Fact or Fantasy 8/16/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, August 16th
What's the dumbest thing Ramsey said?

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Guess there's probably don't have much of the season after mr. baseball turned any of the monitors any alvare 1320. Monitors. You've pre season football do my best friend not gonna happen no baseball on him months baseball season. It's pre season NFL pre season. I'm unmoved by argument so far is the pre season to watch football program. Now is that you brought an alpha on him about it back to Tennessee is now in session all rise for the honorable judge Castro. That's right it's time to rest guys Specter Venice he would. Prize for the best and I don't think twice caught Ashton and Fries all right now for the ever mentioned honorable. Just Castro well your honor no your honor and good afternoon. You look different I can't put my finger on it but there's something of value is different today your honor I'm now wearing a hat. You know this is like being in night court it's so funny yeah but completely. Thank you at Baylor for their for the questions safari reference Allison nice courts. It's great show in the demo once again. All right who won yesterday when he start okay sir all right whatever but. What Keith Hernandez said was unpopular but right it was time for the Marlins to hit Acuna right guys factor fantasy. It's a fancy your honor. I would just say consider the source Keith Hernandez a fine player but this isn't the first time. Keith Hernandez has said something that was woefully out of touch with the times. Ought April of 2006. Used in a Mets game in San Diego. Mike PI to hit a home run and then exchanged hi five in the dugout with the Padres massage therapist Caylee calabrese. And this is what you turn and is said who is a girl in the dugout with a long hair what's going on here you've got to be kidding the only player personnel in the dugout. Someone pointed out later was she works with she's on the train sent. I won't say that women belong in a kitchen but they don't belong in the dugout Hernandez said that he said you know I'm only teasing I love you gals out there. Always have whose boat to the pottery manager said. I I need I didn't think gender was even an issue anymore so. They're not as consider the source he has no idea what year it is now all right. Cry of yes what Keith Hernandez said was unpopular but right it was time for the Marlins stayed Acuna. Now of course it's a fantasy. It was time for the Marlins to figure out a communion. I'm what the Marlins pitching staff probably can't do a bad teams don't have great pitching staffs. Is figure out how to attack a young hitter who in all of his success still has holes. And it's possible that pardon away as one later attacked him it's possible that I'm hearted in its one way to attack him. Dating she's either of those questioned say day. You ring I didn't choose either of those routes because he threw directly at him he sort of just short circuited the whole thing well proms that I have with it. I'm beyond the obvious is that you know which is stupid thing to do is also it's the lazy thing to do the Smart thing to do is tried for ya how to pitch a tough hitter. All right what I need a point. On the field too much pride when. Thank you. You have control the board. Are we know me. Play it. There's really nothing to feel a little worried about I mean they can feel good they won a series but some. The shadows are growing long in the schedule is growing short your honor. And here's the thing they they are running at a time. And they need a hot streak that they appear incapable of putting together twenty Tenet on this date they were four games out of first place 2012 they were half a game out 2014 there were four games out right now there. Boy the giants. Five and a half games out of first place six and that battle wild card it's just not to be this year they're running out of time so there's nothing to feel good about taken to a three when they were that close to a sweep. Already cried. Despite last night's loss the giant should feel great about taking two of three from Dodger Stadium right guys factor. And isn't that they should. Only so much can control it not gonna win everything and I'm definitely cherry picking here as I you know look at a trend. But they've won four of six going back to mid part of the atom pirates series so part of it is pretty competitive yes very competitive. Up part of it is if you're offense isn't Drake can you still grind wins yet they did twice. In actually forced extra innings in the third game against the Dodgers and also that's a team heady in the standings. The sweep would be great a sweep on the road for the most part bless you name the days isn't real re realistic but that's a good good feeling they should take away. All right I will agree with sized. Hey I'm Wilson don't say it cries you've got the boring okay. The browns need dozen Disney the browns rise inspector fancy well you know it's close and you think I think it's a fantasy that. Oh there's a little bit of ground for some argument there. Where I think it breaks down a little bit is the question I think the Dez at this point probably does need to browns he hasn't found another offer that he wants I understand. I'm debt he he at least thinks that there's a chance though given what he wants which is a one year make it like proved it. But with no further obligation. I just don't think that works for Cleveland and it isn't even really a question. Of whether they can figured out contractually so much as. What do you do with a guy whose skills are what they once were but whose pride is what it once was. When you have a couple of other people the you know you wanna give the football team. It isn't really so much about whether his contract works out it's a lot more about. How do you make these pieces fit and I just don't think they fit. Are any Whiting yeah what's up. The browns need doesn't does is the browns right. Inspector fantasy it's a fantasy I it's a fancy. I disagree them and that he says it's close I don't think it's close. Dez needs to go somewhere where is gonna get a lot of targets I don't know that that place exists form. But it's certainly not in Cleveland where they have Antonio Calloway and Dervis slander and they're gonna get Gordon back at some point. That's what he needs the browns need a guy's gonna help them continue to build up a winning culture. They've got a lot of young impressionable players Dez Bryant you know better and most of this year cowboy fan your honor. He's been snooze illustrators screaming at his quarterback on the sidelines. I think the browns have a real blind spot today as. Which was illustrated by the fact that the GM and hard knocks was asking and analytic sky he's not 30s29. In the analyst Christa was 29 point seven. So they have a blind spot the desk but he needs a different team and they need a different receiver to bad fit. And I have to agree with you. Yeah. We get before. Thank. You. Going into the final question. And wait a year leading movie which means the final question you get to pass reply I will play your honor. Thank you RA island the new rules and I these are just bizarre and I'm unhappy. Well. Are you and area of the dumbest thing that ceiling and he said about. Quarterbacks was that curtain cousin is a winner and the rise inspector fancy. I think it stands. You hydrogen and one oxygen. That's the recipe for good water. He says to me and seeing things do in Ramsey we're gonna talk more about that I think that dumbest thing that he said those when he said Matt Ryan is overrated. And Matt Ryan needed Kyle Shanahan to play well that he had a big drop off flashier this Palestinian left because. Matt Ryan had outstanding. Numbers. And took Atlanta to the playoffs. Four times. Before she any hand was even there. So when you consider the evidence and Matt Ryan's numbers and his playoff history I think that was the dumbest thing jail on Ramsey said this Matt Ryan was a fine quarterback. Long before he ever worked with Palestinian cleric writes yes. The dumbest thing that Galen Ramsey said about quarterbacks with that Kirk cousin is a winner. And I will also say that that's a fantasy. I'm pretty sure Kirk cousins is not a winner but we can probably sidestep in and I know that you and Ramsey was speaking. You know with the intent to. Be great interview Imus put really put it out their when he starts and Big Ben Roethlisberger is just a decent quarterback. He's just a decent quarterback GAAP Ollie does decent at best was the phrasing that's where you lost me decent at best for a two time Super Bowl winning quarterback. Who is thrown as many guys opened through the years. As have run wild yap he said Antonio Brown Antonio Brown a great receiver. Being a process Bernard decent at best you lose me immediately because I actually watch him play. And let go of cries as Roethlisberger since Super Bowl rings. We'll definitely get get the victory today marks congratulations. To get. Yeah I. Much less in prize for the rest of by select bicycle accident price. I still like the new rules that go public and what I can rules I'm confused in them and now happy this is weird when he confused. I just didn't do rules and sort of the whole style of play it's not my style ID. That's like being dragged into a brick airfare you're very good at it not really sure what happened you should remember when you engage in a debate with me. Never get into an argument with an idiot. Because of dragging down to his own level then beat you with the experience what I try every day. It didn't work today. Thank you your honor thank you your honor I.