Fact or Fantasy 8/9/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, August 9th
The NFL's most unrecognizable team this year?

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Back busy coming right up first quick. Check out some of the tweets we're getting thank you for listening. Bill scales against his pre season football for me was either the current NFL champion or Super Bowl champion. To economic college all stars I think the game was played at Soldier Field. Yeah that was the thing. College golf cart chemical. We've allowed one man was. 76. In. This dealers in the college all stars. And they had for tremendous. Torrential. Downpours and they had lightning and they said we're not playing it's not safe and then they just never played against. Okay yeah seem particularly in on and mr. abouts are you talking about the 49ers in shape yeah jet and the boys need. Need to go to fountains and figured out. Last leg umbrella me insane yeah. Booted him right there yeah groundstrokes some ideas. You know right now it's time it is. Yes they also know how to capitalize on a son that's going down time for the united. Cries not a go head to head on today's hottest topics right guys factor fantasies brought by Ashton and price. What the best advice don't like twice call Ashton price and the issue is what are they and she is she just checked her phone and said hey the Steelers are winning there pre season opener. Good forever. The finance yes she said we're winning OK true they Annandale then yeah I. I never did we're winning and I want richer I was ready you know OK yeah. I'm. Believing you come. I mean you root for a team that has chance to really accomplish some things this year and like you know some people their basketball teams. And their college football teams. Or their baseball teams I mean I don't know. And a failed idea yes you won yesterday congratulates then thank you I appreciate that board today would you like to pass a plan don't have preference you mark rather. I don't play is the let's play at first question mighty yes job one for the 49ers tonight aside from avoiding injury ish at and T on defense risk as factor fantasy. Two days. We're just gonna get a glimpse of starters if that. But. Avoiding injury is key. Last year that 49ers when they play the cowboys are cowboys scored two touchdowns in the first court this is when they really played. A real game in October they scored two touchdowns in the first quarter and they just ran all over the 49ers Ezekiel we've had a huge day. Other 49ers I think how much they improve this year as much as we focus on Jimmy G. It's going to be determined by how well this young defense starts to come together. Maybe we can see a little bit of that tonight I think the defense needs to start showing some teeth they need this. It would be nice to start showing it tonight that's what I'd be looking for the most important thing from the 49ers. All right mr. Beck yes job one for the 49ers tonight the site from avoiding injury is showing some tea and defense residents back to fantasy. It's a fancy your honor respectfully disagree but I said. I'm really did not agree must respectfully wrong I I think it and in this is you know help or not cheating. But the cowboys have Marty made it clear that they're offensive players probably are gonna really. Play much or at all mature or is it went to SARS you told me earlier this I told you I was reading that off a blog and I said I have to check that yeah so if so that. Diminishes my enthusiasm for what teeth the defense might be able to show. So instead to me the important thing is considering that what we've heard since Kyle Shanahan was hired is how hard it is to learn is often used in considering that they committed. Oh I don't know a 137 and a half million dollars to their quarterback has started five games for them. I think probably the first thing is to see that Jimmy grow upload images to series or whatever he gets shows some command of the offense that Cheney is trying to get in bowler. Our rates nice track know the right on the. Clinton. Look for the travelers third unit that great. Prize next question I believe the blog lady. Job one for that raiders. Tomorrow. Aside from avoiding injury is showing since you've done and the rest as an actor let's get a fan Zito. I'm not sure they do that anyway so I'm going to instead say that if you really look at what the raiders are trying to deal with Jon Gruden as the head coach it's very clear. That they are trying to reestablish our run game like gay. Big offensive line with Marshawn Lynch. Creating powder ever force up the milk in order for deer car to be a more effective cornerback green's heart dominant they've been talking about their fullback in the job he's got to do. That's the first thing a look at. Waiting next question ya job one for the raiders tomorrow aside from the winning entry is showing some teeth on defense Rezko is actor. Missing I'll agree there fantasy advice. Battle scars since they've been away bars I can go with with mark cried later. We know that when Jon Gruden took over as coach of the raiders he said job one most important thing was getting Derek Karr back to where he had been in previous seasons. That's what the whole focus was for the raiders according to the coach Jon Gruden so we'll need to see that starting tomorrow how much is Jon Gruden gonna have. Derek Carr played from the shotgun is again ham under senator. I them. Receivers gonna be able to catch passes are they going to be be able to establish some rhythm in this passing game which according the coach is the most important thing. Most important facet going forward so that's most important. We don't they're reliable or so today right in north right. This is it tough when forward. I don't even think got a chance at them. Uwe blab director at the huge that's wells that basket library. Next question why you yeah cool why Leonard's farewells to spurs. Bands is appropriate and touching Ryan has backed your fantasy and you can't win the question on now one. Yeah that's his comrades clue I Leonard's farewell spurs fan is appropriate and Tanzania. It's a panacea for. I thought I was desperately. I would say that it was certainly appropriate for him. To pin this farewell after all that he had a couple service loans he'd been there. But it wasn't touching it came across as very awkward and it was he was more awkward and confusing. Then appropriate and touching rescind it took me weeks to decide I've been trying to decide what Seau finally decided. To. So active from a spurs fan I'm wondering where's the rest of this I mean why did you. Stop playing why did you want out if you loved us so much so. It was a nice try but it was far from appropriate touching was confusing and awkward. OK you. Cranks yes co Y Leonard's farewell the spurs fans is appropriate and touching Rezko as actor and it's. It was very well read don't you it's a CN receivers. My problem is a little bit different wise I don't think collide and routed it red Fay and that there there it's like two issues one is. Timing you know all the big stuff happened a few weeks ago I highly doubt that you needed two weeks to think of thank you. And cycle yousef's either way it's written thank you is is in all caps with a bunch of exclamation points several times in in this letter. Kauai Eleanor. He barely speaks he certainly never says. Thank you do with exclamation points came off as something that having crafted by a PR person or a member of team cool line. That may be he said okay to that doesn't even sound like him. And it yeah I don't expect him to explain what happened or where it went wrong with the spurs but you can come office say. I'm down with current wealth and picture of how. Smiley face them who Jesus you can only be is an exclamation point so many times. That's you know. Agreed final question where all the Marv I don't question grad starts a PO. Okay the NFL team that will look the most different this year is the colts right after Rihanna it. It's a financier. There are lots of ways ago at this question so here's who I am going. The the united it would be colts certainly if Andrew Luck plays there's a chance are gonna be better but as far as looking different and I mean. Really playing different football. I think the team that's gonna what the most different is the chiefs the chiefs went from Alex Smith who's sort of a control quarterback. And you know very accurate routes and move the ball methodically downfield. I'm they're going from that two guy in pat mahomes who is an air it out. Gunslinger. They want a vertical offense. It's clearly Andy Reid decided for a totally different look and Becky go well or it can go terribly good either way. For she stands for fans of the AFC west like the raiders who watched that ceased its cable looks so different. Whitey final question. The NFL team that will look the most different this year is the cult's dress gets factored bands I agree it's it's. But no it's not the colts the colts away we'll look familiar again all there's injury luck it's the team that he's gonna be facing tonight that's gonna look the most different this year as to Mark Prior others point that is true. They're making a switch a quarterback but Alex Smith last year he threw the deep ball he threw it successfully. And he had been there five years in Kansas City that's a long time but the Seahawks the success they've had over the years. They won a Super Bowl they barely lost to Super Bowl. And we go back to Tony elevenths 067 years was all about the legion of boom everything they did it was established on the foundation of that great defense. Richard chairman Earl Thomas came chancellor. And then they had various guys at the other corner they're all gone now the legion of boom they are all gone in to see the Seahawks without those guys. A I don't know what their identity will be I think a B Russell Wilson running around for his life. They might be okay but they're not guaranteed that team they once were. They were intimidating hard hitting defense that won them a Super Bowl almost want them to those guys are all gone now I think that's a team is gonna look the most different. I agree that look different but I am with cries on this. Wow this. The only time when you undergraduate Leslie art crime variety there's the accident price element that's locally for the best advice to all the prize Dodson and price thank you don't. I did not Leo with a feather thank you just stay here and yes what's coming up next here at the good question on takes me on knocked off stride here yeah. I got you know fame and listening and I know that they're gonna win and yeah. So I got it is now just become the dominant probably within thank.