Fact or Fantasy 9/12/17

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, September 12th

Should the Lakers reitre both of Kobe's jerseys, #8 and #24?


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Cleveland Indians starting winning tonight they're up one nothing bottom of the second against the tigers. At the bases loaded they're trying. To win their fortieth consecutive game guests and team than that since the. Money ball these from the movie money involved. All I remember that movie. I remember that movie Ellis children here wasn't the guy from minute Jurassic Park get a big home run for the yeah great swing. Chris Pratt yeah learn how to play first base like it was enough of them very impressive. I had no idea that the a's were capable of doing that without any pitching whatsoever to you know pitching mentioned in the movie at all right. I never known Hudson Mulder Zito or even on that team speak at a winning streaks. I predict violent today rise that's factor fantasies tragic accident price. For the best of I still think twice saw Ashton and Fries or hears you may be a little this practice. Because she's from the lane she's got one eye on the proceedings the other on the game here's yet Jamie that's for sure actually your. Pulled me to come back into the building today. After the gas leak. Before my boss that it was OK you might check with him he said no it's not safe to go in. In my defends his boss and it was and I look back in the buildings and that's way too many bosses want him to be. You know I think we've already established that the nonessential personnel were allowed back in the building in readies studios you're right I am not a problem. Sales people please stay out. Into our absolutely sheer beaten comeback in safely and make money. Thank goodness on air host knock yourself out literally you'll want him there if it is Millwood. Most of its Mosul we aren't we'll bring a little who is the yeah share. You can only step back out by the actual broken gas line. And they get some clean that you had some of the fine account executives here and there and that the gas filled part let's start their cars out there. Oh man for free in India that you're gonna make money go ahead. Sorry I had clear about the we'd olive as close as IDs and then I'll block home. Sand and that's exactly why they are. Yet there are several finds love and it's. Weiner were to write down the block ads are calling Allen Invesco Field about two are gentlemen excellence. And our idea let's start with you since you did yesterday and I Erica yes. Based on what we saw last ninety neither the Broncos with the chargers will be serious AFC west. Actors dressed and back they methods. Not just not to see it right guys backed by pianist did you know it was gasoline it's a fact. And that's a fantasy. Long story short Denver is still a top three certainly top five maybe top three defense. There's still very formidable at home I think Trevor Ximian is better. Then some people think they got their ground game going last night that's going to be the key to the offense so. Denver is not a joke chargers will see it looks like they may just lose every close game they play again. But neither the chiefs to the raiders can afford overlooked Denver right now. I'm ranked drags. Based on the thought last night's needs the Broncos are the chargers will be serious AFC west factors right guys back to our fantasy. It is a fantasy tigers fighting. Actually think they they both will be factors because we saw last night when the chargers are flawed. And had made a big fourth quarter comeback yap the Broncos played into it a little bit the charges were able to figure out their offense late. And they are if they stay healthy this is not about winning and a division this is about whether they're a factor. Deters a gimme a tough out the Broncos are gonna be a tough outs a few other raiders are fitted sheets trying to figure out how it's gonna go in the AFC west. The truth is you do not have an easy game out of the six you're gonna play in division. That's two teams are going to be a factor. Take an answer tries to fly. We're never passed yesterday so easily and you points again and attend president president Rio yes. Adrian Peterson's not worth the trouble he's already causing for the saints as guest actor now I. Think that's a fantasy Ellis by the side. I'm not ready to write off Adrian Peterson after 1. Completely uninspiring. Evening. The saints offense in general was completely uninspiring Adrian Peterson carried six time tree eighteen yards congratulations you're the leading rusher on the team. I am and he appeared to get in a sideline thing with the head coach he was frustrated either about how he wasn't being used or what the office was doing in general. With that said. They acquired in part because they have no good options at running back that nobody that they like better than Adrian Peterson. And I am in no measure willing to say yet CDs down. I don't believe I am great camping in a great summer I'd let this play out while. By eighty eat. Adrian Peterson's not worth the trouble is already causing for the saints are as best actor fancy. Speculated Peterson is is done I don't know how great a summary I would go to the movies you lost mores have agreed summer I don't know I don't know I do suspect now and a but had to say he's not worth the trouble but he's causing that's ridiculous at this point to reasons last night. The saints' best tackle Zach Strief got injured. So that made it more difficult to run the ball and Minnesota the team had so much trouble running the ball against last night as the top six defense so it's way too early to say all now. We're not get anything from Adrian Peterson is just too early to say that. Sign you can have a. Couple points agree. Day. Next question why be okay. When the lakers retire Kobe's Jersey in December they should retire both the numbers eight and 24 as best actor fancy. I think it's us. Kobe had. Number retiring worthy campaigns in in both jerseys numbers eight and when he for ten seasons each. Jamie chips in both but the thing is. It's very usual lakers have some of the greatest players in their history their numbers are retired not enough to numbers retired it's just a little excessive. Kobe you're great to honor your greatness were retiring your number you don't need to retire every one of guys' numbers to honor him is just a way of honoring his greatness pick one. I say pick the number eight you know why did Jamie. As in the history of the NBA no team has retired the number eight so what a fitting tribute but to retire both. It's just unnecessary and excessive Kobe his number eight should hang from the rafters. At staples. Into this to mean drags yes when the lakers retire Kobe Easter is in December they should retire both the numbers 824. Is expect the fancy you know I think so thought about a lot sacked. Thought at that. The big the problem is exactly is why he described it in and that is that he had ten great seasons when number eight. Including three NBA titles Shaq. Mean wearing number 24 had ten more great seasons semi last and one for glass was hurt and won two more NBA titles. It isn't is that in other words it just isn't that easy to say what she is okay. You know no one's ever ornate and that Jersey retired before. He wore both for exactly an equal amount of time you're trying to honor that player. You aren't a player by retiring his Jersey in his Casey were to it's weird. But it's. It's actually choose to the fact of how his career went right down the middle an equal number of years in each Jersey. It's unusual bus so's I mean he's a rare player. So really insisting point but I have to there is right for the. Yes they're great for your retire your number well no you are two numbers what would you know you pick one. Yeah and that's just not fair and so it's not fair not fair to have to pit one final question track yes. Sir you didn't deserve more air time last night's rest is back. I know that's a Tennessee. Not because it is terrible it was awkward and clearly he. He sort of tried suited at a tough segment. But but it's also I wouldn't punish him is just I and I really I think that what happened was eight years or director or the producer said. Not tonight don't do that some tonight actually we were looking out for him because immediately he's getting pasted coast to coast east second his own. We know neck as he interacted in real time. It's assembly Twitter comet so he knows that he's been poorly received. And I actually think they give him a favor by just saying her get it will find another night Francis. This is not tonight he was trying to report in not his first language it didn't go over well. You just pull it and you move on dog he'll get another opportunity he's fortune he has been for four years. This wasn't a make or break moment I thought it was a Smart thing to do you scale back in just let game takeover. Ladies. Studio didn't deserve more airtime last two as as factor fancy that's a fact free. Sergio did. Thing is his first reported wasn't that bad it was very awkward and people of people make banana anything on Twitter. And I think the fact that they took him off the air drew more attention. To how awkward that first segment was he deserves a chance to do better which if he's on. National TV I'm sure he's capable of doing better than that and I think they short changed him I. That was a very good appeal make fun get off get off get off I think fame they made him look worse than he was. And now some people also come up that one very interesting and they wanted to see more of him. He deserved the chance to bounce back from a rocky start that was not nearly as ghastly. As a lot of people made it out to be your ownership. Pitchers staying. I Dunham by Andrew sized. Did you I'm taking you see the report and I read the article about it. Okay. The article you know. Well that is awkward Rodeo Drive no question about that yet thank you well played sir. And well argued by the way I know a lot of people would have said woods has slid into another sideline reporter and will be fine. Like maybe he just gets another one under his belt but he looks so rattled.