver rancher sorry. Any gazette today announcing he told the story on the air years ago. And so he goes out their first egos like to the bar thinker the in the restaurant I wanna hit a bucket of balls and you got to go out to drive me it's okay. That he goes s.'s Allen had a bucket involves us is okay how big. And this is just a regular sized golf. As in Yemen matter much that puts his pocket do you want. To read stories goods yes he's the best yeah. That's story hey Heidi and yes play this game for Ford today you get to choose would you like to pass a plane in. I want first crack at the last questions on gonna pass today OK and gotten that far in my reading bad bet it's a good question cries let's start with yield okay. Marte does Bryant brings the raiders have been mentioning negroes as. Actor and it's a fact. It's not fact without risk because he'd buy it almost every available account due to emigrate camp. Ends didn't appear a lot in camp and that was some gruden is frustrated about so they cut him. Now they're resigning him they also have big day don't know if he's gonna get spin to by the league it's one reason that there. I guess I don't know indecisive but as far as the dimension yacht they have no. Deep threat and because they have no deep threat they're. Wide outs like a Marty Cooper easily covered because there's no wonder trying keep the defense honest. So I understand why candidate. Why be ma marte was frank brings the raiders have been mentioning rest as fact finessing your defense. I enjoy it when when mark rather talk about football strategy and I noticed are about the need to blow the top off the coverage Harrison. I think in this case what marte was Bryant brings a raiders is. Uncertainty is he going to be suspended. They don't know apparently that at some to do the fact that they released him in the first place clr in the offense we know that he was having problems without as he gonna be healthy enough to stay on the field. We don't know the dimension that he brings them as uncertainty and they don't need that your honor the raiders are desperate right now I think that's why they brought him back. But they don't need the dimension market its prime brings him right now which is really uncertainty. I would actually completely group is fighting for the the move in. Manning and Manning and give it my rolling that nothing I don't answer next quests and Y eighty. 'cause they aren't here is as the first player in six years with thirty homers and thirty steel in the things these men at this actor fantasy. I'm gonna go fantasies. There are only in the history of baseball it's been a long time now since we've had one do it probably be well let mark explained in Casey must go the other way but guys hit more homers now what are you wanna steal the base but. There are still only 39 players in the history of baseball. Who have ever hit thirty homers installed thirty bases in the same season and was there emeritus only the third Indian never the only Indians ever. Besides 'cause there are merits to go 3030. The great Joseph Carter in the great Grady Sizemore. And there's something pretty cool about that be in the 39 ever and only the third India never. So that's not men that's kind of cool. Our Cragg yes 'cause they Ramirez's the first player in six years with thirty homers and thirty steals in the scenes these men guys back. You know I actually think it's Tennessee also deposits and I was gonna argue the other way but I was looking up his numbers and it isn't just I didn't why he's right you know one of the reasons that it. Isn't more noted is that you don't teams value steals nearly as much it was a good gamble attitudes and there's gonna hit a home run of bad risk absolutely. But in this particular case with Ramirez I just wanna point out he's as of today he's stolen 32. He's been caught six times now that's a success rate of 84%. Ricky Henderson who stole more bases than any player in history and dated at a time when a steel was done routinely. Still at 80% for his entire careers so I just wanna note that in addition to it being a thing. She's stealing bases in an incredibly high rate which minimizes the risk that teams are afraid of these days. Well done I'll give you both the point today is more than. Next question cry yes the worst possible World Series matchup would be eat. Brewer and deep. X rays as actor and. Not for me that's a fantasy. Actually there's so many teams still alive that right now is a great time to start drying out your worst case and it is because. You know it just a couple of weeks of them will be gone you be left for the heavyweight but for me that the worst World Series trolley actually beat the Red Sox in the Rockies. There are two reasons that a one is that I think bottle roll Colorado. And that's too similar to what happened about what was 2007 about a decade ago when it was just non competitive and wasn't any fun to watch. The other thing is Natalie the World Series is played nowadays. Boston and Denver. In late October that's bad. That's bad baseball Lleyton happened that snowball waiting to happen and I don't want. Interesting RE YAD. The worst possible World Series matchup would be breweries in. Our prey to that makes a great boy ever remember we did have the Rockies in the Red Sox we've had that in 2007 it wasn't a great series but I don't think he got snowed out or anything. They'll match it by at least like to see you'd be the cardinals in the Red Sox we've seen that matchup before and hasn't been a great match up. But also the cardinals are in there they could be a third place team right now they're in third place. Because a second wild card a third place team could be in the World Series. That is just offends my senses my baseball sensibilities so cardinals Red Sox view matchup I do not wanna see this year. I would agree with you both those shots being an end is gonna be bad but I'm with mr. based on this. This baseball season in Los well how punching him. On the sink so clean break when we all agree. So called final question worth all the marbles why he starts with you. The NFL's best beats a bounce back big big act three week one loss is I just say Dallas. Reza just happy to bounce back big yeah what's what's what's Colby that's the best beat him. This is trying to make it difficult forming Rezko has fact or fantasy YE. The NFL's best event woods doubts are what do we do in Dallas on the list I think at the Tennessee. Okay very bounce back sailor of the teams that lost the 49ers. Who can. This is trying to secure. And let's listen to the Iranians you know thirteen 25 in Minnesota against the next on vikings team and the defense played well all day. Boy they squandered some opportunities in the red zone and yet there in the game in the fourth quarter against a really good teams now that teams back home against whom. I'm against a lions team that. Had a disastrous. Opening night on Monday night. Against a lions team that right now there are there are players on the lions who were upset with how hard the coaches working them. Against a lions team that whether the jets said we knew what plays were coming. So I like the 49ers at home. Against a Detroit team that appears to be in total. Disarray the 49ers are the best as you say the bears beat to bounce back this week and we tip. If it prides. Us and yes the NFL's best beat too bad bad egg every week one lines Dallas or his guys back there and they. Of course a fantasy your honor. But I feel like I've got a better one even though lighting meeting good argument. That chargers lost today chiefs. It was a tough loss to an unexpectedly great offense how do you bounce back well. Two things one yes scored forty. So some things are working to your play and that bills. The bills were the worst team in football by a lot on week one and just decided you know it's quarterback we said as a starter he's not gonna be the guy. Will go with the rookie. Who didn't get first team snaps all of camp he's gonna be our starting quarterback going forward so yes I like the chargers to bounce back huge against the pitiful bills. Yes waiting for the record your honor of the turn to denounce or forty. Okay I'm sorry did they scored 38. Earnings were twenty. Are you sure. State scored forty. Tartar sauce 3820 you know I think 38 Tony it yeah okay my dad passed for 417 yards. That number you bats I am IE it. Don't care already well that. Yeah. Thank you thank you your honor thank you Mark Prior to what he retain the Asher price helmet as you should since about some final score it's brought to you is always. By Ashton your prize for the best advice don't think twice while Ashton and price thank you I will do that thank you your honor and I think you judge robbed and guys get Diaz get thirteen Tony dobbs. Next. Many many reasons I don't have time to go down all the reasons now why should do that but here's here's one cut my eyes and think about. I've got to go get away for the great when there could be years. Gets you he has been thirteenth when he got an effort chance at a three day two night. Stay at the Carmel Valley ranch for Q2 rounds of golf each Bridgestone tour being gulf gulf to go balls and I'm like kinsey oh ahead nice. Contest inning on now the 30 September remember thirty days hath September April June and November tolerance temp 31 except February I remember. I think when Imus 32 it out anyway golf to go get away great opportunity to get out played some great golf a great place Norton. We just like always split kernels of tranche guests thank you even play and I was you typically when your son's home or your sons are on your play a lot of golf human swing in the six grants we have some buckets. It we employed you just always is the bucket just the buckets it's cheaper for the club's cheaper way cheaper. The pocket yet you know architecture there rhetoric there. Will stack up plastic was not shall you do that thing where you don't put the bucket underneath and you put these calling this thing in golf balls come out now. Really never okay can never have I done that and there's no video that says I did.