Fact or Fantasy 8/17/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, August 17th
Who's the most wanted Fantasy Football QB/Receiver hook up this year?

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Right now it's time for a crowd tonight. To go ahead ahead on today's hottest topics what Elizabeth did the happy if so which one we'll find out here guys guys back to Tennessee has tried to buy Ashton and price. For the best advice don't think twice called Ashton and price back to Tennessee is now in session all rise for the honorable judge Castro. Your honor can we say that that is okay he threw the ball good fit. Up. They were saying thank you for these questions. Guys ready surely not frank you won yesterday. So you get to go first okay crimes one. Sake that that that guy will. The fantasy football QB receiver hook up you want more than any other news here is Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Graham ran as guys factor fantasy. Tempting but no fantasy. You know I love their answers so that was hard for me are really talking about and they may have they may have some red zone. Magic that's exactly what the Packers desperately hope 'cause they really really were awful the red zone last year. But when you played fantasy you're also talking about yards in point not just forty yards and points. Any talk about. Receiver who can time you can either big Gainer as well as the touchdown for that reason to meet. I will still put full faith and confidence in Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. Just a great do you they know each other so well by now I think there's a lot of points that are. All right why beaten. The fantasy football quarterback receiver hook up you want more than any other this year it's very Rogers and Jimmy Graham rats guys factor and as he exited. See your honor it is the no the tide in quarterback cook up you want to an agreement ten touchdowns last year in the Packers even last night made it clear that you have they're gonna go to Jimmy Graham. In the red zone as much as possible. I agree with mark Shriver that's number one on that list would be Roethlisberger Antonio Brown there's a very change your not gonna get that. So does everyone knows that so I would suggest if you can't get that when he not wanna take a long look at Keenan Allen and Philip Rivers. Chargers last year had the number one. Passing offense in the NFL Keenan Allen though as there's been questions about his health. And then if you really wanna go off the board may be a bit of a a dark horse Andrew Luck and T why he'll look for them that the big. Bounced back quarterback receiver. A year this year. Sorry but now crisis point thank you. All right still cries his game here. It's always cry at their scheme like that story. I dale wins torn Achilles makes the patriots the team dealing with the most challenging pre season injury so far right guys factor fantasy again your honor I think debts of Tennessee. Sometimes it let's not confuse most challenging with highest profile because a lot of things that there's no. Nothing good about losing someone. I'm. That he's got to get him to play an important role in line. I'm. But everything the patriots. Do makes headlines. Most challenging to me different concept. Look at the vikings the vikings are a team coming off you know quite a wonderful year and now they've brought in a new quarterback. I'm who they think can take him to a neither even higher levels so what happens. The first thing that happens they losing guard a center and guard. So they lose. 35 seven offensive line. One of their guards is out for the year one of their guards. They think without knowing for sure might be ready by week one in their sinner is still on the pup list he started camp on the pup list. So it's not the highest profile because I said you know nick Easton or Mike river's most people are gonna know what I mean but the most challenging. Yeah in front of a new quarterback by far. All right whiny. As aliens torn Achilles makes the patriots the team dealing with the most challenging pre season injury so far right guys fact or fantasy. That's this. Challenge I think the most challenging pre season injury here is nick falls last night injuring his shoulder. Because they're still hoping that Carson winds can be ready to go by the opener and even Carson went Susan eternal optimist says that's going to be close. So if they don't have nick pulls rated the Tonys have been injured and has a bad shoulder. Then they got to go to Nate sued felled him as a career 37 snaps. They got two other guys who never taken NFL snap this is a Super Bowl champion here. Are they were very fortunate last year that they had nick polls to back up wins. By anyone the Super Bowl form but there's a good possibility here real possibility they wanna have either one when the season starts and that's a quarterback position that's a challenge. Our. All right with fools still to be determined Eminem to go strides on this. But he that's true in some really good numbers here. His evidence was stronger than got you got your honor of course. Cried yes still here ballgame okay. Stand Arnold making it stand Donald the week one starter would be the typical blow the jets that that record Specter fancy. Again a fantasy here on. There's risky any time you decide you want to roll out a rookie in week one and it's certainly true that. We are talking about everything around him to Arnold. Just like where with the other rookies in such a limited sample size. Just about everything we're saying right now is just theoretical but if they get to week one remember it's Sam Arnold or Teddy Bridgewater. Our Josh McCown seemed Arnold has already had a very good camp any appears to be making a progression natural progression toward. Being a starter dare schedule. Coming out the gate is fairly forgiving in terms of the defense is that they play. So you have that opportunity if you wanted to start a rookie. You actually have at least in weeks one through three the types of opposing defense is. That might be the softest cushion her intrinsically that he's gonna get there's never a perfect time introducing guide to NFL. All right lighting yeah. Making Jim Donald the week one starter it would be the typical dumb jetBlue Fred's inspector can think that's. Two things one Teddy Bridgewater your backup quarterback he's an accomplished pro. Who has played in the playoffs who has won an eye level and is playing well. Too there's really no reason you have to risk starting Sam Arnold Sam Arnold very young. Sam Arnold has never seen a regular season NFL defense and you can say what the defense is is gonna face. Other relatively easier defenses while he hasn't seen anything like an NFL defense yet you don't have to stardom week one. There's no reason why Teddy Bridgewater can't start the season so you can make absolutely sure that Sam Arnold is ready to go that he gets his feet wet a little bit. The downside is if you rush him out there we won. Any regress is. Then that you actually are behind the eight ball the better bet is to let him come off the bench. And make sure what's so there's no question he is ready to play. Week to week three week for you don't have to rush and could you could do damage to him and also to your own club's future. I would have to agree with lights flash. Oh yeah. Cola. When will our producer will include up the first client ever on the question did I really did wow. I don't like to get inside in the. Makes me nervous to realize drops actually do this. This whole thing makes me nervous but you're still down headed into the final questions so cried he could pass or play I'll play our kind. A position players mopping up as pitchers has become a problem in MLB rise guys back or fans that's a fancier. To say it's become a problem is a really dramatic overreach T say it's something you may wanna watch that's a reasonable. I think the same thing about position players being called in to pitch is I do about the shift I'm not crazy about the shift. End and I you'd least in the early going early love what it's doing to baseball. However. I have already seen that teams and individuals are starting to cope with the shift and figure out strategies for beating it. This thing with position players pitching it may or may not catch on it certainly being used more often this year but that's because teams have really come to a common sense decision. About their rosters and saying I don't and wasted a pitcher in the game it's clearly out of hand. The sub term. And it certainly isn't a problem now on the other hand as baseball I would put her on a watch list let's see where this goes. Army wide eaten position players mopping up as pitchers has become a problem in MLB rise guys factor fans yet is fat. Historically pitchers. Give way to position players on the mound in blowout games that's always been the case. But this year we've had more cases out of position players pitching than ever before so something is going on. Is it a problem well let's see yet Scott king great pitching last night a tease me yesterday in the first game. For the Phillies he wasn't even trying to get anybody out he's just trying to get the ball over the plate. The problem is twofold one and the you've got in this is this is my theory I'll give you a fact a minute but my theory is that with flight friendly balls when one team is hitting the ball well on the other ism which is what happens. You're gonna end up with more blowouts like we 24 of four things like that. And series you're in a position where your more inclined to well this game is over. Those games might have been nine to three before now 24 to four the game is over there are more innings that are meaningless the other thing is. Because of the way teams are using their bullpen is less teams now have guys on the rosters that are. Long men mop up man those are the guys who would be absorbing some of those innings they're not on rosters anymore and it's a shame because what we're seeing is the it's spectacle first hey there's a position Blair visit that gets really old when a guy who can't pitch is pitching in a Major League game and I think it's a problem. All right there's a reason why they are positioned players and I group lady. Who wins. I. That's kind of feel good lie and expected to appeal here I hear cut and armament kind of admitted. Here comes the Asher price so it brought to is always by asking a price for the best advice don't think. Twice call action and price Whitey congratulations humorous thank you you're on your honor that.