Fact or Fantasy 7/9/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, July 9th
Buster's no all star...

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I announced that Verizon has. Factor Tennessee which is brought you aids Ashton and prize for the best advice to only twice golf Ashton forehand tries. Here she is although I hear she's planning a big trip to Ohio of all places who literally tell. But a vacation twenty. Only place she can go now wears people aren't always you know haunted Jamie judge Amy who's active fantasy. I gotta get away from the people ray yeah but serious fan following now you know that's that's good stuff. They lighting yes you have a helmet how did. It happened I don't remember who answered questions well and got rewarded let's take it away from him but did you choose Andy pastor played today. Whooped us aren't experts question. The most significant thing about the all star roster is how good the AL outfield is Trout judge in its rise as act ends don't go with that it's a fax. I'm in any given year the all star voting to look a little skewed one side or the other you look at the two all star teams say man. You know this league stack and Utley looks like better and nowhere is that more evident this year and we're really Tyrod star power to. But that's a loaded outfield in the nationally outfield is just. It's a little weird to our cake just not a bad player finally gets his due first all star game ever. Matt can't balance on Alan coming in Bryce Harper's in the lineup because he got voted in his Terrell Warren. CI it's that's probably the place where it's most obviously lopsided. And again you're talking about. Generally speaking. The best players in the game. White even the most significant thing about the all star rosters how good the bail out Phyllis Trout judge and that has as fact Ennis. Now before I answer these mr. baseball should even try or should I just. Teen he had a really good answer so it's going to be tough to beat all right losses thanks. This is kind of cool nine position players voted to the American League right. Eight different teams are represented and it's the first time since balloting was returned to the fans that either league is that eight. Different teams win Afghan election in the same here. Interesting. About your answer yes well that was it a guy I am gonna got mr. rich guy. I think it's cool. It's a very good and it was a fun fact it was interesting cool the next question why fund for him there was for me against. Why idea yes I am I hate to say it but Buster Posey does not deserve all star status this year rescuers factor as you know it's a fancy. Is oh. It comes down to aloha how do you determine how do you define an all star there's no rules Buster Posey has been a star. For years the only definition really the all start saying means they're all stars everyone asks me a star he certainly is a starts kind of a legacy pick. He's done out his greatest year he certainly not having a bad here. We are mute so from the Marlins is in there and then act contrary strike it's starting nod. Buster Posey is an all star just because he's one of the best known players in Major League Baseball so. And he has those good all American look so Buster Posey certainly is an all star even if he's not having the greatest half year. Oh mr. based pop yes hate to say the Buster Posey does not deserve all star status this year as as actor Vince. That's fantasy to life. And twice point. Posey was until the last two days of the voting leading the fan voting so. It's he's not embarrassing himself by any stretch of the imagination. He's having a very respectable year his power is down most is other numbers are good and he's certainly belongs in an all star lineup. With that said and not to break news in the middle of prize guys factor Tennessee but Bruce but she just announced that Posey actually won't play in the all star game. And see your sister I think confirm may be your suspicions lady that he might have been playing hurt. He hasn't fact been playing hurt he has I'm hip inflammation on the right side. That's been caused them a problem for a month but she says and has impacted his power. So if he'd been wondering why Posey why not seem like he's been on days off and on days at first base I think they've been trying to manage his condition. Good answers both but thanks go to the breaking news out to end of the. And every Friday pennies insist on that for like 45 minutes of we could break it turned back to fans kept his composure as a retired. The current tracking its credit PM next question running bid would be and find that for the stress guys factor and it's a fan is seeing. I don't know exactly what it's gonna cost. And that's always an issue but to me it's more Ruddy who it is. You know from the time the lefty Tom went to Cleveland something. Became apparent and that is that when Cleveland tried to play him at small forward at the three he was terrible terrible. Mismatch it was a bad failure. Part of it is you get any team in their you know it's always possible the F trouble. You know figured out how to blend in bikini team McHugh an awful. And they can usually have a need at that spot not the spot where he normally played. Which was the two's the two guard spot parity in decent shape there he's just a bad fit for them. YE. Running hit it would be if I'm fit for the key things risk as factor fans know he's the. He's often been injured I've nothing gets him personally but he's a bad fit he's often been injured he played poorly for the cavs when they moved him from shooting guard to small forward. And when Ned during the playoffs when he was asked in our game of the Cassie says now I'm not going in. So offered he's really since this movie is and he'll fit for the kings a muddy Gleason. And you're on the board that he's an appointment now. However. Final question where's all the marbles mighty starts the deal. Rise as new news that's it. You just. Yeah okay you're right yeah yeah you're right you're absolutely right they que ya thank you write is getting married again game ball goes to Adler Senegal who had his first IRB I game in five years yesterday eras as fact. No its fifth season and we're here today. Yes we're a candidate but no there were kicking game Balkan only go to Mark Reynolds Friday night Mark Reynolds. Other nationals had a walk off home run that's tremendous right walk off home run for a team that just had a team meeting in new struggling came back the next night. And hit two home runs and drove in the ten runs I think he's only the fifteenth player in baseball history to drive in ten runs and game. So that's a great weekend right there he could take somebody out but no study actually comes in and pitches. They let him pitch. He's only the third player ever to drive in ten runs and pitch any game in the same week and the only guy faced he got them out so Mark Reynolds certainly is deserving. Of the game offer and otherworldly week that no other player has ever had in the history of the game. There really an answer credits a question Brent guy leaking game ball goes to problem Senegal who had his first by RB I game in five years yesterday arrest as Specter against. It's a fantasy your honor. I don't remember ever doing this that whites at my answer and elegant it was well played in passing in this position is right. I won't argue with that Mark Reynolds had the most in usual weekend any baseball players had that I can remember in. We there's a guy you sort for EST and Jayson stark. Who loves to compile these kinds of factoid about when's the last time this happened or that haven't he actually tweeted this weekend. I don't know exactly how to ups research this but that's never happened. So I got when I got something that truly actually that's ever happened in baseball. I can't disagree with it. Wow. Well part wants to get the point too whiny because he's out of first and he was Smart enough and strategic enough to pass. The other part of me says mark has more points but today. This is a really tough one rob give me a look. I think later today isn't as. It. Yeah. I'm. I'm Casey yeah. We've got. I'm flattered to test it out that got dropped at a outscored the same way it's puzzling isn't it doesn't matter. I did announcement yes there it is the helmets. Symbolic of superiority today and domination as guys back if Tennessee brought to lasted and price for the best advice to only twice costs in price. I don't think I'm an escrow and how he scored. Just Jamie you're going to Ohio tomorrow right next who's next we OK thanks to the dog on that play like I. A nice track to make sure. Yes thank you think you congratulations mark rather thank you dear Lister and thank you rob.