Fact or Fantasy 8/8/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, August 8th
Does Tampa Bay have the shakiest QB situation?

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For the second straight summer Donald wins contract to focus. Conversation hitters if they want. Here's a guy like Don. And the teams says you know they want to get healthy first but gallon and then either we much take a pay cut or reprise just gonna cut to. Yeah it's always a YouTube you've probably. What he generally hold out. You know hold out for a better deal. He. He just did an extension last summer thank you Ron he just didn't an extension last summer so he's got to be a little bit confused. In this is. Very functionally this is Jon Gruden saying there's a new sheriff in town I don't care what they told you last summer tells us and there's a new tackle in town Cole Miller. Yeah I mean they can they control a rookie and there. I can't imagine that's their preference and lest they think Donald Payne is done which I don't think they do. I doubt it's their preference in a year in which their O line is so critically important. So I'm not really clear exactly what game it is their plan McDonnell paintball tennis 35 and he's recovering from the dreaded lose frank surgery yes. And they they're trying to mitigate their risk. But you put any guy and an awfully bad spot when you'd just negotiated in good faith of him one year ago an extension something you have to do like come on man. Stop being so cheap. Oh and on money that's whether to. I irony I don't I didn't I could get there understand why you wanted to take a little Mac tomorrow you're this you're trying to tell a guy that you paid yesterday no. I would try to tell you anything. Drives especially not a rise gets factored into C which is brought to by afternoon prize for the best that I don't think twice thought Ashton price. Issues I think we know who she's gonna pick in the PP. And. And definitely thinking am I the club that big now opening give me an option. Right but I am thinking Terence speed and court. Solid well we figured. I think it's you know. Good back I Jason Day and I mentioned to select his chance. Think you made a great pick an Olympic companies seem to exec guy idea accident and kept. Own not so I thought you that confident I don't block it all back then because the first time you said and I'm not gonna pick a second president and need to but I do it. Otherwise would be out of balance I think my second would be Tommy Fleetwood. All right are full of everybody's got their name isn't. Not should be fun and crack heads the brilliant moments I had to choose the direct path of let. The first episode of hard knocks of real early signs that the browns are still the bronze Rezko as active and. Yes that's a fact. Understand that they're trying very hard not to be the browns in the future. And that seems to be a top down the idea. From the owner to the new general manager. Start a belt there it kind of gets old brownie. Because there's some dysfunction between our at least a disconnect from the GM today head coach. Comedian hired hue Jackson wasn't his guy C guarding other some trouble there. There appears to be and hard knocks is not always best place to judge but it appears to be in the edited tape. Some disconnect already between hue Jackson head coach in some of his top assistants including as offensive coordinator. The Foster really better it really is better. And it's young and they are thinning the herd of some of the you know for that mistake pics of the past. But man up where it's really gonna matter did he seem pretty brownie. And Karen and Wadey the first episode of hard knocks of real early signs that the browns are still the browns Rezko Specter fantasy I. Have to agree a yes if in fact no other way around it I think what makes the browns the browns is that they have a history making bad decisions for example since 1999. The when the browns were reborn they've had twenty quarterbacks admitted number of bad bad disputes pupils as worst in the league. On their quarterbacks now looks like maybe they have that right Tyrod Taylor knight's bridge quarterback and baker mayfield is showing some signs budge. They may have made a bad decision couple years ago on their head coach so they're still trying to get out from under that are free that out I mean for you Jackson in two years Ares. One and 31. Look in 31 so he seems to be on their nine so there is as mark has some dysfunction until they sort that out they're still the browns I like their chances of improving this year but. How could they not approve I don't sixteen. Don't give you the the points and. Next question and I thought IDS. The NFL team with the state he is QB situation in the league is Tampa Bay risk as factor fantasy who's minding its. I think it to me it's pretty clear that seem to shake his quarterback situation right now is the Buffalo. Bills the Buffalo Bills. They just drafted Josh Allen who is raw. He can throw in these raw and a lot of teams feel like he was over drafted. Other than that any still working out the thirteen they have AJ McCarron and Nathan Peter men. That's the same Nathan Peter men who last year in his first start NFL threw five interceptions. In the first half. That same AJ McCarron who was actually playing behind all those things. McCarron and Peter men have come by fifteen regular season appearances that gives buffalo the least game experience a quarterback of any NFL team I can go on and on the buffalo right now as a team with the apps it's a dreadful quarterback situation made worse by the fact that neither one of those guys Biederman Norma Karen. Is playing especially well in camp so for six. All right cranks yes the and a belt team with a cheeky is QB situation in the league is Tampa Bay risk as factor Tennessee no it's a fact it's Tampa Bay. It's really significant. Primarily because. Their situation is only okay anyway Janus Winston is a guy about him a lot of people leagues including I think the Bucs front office. Our read evaluating. He may not achieve the ceiling that they hoped for him on top of that. He's suspended. To start the season so they're gonna ask Ryan Fitzpatrick is a 187 years old. And he's coming off let's face it you know I mean it's not like hey he's a veteran that he can really spin it he struggled last year and they're gonna ask him to cut a hole before. And I my feeling is that they're already going to be in in a deep hole by the time James Winston even comes back and is ready it's a dire situation. Why diesel and I millenniums and tells him and he's done on an 87. It's magic is not a 187 and he colors appeared there's no question in my mind. I tonight's question yes. Warriors and lakers on Christmas Day is the little men dressed as active fantasy I don't. Get down that's a fancy. I mean you. First ball. The warriors vs LeBron anybody is. Made for TV good fun because you're you've got rivalry you've got history you've got personality conflict you have a whole lot of stuff. Now you're taking. A young and we'll know more about it in December by December of ticketing young roster that's supposed to be getting put together to take down the words of not this year then next year. And what's not to like about that game I mean you're talking about a team that is. A defending champion against a team that's being built to try to determine skits stuff. Light either. Warriors and lakers on Christmas Day is a little man Rezko inspector. Think it is and I big NBA fan it's how what is there not to like about it well it's all relative the last couple years on Christmas Day we had the warriors. And we have the cavaliers and the only played twice. And only year in one of the times was on Christmas Day bouquet one now the bronze. Here in LA so they're gonna play more frequently you're gonna play what four times so just that in and of itself makes the game a little less special but then when it was. The only play each other twice plus while the warriors are expected to win another title. The lakers might not even be a playoff team so yeah all watch and it's still. The wars against LeBron but it's not what it's been the last couple of Christmas is when the cavs and warriors teams have met the finals every year. Played for one or two times in the regular season so and that regard this as of. A little man. I agree with righty I think it's may now I think come December. I'm sorry. Does school or. I look forward to the better matchup just name me the better one and I'm good I'll watch it than men to. On question why he started the DO. With Dwight Clark and Joseph Montana getting statues the most statue or the in key says Terri is Mitch Richmond rise as actor and. What this is a tough one undergo fantasy. Hall of Famer and yet some great years here but he still primarily known as a warrior. OK so who else in king's issue which you build a statue for Chris Webber he's not a hall of Famer plotting maybe someday. Bomb the city kings never won the championship that's they haven't won a championship. So how can anybody be statue worthy but the NBA players who have statute Michael Jordan. Magic careen. Here's the things they guy who moved the team here same is great Lou can build and only wasn't a player. But without great look at bill you don't have the Sacramento Kings he bought the team he built the arena he moved the kings from Kansas City to Sacramento time when a lot of people. Maybe in my eyes of include it's a tough. An NBA team is Sacramento yeah RI. While they're still here without great look at bill that hasn't happened so there's anybody in kings history that deserves a statutes Greg Blue could bill without whom there aren't a Sacramento Kings. Interesting. Craig and a question yes with Dwight Clark and Joseph Montana getting stacked it is the most statue winning team history is Mitch Richmond is as active in. It's a fact and is not very close. It's eight now I preface solve this by saying I would build a statue so I know we're talking about what you would do if he did like Adam I think that's yeah I wouldn't. I'm but I'm stingy that way and I admitted if you're gonna build a statue to anyone in the kings history as much as I respect what Republican bill did I am not. A big. Owner worshippers. And I don't think that that I think that the focus is almost always appropriately placed on the players the guys you remember. The guys who did things. That cause you to either be proud especially in a market like this. Or be happy to talk about your team or be happy to talk about some dance that was made in maturation as a first true. Superstar player who played in Sacramento. He. Spun it into a positive thing which it wasn't that day he was traded. Mean he changed the narrative around his own career in Sacramento became an all star in Sacramento played on the playoff team and sacrament. Everything about Mitch is time in Sacramento was and will be remembered very very fondly apart from their snow you know escaping that the teams were often awful. But he was a shining a light during dark years. Almost convincing enough grads and I'm going with quite iams Nestle. The truth I can't argue it's a trillion bill yea Ashton and price for the best advice stomach twice call Ashton and price and.